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Marcus Kramer 27-Aug-13 10:18am View
Web? WPF? WinForms? What technology do you need this for?
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 12:18pm View
Definitely a 5.
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 12:12pm View
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 12:12pm View
Cheers and Thanks.
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 9:53am View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 9:48am View
It may be that you need to wrap the VLookup arguments as strings.
i.e. WorksheetFunction.VLookup("A2", "Sheet2!A$1:G$14", 7, False)
I'm only guessing, so I may be wrong on this.
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 9:46am View
Marcus Kramer 22-Aug-13 9:43am View
+5. Clear and concise explanation.
Marcus Kramer 21-Aug-13 16:57pm View
5 as well.
Marcus Kramer 21-Aug-13 16:57pm View
Absolutely +5.
Marcus Kramer 21-Aug-13 11:00am View
Could it be an issue of permissions? In your local and test environments you are probably running under you credentials so you are able to open the file. FileInfo will still see the file and give you information on the file even if you don't have permission to open the file. I would think you would get an exception then rather than hanging, so I'm just adding this as a comment rather than a solution.
Marcus Kramer 21-Aug-13 10:15am View
Thanks, Maciej
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 16:03pm View
OP is using WPF, not web.
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 15:13pm View
Where, or where is my +5 button... :)
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 14:44pm View
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 12:52pm View
Have you verified that the image src url works properly? Copy the url in your generated html and then paste it into the header bar of your browser. If the image appears then the url is ok. If not, then you have found your problem.
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 12:29pm View
+5 for a complete solution.
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:50am View
Please delete one of the two questions you have posted. Instead of posting a new question when making an edit, just use the <improve question> widget
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:44am View
+5. Very nice.
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:40am View
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:39am View
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:35am View
+5. Simple and effective.
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:34am View
Marcus Kramer 20-Aug-13 11:34am View
+5. Looks right to me.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 15:53pm View
You are unlikely to find someone who is going to take your code dump and do YOUR job of debugging it.
That is not how it works. Have you tried debugging this code yourself? If so, is the code throwing errors? If there are errors, what are they and what lines of code are causing the problem? Without specific information you aren't going to get any good answers.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 12:43pm View
Basically telling us "It doesn't work" doesn't really provide any information that we can help you with.
You'll have to use your debugger to step through the code and find where the code fails.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 12:42pm View
Really old question, plus the link you provide was already given in Solution 1
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 12:10pm View
Then you can download the source from codeplex and figure out how it was done and implement it on your own.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 12:04pm View
Not how it works here.
Are you receiving errors? If so, what is the error.
This forum is for specific coding issues. We aren't here to do your debugging for you.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:57am View
This OP is simply copy/pasting without credit from other sources.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:55am View
It's difficult for him because he is simple plagiarizing answers from other sites as his own without credit. (Source) He seems to have a habit of this. I've been looking at recent answers and they are pretty much all copied without credit.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:51am View
If you are going to copy/paste a solution from another source (in this case FROM HERE) then please cite the source.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:47am View
It is not helpful to the OP to link to his previous question. :) He clearly didn't understand the valid answers there that time, so he won't this time either.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:37am View
Hey ridoy. I didn't vote on your answer, but I think it is because you are providing a WinForms solution instead of web. The OP would require javascript to get this functionality.
Marcus Kramer 16-Aug-13 9:35am View
Your answers are quite good, but might I suggest that it would be much easier to follow your train of thought if you were to use the "Improve Solution" widget to update your existing answer with updated information instead of posting a new solution each time. Cheers.
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 15:53pm View
Do you have a page located at the /errors/403.htm path on your site? If not, you must ensure that a 403.htm file exists in the /errors/ folder at the root of your application.
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 14:46pm View
I disagree. I don't think there is ever a good case for processing data not required regardless of the data volume.
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 14:43pm View
You are correct. I made the mistake of thinking web grid control and not forms grid control.
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 14:23pm View
+5. Can't get simpler than that.
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 12:56pm View
Thanks, ridoy
Marcus Kramer 15-Aug-13 11:43am View
+5. As an addition to Ryan's answer. You can solve this by either deploying the images to the location expected(ie. properties of image) or you can update your jquery css to point at the location where the images reside. It would be much eaiser to deploy the images though as you would have to update every image path in the css otherwise.
Marcus Kramer 21-Apr-13 19:48pm View
Please do not use textspeak in your answers.
Marcus Kramer 19-Apr-13 10:32am View
I would suggest that the problem probably exists with reader 11. If the files work with the other versions then adobe has likely broken backward compatibility somewhat in the new version. Not sure if any one else has the issue as I don't really have the time or feel like looking it up today.
Marcus Kramer 19-Apr-13 10:22am View
My 1. Dangerous to use Convert.ToInt32. Solutions 3 & 4 outline the more appropriate way of handling this.
As well, this basically just a repost of Solution 1.
Marcus Kramer 19-Apr-13 10:22am View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 19-Apr-13 10:21am View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 19-Apr-13 10:21am View
My 1. This is a very dangerous business to just blindly perform a Convert.ToInt32 call. The safer, more correct way to approach this outlined in Solutions 3 & 4.
Marcus Kramer 18-Apr-13 16:19pm View
My 5. I'm not sure why so many people consider the use of a table bad now... Sometimes it just works so much better than divs...
Marcus Kramer 18-Apr-13 16:15pm View
Marcus Kramer 17-Apr-13 14:09pm View
What line to do get the error on. That will go a long way to solving your issue.
Marcus Kramer 17-Apr-13 14:04pm View
My 1. This has nothing at all to do with the OP's question.
Marcus Kramer 17-Apr-13 13:55pm View
Plagiarized from Source
Marcus Kramer 17-Apr-13 13:49pm View
1) Repost of Solution 1.
2) This question is from '10 and clearly doesn't need any new answers. Please leave old questions like this alone.
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 14:53pm View
That's the point. This question if from 2010. Please let these old questions be if they already have an answer.
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 14:42pm View
A barcode is a barcode, and a company logo has nothing to do with that. Don't make your life difficult by combining things that don't have anything to do with each other.
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 14:31pm View
My 1. Plagiarized From Source
If you are going to continue copy/pasting solutions from other places and not giving credit to those sources, then you will very quickly find yourself banned from the site.
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 14:30pm View
Plagiarized from right here on CP: Source
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 12:19pm View
I don't think you even need that much. Just put the image in as <img src="/images/logo.jpg" /> and it should work. No need to set the absolute path.
Marcus Kramer 16-Apr-13 9:17am View
On what line of code is the error happening. You need to use your debugger and step through the code at which point it will at least tell you what line. Tell us that and then we can help you.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 16:22pm View
+5. The best this man can get...
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:54am View
I think he means "this is custom big ... mistake..."
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:53am View
Just think about it. "A Server-Side Popup MessageBox"...
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:52am View
Yes. That should work.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:44am View
5 if I could.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:40am View
+5. I agree completely. If logging itself has failed then there is a much bigger, more serious issue in play than the application alone. (And why I dislike flat file logging as a default mechanism)
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:34am View
It isn't wrong syntax. This syntax is perfectly valid, but dangerous.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:26am View
"In your interest". I like that comment. I may wish to use that in the future if it is alright with you.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:19am View
My 1. Never, ever, ever use inline concatenated strings in a query.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:15am View
Please read the other answers before reposting what is already stated in an existing one.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:13am View
My 1 is for you even suggesting a server-side message box.
Marcus Kramer 15-Apr-13 9:06am View
Plagiarized from here
Marcus Kramer 12-Apr-13 9:25am View
Please don't add answers until you have read the existing ones.
If someone has already posted what you are going to, don't add your answer, but rather upvote the answer you agree with.
As well, please don't add answers to old questions like this one when they already have accepted answers.
Marcus Kramer 11-Apr-13 17:18pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 15:08pm View
Thanks, Sergey.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 13:14pm View
This is a challenging project. I have no answer for you, but I wish you luck in your endeavours. This seems like it has some relevancy to the real world application.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 13:11pm View
Because you throw an error when you click on the deleted file in the Google Drive window, I'm curious is you have a simple situation where the Google Drive window is simply in need of a refresh to update the status/existence of content?
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 13:00pm View
Again, your solution is the same as Solution 1. Why not give credit to that person by marking their answer as the solution and upvoting it. Just posting your own answer is not the right way to do this.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 12:59pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 12:58pm View
Since your solution is basically exactly what was suggested in Solution 1, why don't you give credit to that user for their answer. Not doing so and marking your own version of that solution as the "accepted solution" is just plain rude.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 12:57pm View
My 5. Since the OP clearly has used your suggestions. The downvote you received makes no sense.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 10:14am View
Plagiarized from: Source
ALWAYS cite the source when you copy/paste something.
Marcus Kramer 10-Apr-13 10:09am View
Please read existing answers carefully before posting an answer with the same content that already exists in another answer.
Marcus Kramer 9-Apr-13 14:27pm View
Wrap the button control in a div or span tag and set the text alignment css style to "center"...
Marcus Kramer 9-Apr-13 9:17am View
This answer was posed over 2.5 years ago and the OP said in Solution 2 that he had a solution as well, so there really is no point in answering this old question.
Marcus Kramer 9-Apr-13 9:11am View
Gets my 5.
Marcus Kramer 8-Apr-13 17:49pm View
Definitely a 5 from me.
Marcus Kramer 8-Apr-13 16:52pm View
My 5. Nice links.
Marcus Kramer 8-Apr-13 16:47pm View
If you feel the need to insert something that large into the database, you may wish to revisit your architecture. Perhaps a better solution in this type of situation is to store a path to a document repository folder where you can just store the file on disk instead.
Marcus Kramer 8-Apr-13 16:46pm View
Marcus Kramer 8-Apr-13 12:27pm View
My 5. Good resource.
Marcus Kramer 7-Apr-13 14:46pm View
It doesn't work that way here. We are not here to do your work for you. We will gladly help with specific coding issues that arise as YOU do your work. Please expand your question with information relevant as to what you are stuck on, and not just a "Gimme Code" question as it is right now.
Marcus Kramer 7-Apr-13 14:41pm View
This is clearly a homework assignment for you. For us to give you a solution would simply be of no use to you or anyone else. Please read your course notes and learn.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:53pm View
Is it possible that the focused control is gobbling up those commands instead of letting them pipe up the chain? If so, do you need to catch the event in the offending control(s) and pipe it up manually?
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:49pm View
If you just keep your WHEN clause you're probably going to be OK with a single instance of the response column name. Cheers.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:45pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:44pm View
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:41pm View
Plagiarized: source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:40pm View
Plagiarized: source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:39pm View
Plagiarized: source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:37pm View
Plagiarized from source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:36pm View
1) Plagiarized from here
2) Off topic.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:34pm View
Plagiarized from the link provided in Solution 1. source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:28pm View
Plagiarized from here
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:26pm View
+5. Nice addition.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:25pm View
Thanks, Sergey.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:25pm View
Plagiarized from source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:23pm View
Plagiarized from source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:21pm View
Plagiarised from source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:20pm View
Plagiarised from source
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:19pm View
Plagiarized from source.
Until you figure out that you need to provide a link when you copy/paste solutions from elsewhere, your answers will continue to get downvoted and flagged.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:17pm View
1) Plagiarism
2) Source is from the link provided by Griff in Solution 1.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:14pm View
Plagiarized from here
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:13pm View
When you copy/paste from another site, cite the source or you will get flagged for plagiarism and possibly have your account terminated.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:11pm View
My 1.
2 strikes on this one alone.
1) Plagiarized from Source
2) Plagiarized as a repost from the link provided in Solution 1 by Griff.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:09pm View
You didn't even get the language right on this one.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:03pm View
This guy is pretty much always copy/pasting from links provided by others as his own solutions.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 15:02pm View
Just copying something from a link provided by another previous answer does not qualify as a new solution. If you like someone's answer, then just upvote that answer and avoid reposting stuff.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:20pm View
My 3. Your solution would work, but I don't like it when unnecessary hits go back to the server for validation.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:18pm View
+5. Sound suggestions.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:10pm View
+5. Great advice.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:06pm View
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:04pm View
+5. Probably what the OP is looking for.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:04pm View
My thoughts exactly.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 14:02pm View
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 13:57pm View
Thanks, Maciej
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 10:13am View
The problem is that you have said. "It works on my box".
But seriously, when you are working with web applications you must always design your UI so that it can be viewed nicely on many resolutions. Try to use flexible layout options which will expand and contract areas of the page based on the available real estate.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 10:04am View
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 9:55am View
Please check the date of the question before posting an answer. If it is really old (in this case 1.5 years), and it has acceptable solutions it doesn't really need another new answer.
Marcus Kramer 4-Apr-13 9:31am View
Why would EF be better for small applications. It applies to large or small scale applications in the same way, and there really is no difference between large and small scale applications when it comes to schema changes in a database. Either way, the assemblies brokering between the database and the application need to be updated.
Marcus Kramer 3-Apr-13 12:49pm View
Why, oh why can we not +5 comments. Thanks for the chuckle...
Marcus Kramer 2-Apr-13 12:57pm View
I would suggest using SQLProfiler to see if the inserts you are expecting are attempting to execute on the database. If they are and you are not seeing data, you will at least be able to see the sql commands that EF is attempting to send. With that you may see what the issue is. If you don't see anything in Profiler, then it is likely that your EF model does not have a valid repository context to work with.
Marcus Kramer 2-Apr-13 12:51pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 28-Mar-13 15:21pm View
Marcus Kramer 27-Mar-13 17:05pm View
NOT the way to promote your article.
1) You answered a realllly old question.
2) You are shamelessly promoting your article which isn't even related to this question.
Marcus Kramer 27-Mar-13 9:32am View
Please don't add answers to really old questions like this one if there are already solutions there.
Marcus Kramer 25-Mar-13 13:15pm View
Thanks, Maciej
Marcus Kramer 25-Mar-13 11:41am View
It means that you shouldn't repost an answer if someone has already included it in their's.
Marcus Kramer 21-Mar-13 17:59pm View
What if myFunction2 does not always run after myFunction1? In that case this introduces a bug.
Marcus Kramer 21-Mar-13 14:37pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 20-Mar-13 16:37pm View
+5. Absolutely.
Marcus Kramer 20-Mar-13 10:52am View
This question is over 3 years old. Please don't add answers to out of date questions like this when answers already exist.
Marcus Kramer 20-Mar-13 10:50am View
Not even close to a valid question.
Please use google if you are simply trying to perform a search.
For this reason, I'm deleting your question.
Marcus Kramer 20-Mar-13 10:49am View
Please check the date of the question before answering. I'm pretty sure the OP isn't interested anymore over a year an half later.
Also, it is unacceptable to by making attempts to drive traffic to a different site. That will result in your account being flagged and removed.
Marcus Kramer 20-Mar-13 10:44am View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 15:47pm View
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 15:44pm View
What's the problem. You need the System.IO namespace and you need to compile the FileInfo and DirectoryInfo information and then render it to a page that represents the data how you want it to look. You haven't given enough information for an answer that is more comprehensive.
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 15:42pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 12:45pm View
Unfortunately, the codeplex code requires a commercial product in order to function, so this post cannot remain.
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 9:33am View
Don't try to find a single solution to learn from. Rather, try and learn each independently from the other.
Find a simple tutorial on each of the subjects you want to learn. Once you have done that then things should fall into place for you.
Marcus Kramer 19-Mar-13 8:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Well, there's egg and bacon,
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garnished with truffle pate, brandy and a fried egg on top and spam.
Marcus Kramer 18-Mar-13 17:34pm View
Thanks, Sergey.
Marcus Kramer 18-Mar-13 15:55pm View
A Stack Overflow Exception is the exception that is thrown when the execution stack overflows because it contains too many nested method calls. Source
Since that is the case, there is likely a serious problem in the structure of your code. You'll have to figure out where the exception is occurring and then figure out how to fix the logic that is breaking.
Marcus Kramer 18-Mar-13 13:52pm View
Thanks, Maciej
Marcus Kramer 16-Mar-13 14:52pm View
Thanks for sharing your solution.
Marcus Kramer 14-Mar-13 14:02pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 14-Mar-13 14:01pm View
Instead of posting the answer as though you have come up with it when Solution 1 clearly tells you this, you should accept Solution 1 and not post your own answer. It is discouraging to people answering questions when they don't get any credit for their help. It is also just plain rude.
Marcus Kramer 14-Mar-13 14:00pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 14-Mar-13 13:45pm View
Marcus Kramer 13-Mar-13 13:05pm View
Thanks guys.
Marcus Kramer 13-Mar-13 9:54am View
+5. (I just updated the openFile.ShowDialog to include the OK result check as that should always be done.) Cheers.
Marcus Kramer 13-Mar-13 9:51am View
There is really no point to refactoring code like this if you don't use paramaterized queries to fix the biggest issue with it. (No vote from me on this one)
Marcus Kramer 13-Mar-13 9:43am View
Espen.. Oops... Feb 23, 2011...
Marcus Kramer 13-Mar-13 9:12am View
Thanks, Espen.
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 16:31pm View
Thanks, Sergey.
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 14:05pm View
Use 2010 Express to learn. It's free.
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 9:18am View
My 1. OP says nothing about session here. It is a connection that is timing out.
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 9:05am View
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 9:05am View
Well said.
Marcus Kramer 12-Mar-13 8:58am View
Marcus Kramer 11-Mar-13 10:53am View
My 5. Firstly for a great answer, second for the conversation. Wish I had 2 5's to give here. Cheers, Sergey.
Marcus Kramer 11-Mar-13 10:50am View
+5. Great links.
Marcus Kramer 11-Mar-13 10:17am View
5 as well.
Marcus Kramer 11-Mar-13 10:16am View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 11-Mar-13 10:12am View
Marcus Kramer 9-Mar-13 10:06am View
Please check the question date before answering. This question is well over 3 years old. These questions should be left to die.
Marcus Kramer 9-Mar-13 10:03am View
Your error is clearly stating that a SQL exception is occuring, so perhaps you could add the code snippets relating to your sql database calls.
Marcus Kramer 9-Mar-13 10:01am View
Clearly a homework assignment. I would suggest you do study your course notes and figure it out.
Marcus Kramer 8-Mar-13 12:22pm View
+5. Well said.
Marcus Kramer 8-Mar-13 9:44am View
You should be updating a web service, not a web page. Either way, you should only need to use the HttpWebRequest classes to achieve this, not an entire web browser control.
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 21:50pm View
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 13:23pm View
Plagiarized from Source
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 13:20pm View
Please cite the source when you copy/paste an answer from somewhere else: In this case the source is here: Clickey
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 13:17pm View
I would suggest that RelivingDate.Text = DateTime.MinValue.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt"); rather than a hard-coded value.
(+5, BTW)
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 13:12pm View
My 5.
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 10:05am View
I wish I could +5 this.
Marcus Kramer 4-Mar-13 10:04am View
My 5. Excellent Links.
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 17:40pm View
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 17:39pm View
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 15:31pm View
Stop spamming the site or I'll report your account as well. It is NOT acceptable to drive traffic to your own site like this.
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 12:55pm View
The point is... Please don't answer an old question (3 years old in this case) that already has an accepted solution or good solutions.
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 9:47am View
Plagiarized: Source
Marcus Kramer 1-Mar-13 9:44am View
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 17:44pm View
Definitely a 5.
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 16:48pm View
Please don't add answers to really old questions like this one. It is already almost two years and has sufficient answers. Cheers.
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 15:33pm View
I wasn't thinking about that, sorry... :)
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 15:07pm View
Instead of requiring a click outside the div, what about using the onmouseleave event?
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 15:06pm View
My 5. You'd think that would be the first place to look.
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 12:56pm View
If you post a link to a commercial product, then you will likely have the post and possibly your account flagged as spam. This time, and this time only, I'm just going to remove the message so that you don't get dinged for it.
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 12:54pm View
My 1: Repost of link in Solution 3.
Marcus Kramer 28-Feb-13 9:26am View
TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK!!! That is considered yelling online.

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