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FantasticFiasco 11-Apr-16 16:35pm View
I am really biting my tongue here, but I'll try to be pleasant. Please do not assume me to be the ignorant WPF developer you most often have to deal with. After all, you replying to as many questions as you can here on CodeProject has been a occupation of yours for years. I really hope it has payed off.

Now to the topic. All your assumptions are wrong. I am not trying to get hold of the window in the control I am implementing, simply because I am not implementing a control. I have a framework, and you can register parts of the view to that framework. Those registered views are saved, but should be released when the window they belong to is closed. In WPF I can get hold of the window using the mentioned method, but no such method exists in a Windows Store app as far as I can see. That is why I am posting this question.

I wan't to leave you with something for you to remember me by, lets call it your lessons learned for today. When somebody is mentioning Window.GetWindow(frameworkElement), please don't propose traversing the logical nor visual tree. Please look at the implementation of Window.GetWindow with a decompiler of your choice and see for yourself why that solution is much better than those you propose.
FantasticFiasco 30-Oct-13 2:49am View
You are of course correct in your statement, but it seems that the Android HTTP client has a couple of limitations and those might force me to make certain design decisions on the server side.

I would like to know developers have coped with these limitations.
FantasticFiasco 8-Feb-13 4:12am View
Thanks for the input, I really value the time and effort you've put in your post.

The API would be designed for 3rd parties, but (in the beginning at least) we would be the only one using this API.

The idea is to extend the functionality of a product by releasing plugins instead of having to update the product itself. This means that backward compatibility would be a issue here. Older plugins is required to be compatible ever after a product update.
FantasticFiasco 9-Dec-12 6:45am View
Sorry, but none of the samples provided solves my problem. It's just basic MEF tutorials that has no relevance to my problem.
FantasticFiasco 12-Jan-12 7:08am View
I guess it doesn't matter as long as the user has the option to launch the application when a camera is connected. I though of using autoplay since that feature is a part of Windows, but if it is easy to autostart instead I am open for suggestions.
FantasticFiasco 12-Jan-12 6:24am View
Yea, but this is what I am attempting to solve. It is called autoplay (

Sorry, I called it autostart in my previous post, which I also posted as a solution, doh!
FantasticFiasco 11-Jan-12 1:17am View
The code is not very well organized. It declares registry keys/values unique for the demo application, i.e. not used to demonstrate how AutoPlay works. If I were to write an article on AutoPlay, I would organize the code in a way it would be reusable for other developers, emphasizing the settings needed for them to change in order to get it working in their own environment.
FantasticFiasco 8-Mar-11 5:17am View
Hi SAKryukov, nice to hear from you again!

I'm making up the following example, so please bear with me if I make some mistake. Lets say I have a WSDL file on disk, and wishes to auto-generate code from it:

SvcUtil.exe some.wsdl /noConfig /language:cs /out:AutoGeneratedFile.cs /targetClientVersion:Version35 /async

I am auto-generating a file called 'AutoGeneratedFile.cs' from the WSDL called 'some.wsdl'. Because I use the '/async' switch, my generated code looks like this:

public interface MyInterface
string GetSomeProperty();
IAsyncResult BeginGetSomeProperty(AsyncCallback callback, object asyncState);
string EndGetSomeProperty(IAsyncResult result);

This is all fine, the code is generated using the callback/delegate-based async pattern, but I would like it to use TPL instead, i.e.:

public interface MyInterface
Task<string> GetSomePropertyAsync();

Is this possible, either by configuring svcutil or by using another auto-generating tool? (material for another CodeProject article perhaps :-))
FantasticFiasco 6-May-10 6:16am View
I use Google too, but since you're quite condescending I feel the need to inform you that neither of your two posted links are correct:

1. Is a post from Scott Guthrie (originating from MIX10) where he refers to the control, but if you read the comments at the bottom you see that other people ask for the control as well.
2. The second link is a repost of Scott Guthrie's post.

To see the correct answer, please read Pete O'Hanlon's reply.
FantasticFiasco 6-May-10 6:10am View
Thanks! However I find the visual rather disappointing. Well, well, guess I have to tweak it myself :-)