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Asutosha 11-Aug-16 13:56pm View    
Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking , any complete code to call webservice dynamically.. i got some code those are incomplete or not working
Asutosha 4-Aug-16 13:06pm View    
I am using/ consuming others web service. I need to just consume the service in my application. The problem is that i do not have control over the web service.
Asutosha 4-Jan-16 11:45am View     CRLF
Please check below link For anonymous user the only way is the cookie. You place an encrypted ID to the cookie and connect that id with your anonymous user on the database. Google set up advertising cookies to last for 30 days for example Google analytic set up up to 2 years Google Analytics sets an expiration date of 2 years for unique visitor tracking. However, if your visitors delete their cookies and revisit your site, then Google Analytics will set new cookies (including new unique visitor cookies) for those visitors. While you can configure the duration of a user session cookie (from the default 30 minutes) using the _setSessionCookieTimeout() method, you cannot configure the duration of the unique visitor cookie
Asutosha 26-Nov-15 9:51am View    
Thanks. I was thinking same way . But I thought is there a better way to do this.
Asutosha 8-Jul-15 4:41am View    
Given 5 , You Deserve