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mehdijafary 28-Apr-14 14:51pm View    
There are several ways based on the circumstances.
on option could be just providing a service and ask the second application to call it as soon as the user is done in that process.

another on is calling another API or service from them to see if the user is done there.

for sure there are many ways, but all of them need at least one API from one of the applications and needs second application corporation.
mehdijafary 19-Feb-14 11:34am View    
in IE7 and IE8 it does support XMLHttpRequest
mehdijafary 19-Feb-14 11:18am View    
Thank you
mehdijafary 17-Feb-14 14:13pm View    
Hello Sir,
the references are added.

I found the question very interesting and i spend time and read some articles to figure out what the answer is. it was just for helping a person and myself. if it's not helpful, please don't insult my friend.

BTW, yours are the best answer I've ever seen in my whole research.
mehdijafary 14-Feb-14 9:27am View    
Sorry sir, it was a mistak. it's updated