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_Asif_ 28-Feb-24 6:17am View    
Yes! this should be the issue. Correctly pointed. You should move your comments as Solution
_Asif_ 21-Feb-24 4:39am View    
+5 for identifying the issue without any hint in Question
_Asif_ 15-Feb-24 4:07am View    
+5. Yes, this can be done through Union as well, but I have a habit of using Union All because in my experience we generally get duplicates this way or that way. In the end, you were right about pathetic database design, seems developers no longer care about design. My habit is to help the OP in his circumstances without changing anything significant, this way he can understand better, theirby getting problem solutions quickly.
_Asif_ 6-Feb-24 1:11am View    
It does not add up, where is your Lookup class used? what is Test.IsKeyWord?
_Asif_ 6-Mar-23 1:02am View    
Why don't you look at server-side pagination? 700K rows is a big number and may cause performance issues at every level. As per industry practices for all such cases, we usually do pagination.