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Comments by Vijay Gill (Top 25 by date)

Vijay Gill 1-Dec-16 8:48am View    
As a developer yourself, would you be able to answer that question with that much information provided?
Vijay Gill 27-Jan-16 12:14pm View    
Just like the message below, pad it with zeros on the left to get 6 digits and you are done! Now you don't need to worry about numbers being repeated and also you VP will be happy. Do you know how long before you run out of 6 digits? That could be another problem that might come back to bite you.
Vijay Gill 27-Jan-16 11:23am View    
Why random number for invoice number? Keep it sequential and every number will be unique!
Vijay Gill 15-Jan-16 10:40am View    
There is no harm in trying though. Re-factoring is an important part of a developer's job. One never joins a job and says "ah the only way to improve this project is to re-write it!". Even if it is a homework, it will teach him how to work on a project which was written ages ago and needs major heart surgery.
Vijay Gill 15-Jan-16 9:42am View    
To me it seems, he is not asking for an n-tier design but separation of concerns. He mentions he has forms with each one of those having their own ADO connections, queries and possibly other duplication of code / logic. This can be achieved in an iterative process on a per-form basis and is tedious but not impossible.