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Rajesh R Subramanian 27-Mar-17 23:47pm View
This was caused because LVS_REPORT causes a column header to be introduced, which is usually clicked for sorting the corresponding column. Removing that style removed the column header, and the associated (perhaps default?) sorting.
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Jan-17 19:56pm View
Thanks for posting. You're 100% right. I figured that out after a bit of thinking following Rob's post. :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 19:06pm View
Ah, thank you. It's been so long since I've posted in the Q/A forums that I'd actually forgotten this. :laugh:
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 6:29am View
I think I now know what you're saying. :(

Now I'm having another think. Thanks for bringing this up, Rob. You're awesome!
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 6:14am View
I took a right angled triangle as a test case, and wanted to verify that it works correctly. The co-ordinates are 0,0 and 4,4. The program output was: Radius of minimum bounding circle = 2.82843
Centre of circle = 2,2

I checked that with Wolfram Alpha and the results seem to be the same:,2)+to+(0,0)
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 5:55am View
Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to comment. You could be 100% right here, but based on what I have understood of your comment, "edging the triangle out a bit" part. If the triangle is edged out, then the points have moved, so it would invalidate the calculation. By "edging" if you mean rotating on the axis of the centre point, then all the points that are already on the circumference would rotate ON the circumference of the circle. I also didn't mention in the original solution, but there could be more than two points on the circumference of the circle. However, I think that wouldn't affect the solution since the distance to that point from the centre will still be the same as what we've calculated.
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-17 5:08am View
Mr Maunder, could you please fix the formatting in my solution post? :(
Rajesh R Subramanian 5-Sep-16 2:35am View
While you're welcome to post questions here, I personally feel that questions relating specifically to Innosetup will get more attention at Innosetup newsgroups.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:36am View
Are you on Windows? What IDE are you using?
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:18am View
May I suggest (again) that you post a new question by clicking on "Quick Answers -> Ask a question" at the top of this page? Please include your code in your question while you do so, and respond to this message with a link to your newly created question and I'll have a look.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:11am View
You know what? Please create a new question and feel free to provide a link for that here as a response. It's getting too cumbersome in here.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:10am View
That begs the question - what operating system, and what compiler/IDE are you using?
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:09am View
That code should't even compile. What are those two orphaned #include statements doing there? What's your level of expertise with C-like programming languages?
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:06am View
So, that's what I wanted to know when I asked what have you tried so far. I'm afraid you're going to have to write your own code because using __cpuid is not some kind of a complicated problem, and I'd be happy to step in if you try something on your own and fail in there. But I (and most others here) won't write code for you. Just look it up in MSDN or Google.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 5:01am View
I don't get it. What exactly is the problem? May of the links you've provided seem to offer a working solution. In fact, there's a solution provided in this very thread. Use __cpuid to get what you need.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 4:18am View
What have you tried so far?
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Jul-16 4:00am View
What exactly is your requirement, and what have you tried so far?
Rajesh R Subramanian 19-Aug-13 3:47am View
There should be no reason why anyone would want to do something like that. The if-else exists to make sure that only either block of code executes. If you want both to get executed, just remove the if-else condition.
Rajesh R Subramanian 19-Aug-13 3:43am View
You can't write robust code that answers a stupid question like that. And I already see that you made that point to the OP, so why bother mocking others who are providing some answers?

The question may be "stupid", but there's no mandate that only the best of the technical questions should be posted here.
Rajesh R Subramanian 9-Aug-12 3:41am View
The compiler instruction __cpuid can get that:

I feel that answers to your queries can be found with a simple search of the internet. Why not try that?
Rajesh R Subramanian 9-Aug-12 3:12am View
Hey, thanks. :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 24-Jun-12 14:38pm View
It looks like you don't have a life at all. People over here may not be particularly feeling like helping those ones who are too lazy to run a Google search.

BTW, I don't "say" I am an MVP. I have been awarded, based on my contributions to this site. So, try to get a life, or screw yourself over. Don't bother me.
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Dec-11 14:13pm View
OK, that was funny. :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Dec-11 12:26pm View
Well, I don't think it will work in VS 2010 either because it has nothing to do with the IDE - it's a mandate by the programming langauge. See this link:
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Dec-11 11:50am View
What? You mean, like, I can use delete instead of delete[] ?
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Dec-11 11:50am View
What? You mean, like I can use delete instead of delete[] even if I allocated multiple elements with new[]?
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Dec-11 11:03am View
OK, I kinda overlooked that. But still see Jack's comment.
Rajesh R Subramanian 19-Jul-11 4:42am View
Very well said. It's funny how almost every comment he posts ends with "see my answer".
Rajesh R Subramanian 5-Jul-11 6:48am View
Wow, that is the answer. I should have read your comment before adding my answer. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 16-May-11 14:05pm View
Just calm down. Things may not be as bad as they appear. Try and finish your assignments on your own - they're given to you, not to someone on the internet. Seek help from your teachers if needed.
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-May-11 11:57am View
No worries here. You did tell you've taken my point, so I didn't think of you as defending your answer.
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-May-11 11:32am View
I don't agree with the "discussion forums would help more" theory.

If the query was going to be here for longer, someone else might have answered it appropriately (OriginalGriff already has done though). Plus, lounge is NOT the best place for that sort of a query (it's acceptable there though, because it's not a programming question). You'll notice that there are more funny/worthless responses than helpful ones.

And, the correct forum is "work and training issues" (so is the Q/A section equally "correct" for that sort of a question).
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-May-11 11:14am View
Now, that makes a lot of sense.
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-May-11 11:13am View
A query need not be completely technical to be posted into the Q/A section. That was the very purpose of this section.

Plus, the correct forum that this query would fit into would be "Work and Training issues". If you aren't sure, you could just refrain from "answering" and avoid possibly misguiding the OP!
Rajesh R Subramanian 20-Apr-11 4:56am View
That's a blatant advertisement! [OK, I'm kidding] :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 7-Apr-11 23:14pm View
Neither did I know of Linux as a company. We learn something new every day here at CP! :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 11-Feb-11 9:24am View
The .csv extension is case is not of relevance. The commandline will write the output data to the file as plain text even if you specify the extension as .csv
Rajesh R Subramanian 11-Feb-11 9:22am View
Please modify your question to include the following two pieces of information.

1. Can you show me how exactly are you making the call to the native dll?
2. What exactly is the DLL doing?
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-11 8:38am View
CDatabase allows you to write as well. Why not read the docs?
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-11 7:23am View
Thanks for balancing out the vote, SAKryukov. :-)
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-11 4:07am View
I agree about the 1-voting losers. I've had this happen to me in the past (even on the regular forums).
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jan-11 4:05am View
Don't post your follow-up queries as "answers". Post a comment instead by clicking "Add comment" instead.
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-Jan-11 2:27am View
Add an entry for your program in the "All Programs -> Startup"?
Rajesh R Subramanian 29-Dec-10 3:00am View
Your query isn't clear.
Rajesh R Subramanian 29-Dec-10 2:59am View
I wonder why was that down-voted. No comments by the voter either.
Rajesh R Subramanian 28-Dec-10 11:46am View
Well, I can't help it, can I?
Rajesh R Subramanian 28-Dec-10 6:03am View
Also, evince is open source:
Rajesh R Subramanian 28-Dec-10 6:01am View
Try PoDoFo:
Rajesh R Subramanian 28-Dec-10 4:43am View
Good suggestions.
Rajesh R Subramanian 19-Dec-10 14:16pm View
Glad to be of help.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 8:16am View
In which case, you could go with my answer and create a plain Win32 application without creating or showing a window. An advanced user will be able to kill it from the task manager.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 6:10am View
"Programming Windows with MFC" by Jeff Prosise
"MFC Internals: Inside the Microsoft(c) Foundation Class Architecture" by George Shepherd and Scott Wingo
bleedingfingers gave you recommendation for another book - look at his answer.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 4:53am View
Seriously, read a good book on MFC.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 2:11am View
Something should run on the background doesn't mean it has to be a service. A normal executable also can run on the "background" (without UI) silently (with lower priority if needed).

A service is going to run in ring 0 with a LOT of privileges, and across logins, etc., and I won't recommend something *that* heavyweight unless there's a need.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 2:01am View
You should NEVER use CreateThread(), and C++/CLI has nothing to do in this context.
Rajesh R Subramanian 15-Dec-10 1:55am View
Bad advice - there's no need for a windows service here. Plus I also strongly doubt the motives of the OP since he wants to 'hide' his app from the task manager.
Rajesh R Subramanian 9-Dec-10 12:11pm View
If you have follow-up queries, or more information to add, edit the original post. If you post the additional information as an "answer", it will be deleted.
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 11:11am View
Man, you've way too much of time in your hands. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 7:03am View
Glad to be of help. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 6:52am View
CRT = C Run Time.
I'll try to explain it here - If you use CreateThread(), which is an API call, and is a part of Windows, it will ALWAYS create a thread, even if you're linking to the version of CRT, which is not designed to work with multiple threads running simultaneously (no thread safety). However, if you use something safer like _beginthreadex() instead of CreateThread(), the compiler will issue an error if you're linking to the single threaded version of the CRT.

Assume that there's a global variable that the CRT uses (for example - errno, which stores the last occurred error number). In a multi-threaded environment, one thread could set this errno to one thing, and another would change it at the same time, because there's no thread safety.

Read this:
Also, see the "remarks" section of CWinThread:
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 3:54am View
Hey, but Google's for everyone. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 3:10am View
If you post your follow-up queries as "answers", those will be removed. Edit your original question to add more relevant information instead.
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 2:33am View
Ah, I can give a 5 for a more appropriate answer. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 8-Dec-10 2:31am View
My vote of 1.
You must NEVER use CreateThread. Long story, but I've given some explanation in this thread on a different site:
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Dec-10 10:45am View
I had to offer a 5 for that. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Dec-10 3:25am View
That's OK, you deserve a 5 as well. :)
Rajesh R Subramanian 3-Dec-10 1:25am View
Neat! Have my 5.
Rajesh R Subramanian 1-Dec-10 8:51am View
Do not post your follow-up queries as "Answers". If you do so, they'll be removed. If you have more queries, either edit the original query or use the "add comment" feature to respond to the answerer with your doubts.
Rajesh R Subramanian 21-Nov-10 12:19pm View
You don't need to be sorry for being straight forward, but you should be sorry for being rude. Every such experience is a learning. And now that you have an answer for your question, just move on instead of arguing any more.
Rajesh R Subramanian 18-Oct-10 14:02pm View
Man, the OP was asking about "virtual constructor".
Rajesh R Subramanian 6-Jun-10 3:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1
What nonsense?