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Comments by AhmedOsamaMoh (Top 6 by date)

AhmedOsamaMoh 15-Sep-15 9:20am View    
well it is my second ques.
i am trying to make an odbc database explorer
so i was trying to make it for general , for any odbc enabled database
but seem that i must make a customization for every database type

my current database is sybase and i found the only working solution is to use a stored procedure called sp_columns
AhmedOsamaMoh 24-Nov-11 8:28am View    
this will close the whole software !!!
AhmedOsamaMoh 20-Jul-11 8:41am View    
it is not a homework this is first
second i don't want a complete code i want just some tips
i don't know how to make the datagridview read from two tables but update only one of them
i know how to make the datagrid read from two tables using select join
but when it update how to make it update one of them
AhmedOsamaMoh 6-Jul-11 4:25am View    
did not worked
AhmedOsamaMoh 18-May-11 2:46am View    
mysql autoinc. is normal and but the problem now in C# , the next new ID must be same in c# and mysql , i use also such ID in a linked table so the reuslt for example ID in Mysql is 6 but the ID generated in the c# is 5 and it stored in the linked table as 5 although in real it is 6 and no record with ID 5