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_Asif_ 30-Nov-22 7:52am View    
Please provide table structure along with sample data to investigate further. You should also provide sample output as well for validating the solution
_Asif_ 16-Mar-22 10:01am View    
Should not the output for mary be like
mary august 5 instead of mary may 5?
_Asif_ 16-Mar-22 9:59am View    
Output does not match with OPs desired Output
_Asif_ 7-Mar-22 7:51am View    
Below is the actual message (hiding customer details), the channel received from Middleware.
000187UNISON2|20|xxUserid|0210|20210605120248|06|CRM|4200000000001|115|20210605|0000001|000013|00000000000|00|1|Customer Name|00000000000001|0047|XXXXXXX|PKR||000000000000001|A|30|20|1|

As you can see the 5th Element is transaction date time. This received message goes through multiple stages, but the very first step the channel does
is to store this message in a table for Audit / Compliance purpose so that in case of investigation the channel precisely know what it has received from
Middleware. On later stages, we do parse the message and store it as per their data types.

There is another aspect that we should not understimate, and that is performance. Our Middleware processes 5K Transactions per second, and for that speed everything matters.

From the Question Perspective, what information are we getting.
1. This is a shopping cart kind of application
2. This application is already in production because OP got a "situation" where date is getting updated and that daily sales report is being generated for quite some time
3. The table name suggests it is some intermidiate table generated by backend process (Probably some DB Job) for daily reporting purpose
4. The report in question is not an automated report
5. This shopping cart application is developed by a novice software engineer.
6. It seems that a new requirement in terms of filter have been requested by Business team and this developer (OP) is working on this report filter.

From all above undestanding (for myself only) i have resolved his issue by providing him a solution for his immidiate problem.

You all are free to downvote as many time as you want :) Thats not my concern. I am here to learn and to share the knowledge I have.
_Asif_ 7-Mar-22 6:58am View    
You are right, This is new to me. Logically it does not make sense.