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AlexEvans 14-Nov-12 18:10pm View    
Hello again,
Thank you again for your feedback and for explaining as to how to go about adding a feedback, I didn't know that.
This magazine I am subscribed to starts with a web page (after I log on) that has on it all the monthly issues of the magazine and for each of the months there is an icon / thumbnail that says "November 2012" etc... I tried viewing the source of the page but all that it has as file names is the name of the JPG file of the thumbnail and a whole bunch of Java scripts, which I can't call directly.
Once I click the icon - it launches a new popup window which has in it embedded Adobe Flesh Player. If I try right-clicking on that it has a few options which none are helpful, the only one that maybe help is "Index" and when I click on that, it brings up a list of all the pages of that issue.

Now, where do you think I can go from here?

Thanks again for your help. I could send you the HTML file, but I don't see such an option here. My direct email is : alexDOTevansATiinetDOTnetDOTau

AlexEvans 14-Feb-11 3:48am View    
Hi Nish,
All the samples provided in the article you suggested have the "C++" section with the following comment - This language is not supported or no code example is available.
I am only able to understand (sort of...) something in C++

Thanks anyway