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pdoxtader 31-Mar-23 12:12pm View    
The paint event is the standard place to do your graphics / drawing in winforms. When I do that kind of thing, it goes in the paint event. You'll trigger updates to your panel using .Refresh() or Invalidate(), depending. You may need to create some drawing operation objects and add them to a list that gets enumerated and executed during paint.
pdoxtader 22-Aug-21 23:00pm View    
You aren't giving us enough information to answer that, because we can't see your code. From the error you are showing us, it looks like you aren't actually creating a new socket in your Connect() method, and are actually attempting to connect using the same socket. Troubleshooting this is pretty basic, and if you're having trouble with it then maybe you need to get more comfortable using the debugger in visual studio before attempting to tackle a more complicated subject like TCP/IP communications.
pdoxtader 9-Jul-19 9:28am View    
You're binding them all to the same data source.

I just created a test project with your code and created new handlers for each one using anonymous subs, and I didn't have the problem. It has to be because you have them all bound to the same data source.
pdoxtader 28-Jan-19 16:48pm View    
Really. All of that just to scare them a little bit?

I don't think anyone here is going to help you hack or hijack the windows command interpreter, once they realize that's what you're trying to do.
pdoxtader 28-Jan-19 16:01pm View    
Entering your domain administrator credentials into a .NET application and walking away from it is serious security problem. I don't know if you are aware of this, but strings are never destroyed in .net applications, and they are visible to anyone who has a clue. For instance, Process Explorer from Sysinternals is free and doesn't need to be installed. You just download it and run it. It works and looks very much like the windows Task Manager - except you have a few nice added tools for more computer savvy people (and network admins) - like the ability to see all strings in any running application. Including your administrator password. Think about it. Just because you didn't know about this doesn't mean that the user sitting at your workstation doesn't either.

The right way to do this would be to build a windows service instead, and run it with the lowest level of permissions you possibly can and still get what you need. Have a look here on codeproject for tcp/ip libraries (I have two you can have a look at), and build yourself a network enterprise application that does what you need and transfers any files or data to your machine.