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cvogt61457 7-Sep-18 12:02pm View
What are the correct answers according to the source of the quiz?
Is this a class or self study?
cvogt61457 6-Mar-18 13:54pm View
What value are you getting?
Are you sure your values are all numeric?
Do any values contain a decimal point?
Are you getting an exception instead?
Are you debugging the code and watching what is happening?
cvogt61457 23-Jan-18 15:36pm View
We going to need to see some more of you code - pretty much all of it.
I don't think there is a way to zip your solution and attach it though.
Reduce the code for each form and the main display to the minimum that shows the problem and put that in the question.
cvogt61457 19-Dec-17 11:57am View
Show all of the code including the button_click method.
cvogt61457 29-Nov-17 20:43pm View
First, you need to determine the equations to use.
Be able to solve the problem on paper with your equations.
Then you write your program.
It's not too early to learn how to use the debugger.
cvogt61457 29-Nov-17 20:33pm View
Time to become familiar with your most useful tool, the DEBUGGER.
It is your friend.
Learn to use it.
With the debugger, you will be able to step through the program and see what is happening during execution.

Are the any compile errors or warnings that you are ignoring?

Well, just looking quickly, you declared 2 variables called 'outs' - one in main and one in openInfile.
openInfile calls openOutfile.
However, the outs variable in main is supposed to be used to write the file but it is never set/initialized/used.

What part is displayed? What part is not displayed?
cvogt61457 29-Nov-17 16:13pm View
Not sure what you tried.
This looks like school homework.
Please read the FAQ
You will need to show the work that you have tried and explain what doesn't work.
When you get it to compile successfully, run within the debugger to watch what happens or doesn't happen.
Good luck !!!
cvogt61457 10-Nov-17 20:13pm View
Or it is a stringed musical instrument.
You are correct about the spelling.
Fixed it.
cvogt61457 26-Oct-17 9:35am View
What format is the date in Excel?
cvogt61457 20-Oct-17 17:08pm View
You aren't giving us any information to determine what the problem is.

We need more of the code.
Where is it freezing?

Run in the debugger and see which line the execution is freezing at.
cvogt61457 13-Oct-17 11:09am View
For 'smallest', you want to set it to the largest possible value. Then any number that the user types will be smaller than that.
You must initialize 'largest' to MIN_VALUE using the same reasoning.

Example: When 'smallest' is initialized to 0 and the user enters numbers with the smallest entered of 5, then 'smallest' is not the smallest value entered. When initialized to MAX_VALUE, any value the user types in will, by definition, be smaller than that MAX_VALUE.

You could also do this
for (...)
    smallest = Math.min(minAndMax[i], smallest);
    largest = Math.max(minAndMax[i], largest);
cvogt61457 10-Oct-17 9:07am View
What have you tried? There's no way we can tell what didn't work with what you tried without seeing the code.
Use the debugger to see what is happening as your code runs.
cvogt61457 27-Sep-17 22:03pm View
What do you see with the debug statements?
What value is returned in lngSuccess?
Can you retrieve data correctly? (to test that you're actually reaching the database)
cvogt61457 6-Sep-17 12:55pm View
What event?
What operation?
cvogt61457 29-Aug-17 9:12am View
Well, TimeSpan is a difference of 2 times. It isn't a time itself.
You need at DataTime to use as a reference time with the TimeSpan to create a time.
cvogt61457 23-Aug-17 9:13am View
Um, what have you tried?
What problems are you seeing?
There's no way anyone at CodeProject can tell what you need to do.
cvogt61457 21-Aug-17 16:35pm View
What is required?
What's the problem?
What have you tried?
What is the error? What line is it on?
cvogt61457 11-Aug-17 13:24pm View
Internal is available within an assembly. It is not visible outside the assembly.
You will need to provide a class (a factory) within the assembly that will give you the IDataService to use outside the assembly.

public interface IDataService
internal sealed class DataService : IDataService

// Won't work - DataService is internal
DataService dataService = new DataService();

// Will work
IDataService dataService = factory.GetService();
cvogt61457 8-Jul-17 9:03am View
What's the device?
Does it have a way to access the device to retrieve data?
How do you connect to it for control?

You haven't provided any information on the device. No way to guess from where I'm sitting.
cvogt61457 7-Jul-17 14:21pm View
What article are you referring to with "How to store the images to a web page"?
Is it a CodeProject article?
If not a CodeProject article, then we will need some more information on the article.
cvogt61457 7-Jul-17 13:38pm View
Hmmm.... This smells of homework.
cvogt61457 3-Apr-17 12:54pm View
What environment are you in?
cvogt61457 30-Mar-17 15:45pm View
What's your circuit look like?
cvogt61457 27-Feb-17 15:08pm View
You didn't say what happened when this line runs.
Are we to guess what went wrong?

Note: name is a char[] with a length of 5. Try setting the length to 15.
cvogt61457 7-Feb-17 20:49pm View
Either lunchBindingSource has not been instantiated or it is not a List<lunch> object.
cvogt61457 5-Feb-17 17:46pm View
What environment are you working in?
How are you compiling the code?

The errors you mention should have a line number and a description. What are these?
cvogt61457 18-Jan-17 15:34pm View
show us what you've already tried.
cvogt61457 28-Dec-16 14:26pm View
The compiler is smart but there are situations which can trick it.
Your code looks as though it can exit with no return - therefore, you have the warning.
The loop might actually complete and exit with the
if (a == n)
but the compiler can't figure that out.
Richard MacCutchan's solution looks nice and easy to read.
Clarity is highly valued when writing code. Maintenance is much easier and others can gain an understanding of
what you're wanting to do much easier.
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
cvogt61457 27-Dec-16 11:45am View
It depends on the source of the text and the destination.
Every program will maintain the format information in a different method and with a different format.
It depends on the way the source program stores the information and the way the destination programs stores the information.
WinForms TextBox does not store formatting information - you can't copy to a TextBox and show formatting.
RichTextBox (RTF) does.
You will need reformat from the source into the correct format for an RTF if you use that.
There are some other formatting text boxes - search hear on CodeProject.
cvogt61457 19-Dec-16 18:58pm View
TryParse() returns a bool whether the value was successfully parsed. Not an integervalue.
To get the value, you need to provide a output variable or use int.Parse().
If you use int.Parse(), you will need to verify that the value does parse correctly.
I'm curious how you got this compile.
cvogt61457 9-Dec-16 21:41pm View
Which row do you see? First? Last?
Are you getting some type of error?
cvogt61457 6-Dec-16 15:00pm View
What are you trying to get?

Is this what you want?
1. Print "bad value" if 0
cvogt61457 1-Dec-16 9:43am View
Which lines are having the errors?
What are the types of sName, sSchoolName, and sClassName? (I'm guessing string)
cvogt61457 26-Nov-16 22:15pm View
Do you have a routine called __ENCAddToList(..)?
Do you have a project called "A - C - G"?
Is there a form called Form2.vb?
cvogt61457 8-Nov-16 10:02am View
You haven't provided much information on which to base an answer. What is your data schema? What is your web stack?
cvogt61457 4-Oct-16 19:35pm View
Well, what have you tried?

Question: This is a programming class?

Get out your book and start reading with chapter 1. This will get you the basic "Hello world" program. Get this compiled and running.
Once you get this done, let me know and you will add to it.
cvogt61457 4-Oct-16 16:25pm View
Is this a programming class?
Write your first version of the program and try to get results.
First, write the basic "Hello world" program.
Second, add some functionality you need.
Third (and so on) Keep adding functionality until you have finished your task.
If you don't get the results you are looking for, we'll be happy to help work.
However, we (everyone at CodeProject) do not want to do your homework for you.

BTW: Getting paid less for working overtime???
Usually, overtime is 1.5 times your regular pay.
Just sayin.
cvogt61457 16-Aug-16 13:43pm View
Just a guess...
You will get a parse error if the textBoxes are empty. There must be a number value in both for Add.
Try putting in "0" in both see if you still get the error.
For a real solution, you will need to check the both textBoxes have values and display an error message if not.

<edit> You are putting the button.Text into textbox1.
The textBoxes must have only numbers in the double format.
cvogt61457 12-Aug-16 16:05pm View
Is it just that one file or does this happen with other XLS files?
Does the file open on other computers?
Is this only on this one computer?
cvogt61457 19-Mar-16 22:11pm View
You need to provide some context or some hints as to what you are wanting?
Is this related to a job requirement?
A school project?
Your question is too vague.
cvogt61457 23-Jan-15 16:18pm View
What do you mean my "It won't work at all?"
Do you get an error?
No data?
Wrong data?
Do you get any results under any circumstances?
cvogt61457 4-Nov-14 14:26pm View
Here's the English translation using Google.

"Good afternoon , I have come to this environment in order to consult a doubt, currently working in the vicinity of WPF in Visual Studio 2010 with the language of C # , I'm working on a project and you want to give the opportunity to the end user that can change color all windows aplicación..He consulted articles, blogs, etc and I have an idea but do not know how to structure it .
If I could help I would appreciate it a lot .."
cvogt61457 3-Nov-14 13:59pm View
Need more information !!!
What is the error you are seeing?
Probably cross-thread UI exception. But that is a guess.
cvogt61457 19-May-14 14:04pm View
I love homework problems. Check out this website.
cvogt61457 17-May-14 18:04pm View
what have you tried?
cvogt61457 9-Apr-14 17:18pm View
What's the question?
cvogt61457 29-Oct-13 10:07am View
Post the code you've tried. I can't see what you've done from here.
cvogt61457 27-Oct-13 14:17pm View
Can you be more specific on the error?
What line number?
What is the error text?
You haven't provided any detail and we can only guess.
cvogt61457 25-Oct-13 15:53pm View
It depends.
cvogt61457 16-Oct-13 9:46am View
I guess we lost him.
Too bad.
cvogt61457 20-Sep-13 13:33pm View
In your timer tick, check to see if the thread is running. If it is running, don't start the thread.