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Comments by Kschuler (Top 200 by date)

Kschuler 1-Oct-19 9:43am View    
Nice. I lost all my regex bookmarks a while back and haven't gotten around to re-bookmarking those tools. Thanks!
Kschuler 16-May-19 15:52pm View    
Not sure what you mean by "just send one cert". I put it into a "collection" because that's what form it needs to be when connecting it to the request object. But it's still the same certificate values as when I pull from one pfx file instead.
Kschuler 16-May-19 15:15pm View    
Dude. Thank you for pointing out this tool. Awesome. Unfortunately, it only confirms that I'm after TLS 1.2. I'll dig into the ciphers and see what I can find there. Thanks again, though!
Kschuler 16-May-19 15:04pm View    
Yes, they confirmed TLS 1.2.
Kschuler 16-May-19 15:03pm View    
No idea about the F5 load balancer. Hitting a third party.

They did specify that I should be using TLS 1.2, though.