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Expert Coming 26-Aug-13 18:17pm View
Traversing the GridView is going to be a loop regardless. I would suggest using my solution above while adding the items, rather than add all the items and clean up afterward.
Expert Coming 5-Dec-12 2:22am View
Help you with what? You have described what you want to do, not what is stopping you from achieving it...
Expert Coming 5-Dec-12 2:20am View
What are you trying to do?
Expert Coming 5-Dec-12 2:09am View
What is the error?
Expert Coming 5-Dec-12 2:07am View
Mind posting the relevant code?
Expert Coming 5-Dec-12 2:06am View
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 2:35am View
Nope. As far as I know, GMail doesn't allow you to have the message reply to anyone other than the authenticated user that sent the message.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 2:30am View
Try my updated solution.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 2:26am View
What part are you having trouble with?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 2:15am View
Can you edit your post to include more information about the setup you have. What error messages are you getting. How did you setup the server? Any information you can give will help us help you.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 2:06am View
Ah this is homework... My guess would be you have the serial port set to the wrong port.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 1:50am View
What isn't working?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 1:49am View
That sounds like a homework question. Simple research of SQLite will answer that question...
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 1:48am View
What are you not able to do?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 1:39am View
What do you mean load an item? You want to add another item?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 1:24am View
You are doing some very basic things wrong. The errors the compiler give you are either going to tell you what not to do, or give you a whole slew of answers if you Google/Bing the error.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:47am View
Show us the code you have now that isn't working. Also explain what isn't working for you.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:45am View
Umm... What?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:42am View
Post some of the code you have. Then we can point you in the right direction.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:36am View
What is the problem you are having?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:35am View
There are lots of articles about this on the web. I would suggest using Bing or Google.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:33am View
I'm not gonna click on a link posted by a random person on the net. Can you try to describe what you are trying to do? Loader can mean a million different things.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:31am View
This isn't something anyone can answer for you without some pretty hefty requirements listed. I wouldn't want to suggest a framework (or pick one for that matter) without knowing the requirements of the project.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:30am View
What is this? Is this a bug report?
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:22am View
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:21am View
We don't just hand out source code on this site. If you wouldn't mind posting some code that shows what problems you are facing, what you have tried, and a more specific question people should be able to start helping.
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:14am View
That either means that IIS doesn't have permission to the path, or if using something like impersonation, the user accessing the site doesn't have permission to that path.
Expert Coming 3-Dec-12 0:02am View
How does that solution not work for you? What errors occur?
Expert Coming 3-Dec-12 0:01am View
What have you tried? How does what you have tried not work?
Expert Coming 2-Dec-12 18:04pm View
I did not read that wall of text you just posted. Can you add code tags and some formatting please? We are not going to just solve the problem for you either, you need to ask a fairly targeted question. What specifically isn't working the way you expect it to, and what have you tried to do to fix the problem yourself?
Expert Coming 2-Dec-12 17:45pm View
You didn't say what you are having trouble with. What is the problem you are facing?