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Lutosław 5-Jun-13 4:12am View
I apologise. I had found the question interesting but hit a wrong button. (There are two "Have a Question or Comment?". Enough for me to get lost.)
Did OP got a notification or should I repost my question?
Lutosław 4-Jun-13 18:39pm View
Could you precisely define what a "cycle" is?
Lutosław 2-Feb-12 19:09pm View
No success. Tried to code
void RectanglesAnimationStoryboard_CurrentTimeInvalidated(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (seek != null)
//var clockGroup = sender as ClockGroup;
seek = null;
It changed /something/ -- it does seek but it still is not fluent. What is interesting -- it is more accurate at the beginning, but if the changes are applied many times (user can change a speed of an animation) and an uptime is bigger, then the accuracy drops.
Lutosław 12-Jan-12 16:56pm View
I didn't change a thing in Help preferences and VS (2010 Ultimate) opens an appropriate MSDN page on F1, using a default internet browser (which is great for me). It's very accurate for .NET framework types and methods since it searches for a full path to a selected member/type instead of just a selected text. So... I don't see a point in applying your macro in my case.
Lutosław 3-Jan-12 15:54pm View
I have posted it for these who are actually brain-dead, as there is a demand for such solutions. By the way, "I think between the two of us can find..." sounds like a beginning of some D&C algorithm -- no pun intended.
Lutosław 3-Jan-12 7:35am View
The method fails if the TabControl.Multiline is set true and tabs are wrapped. This is because your binary search assumes that (tab index) ~ (x coordinate), which is false when tabs are wrapped. I wonder if the binary search indeed noticably increases performance for such small data set as a number of tabs.
Lutosław 14-Dec-11 9:18am View
Reason for my vote of 1
A solution to a particular instance of a problem is not an actual algorithm's alternative.
Lutosław 21-Nov-11 17:37pm View
As you have noticed, I am aware of all these UI-related threading issues. However, there is one thing I didn't know: the ImageSource cannot be used from another thread.
Lutosław 19-Nov-11 17:57pm View
In the same way and in the same place as the first one. It is a MainWindow's Dispather property. The only difference is in the body of the anymonous method -- it accesses a Title property directly, not through a binding.
Lutosław 9-Jun-11 16:01pm View
It is worth to add that deleting 'str' will not spoil 'result', since the String's constructor copyies all characters from char*.
Lutosław 8-Jun-11 5:08am View
@SAKryukov "chances are, you won't see a solution in the code you might get from CodeProject"
Ouch it hurt [mainly because it's so true]. Excuse me for posting a comment not "revelant" to the question.
Lutosław 4-May-11 8:20am View
Could anybody provide a solution to at least a *similar* problem? Any valid __asm code which didn't execute for some reason and started working after applying a priviliges-related trick. I couldn't find any suitable and working solution over the Internet.
Lutosław 15-Nov-10 17:48pm View
Thanks for help.
I've already tried both 'None' and 'Content' build actions. It's not about timing either, because a problem is repeatable (if that'd be a reason then at the second run everything should go as expected, because updated files would be already copied). The files ARE NOT updated until I do rebuild. :?:
Lutosław 15-Nov-10 5:34am View
Thanks for answering, bu it does not work. Test:
1. make an error, save, recompile. An exception is thrown. Good.
2. Correct error, save, just run. An exception is still thrown. Bad.
3. Recompile. An exception is not thrown. Good-Bad