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Trak4Net 6-Oct-14 16:34pm View    
I don't understand your loop through the datagridview, it looks like you will always get the name that is last in the datagridview. However, typically the SelectionChangeCommitted event is what you want to use instead of SelectedIndexChanged, as usually from my experience the selected item has not committed in the SelectedIndexChanged event, so you will always get the last selected item, not the one you are currently selecting.
Trak4Net 20-Jan-14 14:47pm View    
This may or may not be helpful.
if (filterContext.HttpContext.Request.IsAjaxRequest())

This should tell you if it is an ajax call and then maybe return some javascript instead of a redirect to handle redirecting the entire site.

I also read that if you need to determine if it is a partialview you can use OnActionExecuted and see if the filterContext.result is a partialviewresult ??

Hope this is helpful.
Trak4Net 20-Jan-14 14:37pm View    
There are many questions that come to mind. In the most generic sense you provide a connection string from App.config or other runtime configurable place, never hard code connection string.

Is the database going to be accessed by multiple clients, do the clients need to know about changes made by other clients? If the database is local for some clients, does it need to synchronize with the server database such as an offline client?
Trak4Net 2-Nov-13 15:03pm View    
I don't think the codec is supported by windows. You will likely need a third party SDK such as
Trak4Net 2-Nov-13 14:53pm View    
I guess I misunderstood what you were looking for. It looks like you have it figured out from the other solution. If not let me know I will try and help out.