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Comments by hitesh_tech (Top 11 by date)

hitesh_tech 7-Oct-13 12:15pm View    
Can you set webservice hosting to run under one common windows account ?
hitesh_tech 16-Sep-13 9:11am View    
what is CPLogin is this aspx page or folder inside localhost ?
hitesh_tech 29-Aug-12 11:44am View    
What are you getting in alert(msg); ?
hitesh_tech 24-Aug-12 12:49pm View    
I believe there is one class ThrottledStream and by doing some minor modification to that you can use in windows too. The stream that you are providing on client now just provide using ThrottledStream.
hitesh_tech 5-Jul-11 11:51am View    
For that you will have to use viewstate to maintain the value of control you want