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Lockwood 15-Dec-17 11:14am View    
Create the new shape at offset coordinates?
Lockwood 8-Dec-17 7:41am View    
Didn't realise I could do that myself. Will do.
Lockwood 18-Nov-17 15:11pm View    
I can fully understand that you're new to this - everyone started somewhere.

However, it seems to me like you are trying to run before you can walk. If you get all of the information spoonfed to you then you will tend not to get as much understanding of the fundamental concepts as if you do some research and then apply that research to your problem.

A case in point would be the sample I gave you earlier (which I now realise has a small bug in it). It creates a timer that runs after 232,000 millisecond (or 3 minutes 52 seconds) and then fires an event. If we modified that code to make something occur after it had been called 10,000 times, that event would fire after almost 27 days!

There are a lot of good books and tutorials out there, but you do need to respect that you are currently inexperienced and will need to look at the basics first and then move on from there.

I would recommend as a starter that you look up these topics:
1: Conditional flow (ie Select Case, If)
2: Iterations/loops (Do While, Do Until, For/Next)
3: Variable scope (Private, Public), also look up Static

These will help you in this task and are essential knowledge for pretty much any subsequent task
Lockwood 18-Nov-17 13:20pm View    
Yeah... That's really not how it works.

You need to use Raif's approach. Stop and think about where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there.
Lockwood 18-Nov-17 8:08am View    

One, that's long intro video.
Two, tie the event in to video events, not a timer.