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danash 27-Jun-20 19:44pm View    
I already have a website that reaches out to 12 different carriers using SAOP, REST & JSON calls. Pretty sure I could follow anything you throw at me. It's pretty normal that a carrier provides support documentation exposing all the properties and methods available and eeded to consume thier webservice. This carrier did not. So I have the unenviable task of trying to decipher and traipse through thier WSDL. Not having much success and after lots of googeling, I figured I'd ask here. I havent asked to be spoon feed or anything to the like. Only wanted someone who's had more experiance at reading WSDL documents. to point or nudge me in the right direction. What i got borders on snobery or arrogance to me. Not sure if you meant to be that way but... Wasn't any help what so ever. If thats the best you can do you may want to just not answer posts with comments like that.
danash 8-Jan-19 13:07pm View    
Hi, Richard, I've gone through every menu I can find to try to see where VS is getting the thought to install it. Can't find it anywhere so far.
danash 8-Jan-19 13:06pm View    
Hi Gerry, I'm running SQL Server 2016 and the same with the management studio. The project back end is Sql Server 2016. I haven't told it to use anything else. I cant see m to find where VS2017 is getting it's direction to incorporate it in the deploy build