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Rajesh R Subramanian 27-Mar-17 23:47pm View    
This was caused because LVS_REPORT causes a column header to be introduced, which is usually clicked for sorting the corresponding column. Removing that style removed the column header, and the associated (perhaps default?) sorting.
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Jan-17 19:56pm View    
Thanks for posting. You're 100% right. I figured that out after a bit of thinking following Rob's post. :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 19:06pm View    
Ah, thank you. It's been so long since I've posted in the Q/A forums that I'd actually forgotten this. :laugh:
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 6:29am View    
I think I now know what you're saying. :(

Now I'm having another think. Thanks for bringing this up, Rob. You're awesome!
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 6:14am View    
I took a right angled triangle as a test case, and wanted to verify that it works correctly. The co-ordinates are 0,0 and 4,4. The program output was: Radius of minimum bounding circle = 2.82843
Centre of circle = 2,2

I checked that with Wolfram Alpha and the results seem to be the same:,2)+to+(0,0)