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Stephen Hewitt 7-Aug-11 2:34am View    
@Sumit K Sharm: How about adding this extra information to the question (using the "Improve question" link)? My answer was a valid answer to the question as stated. If you want a helpful answer post a more specific question!
Stephen Hewitt 14-Mar-11 5:21am View    
Not really. Microsoft have provided COM-based scipting engines for VBScript and JScript for some time.
Stephen Hewitt 10-Mar-11 0:39am View    
The first thing to do is attempt to reproduce the problem in a debug build. Actually, this looks like a debug build looking at the machine code. Why isn't there any source?
Stephen Hewitt 18-Feb-11 8:57am View    
Try running your application with the page heap enabled (just for the process in question).
Stephen Hewitt 17-Feb-11 10:07am View    
Can you post a stack trace? This is almost always expected when asking a question like yours.