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vbmike 16-May-15 12:51pm View
I think you need to have the double quotes at either end of the statements: echo "<td>.$result['Customer_Name'].</td>".
vbmike 13-May-15 21:43pm View
It probably means you cannot use two '=' signs in your statement? icecream[0] = ['name'] = 'chocbar'; statement may not be valid.
vbmike 21-Apr-15 11:48am View
According to the 'documentation' page for timepicker, there is an option called disableTimeRanges that you can probably use. You would have to have some logic in your code that would then populate the timepicker option with a range of time you wanted to disable based on your statments above. Look into the documentation for the script, there are a lot of options. If one does not fit you should email the author to see if they are working on a solution. FYI, this is for the timepicker by J Thornton on github. I see there are other timepickers available to confuse the issue.
vbmike 14-Apr-15 12:44pm View
vbmike 13-Apr-15 8:15am View, site has numerous suggestions.
vbmike 7-Apr-15 12:42pm View
Searches for the answer yield "this could be brutal"! If I were to attack this I would hope that I could make autocad spit out the board feet in addition to counting the number of boards. I am betting autocad could do what you want in as far as exporting data. The idea of an algorithm to save pieces would take some thought. For excel to use the figures, what I am seeing anyway, you would need to have the feet in one column, the inches in another, total those up at the base of those columns. Then simply apply your buying lengths to get the number of pieces. In the overall picture, you are gonna have waste, no matter how you look at it and the folks doing the cutting are gonna make errors etc. Probably better to have extra anyway! Just a few thoughts for you. Another idea is to search for autocad lisp files that someone has already coded and made available.
vbmike 7-Apr-15 10:34am View
Hi Zach, I am wondering why Excel cannot do this for you? Prior to exporting to the database? Just looking at your question, it seems that it would be easy to do within Excel.
vbmike 6-Apr-15 11:18am View
I have found evidence that changing the doctype for the page helps....(to xhtml).
vbmike 16-Mar-15 10:55am View
Very rarely does an individual attribute of any element act the exact way you want it to. It depends on what is around it, other settings in your css, where in the css file your attribute is placed, etc. etc. I would read up on the attribute to get some clues as to what is happening. One place is: Another would be the W3 Schools site.
vbmike 16-Mar-15 10:49am View
You have to go here: There is way too much to just tell you how to do that. It is easy if you go read about it.
vbmike 1-Mar-15 15:20pm View
What does the FAQ on dreamhost have to say? Anything?
vbmike 1-Mar-15 14:28pm View
It could be in the spam folder on the recipients end?
vbmike 27-Feb-15 11:04am View
Sharepoint doesn't translate well version to version. It is usually helpful to refer to the sharepoint help, generally available on the page for the site then search for error you are getting. Could be the 'type' was not compatible with new version? You may have to state what the error actually said for someone to actually troubleshoot with you...
vbmike 27-Feb-15 9:09am View
Well, I am moving on. If you do check back you should look into the bootstrap github repository etc as it appears there are some bugs surrounding autocomplete/typeahead that may give you a clue as to what is happening with your project....
vbmike 27-Feb-15 9:05am View
Hello? You were in a hurry and a few people are should respond as well....are you there?
vbmike 27-Feb-15 9:02am View
vbmike 27-Feb-15 8:54am View
Turn off the autocomplete on the textbox and see if that makes any difference. Autocomplete loads when the control is in focus maybe and is slowing things down?
vbmike 21-Feb-15 22:51pm View
I think maybe you need to visit a site that talks about css and centering. You are using some attributes that don't exist as far as I know. What usually works when nothing else lines up is to start with the two items you want to align and remove all the other css stuff except the stuff that deals with what you are working on. It is really easy to override things in css with attributes below those in your code. But first I would visit somewhere like site or just search google for css centering.
vbmike 19-Feb-15 14:55pm View
If I understand your question correctly, you will want to check out page for some ideas to try out.
vbmike 12-Feb-15 12:42pm View
At first look at code snippet above, I would assume that 'q' probably is blank? Maybe have php file output what 'q' is first? as a debug exercise would be my first step.
vbmike 29-Jan-15 15:05pm View
Look into jquery toggle. See if something like that may assist you.
vbmike 15-Jan-15 17:24pm View
I see on google some folks have had luck changing the path to the fonts to absolute rather than relative. Try that first. Mozilla support has this page: that may shed some light as well.
vbmike 14-Dec-14 9:32am View
Your carousel works ok if you resize the browser window. It does not work if you size it down small (the size of the image). You must have a css media statement working against you. It works fine in Chrome with window maximized: except the image itself is placed to the far left in the carousel. Again in this instance you must have some css overriding the carousel's css....
vbmike 12-Dec-14 10:01am View
My experience is: it is sharepoint, not IE. Sharepoint does stuff for you that it thinks you need when you dont want it to. you have to play with it continuously.
vbmike 12-Dec-14 8:30am View
Does the script work in a normal html crafted page outside of sharepoint in IE? Just make a plain html page, add your scripting, see if it works in IE. It may make it easier to debug that way also.
vbmike 4-Dec-14 12:14pm View
You should just google this. You will find more than you will ever want to know about it that way. You do not need it no, but if you are using apache server you can do a lot with it....
vbmike 22-Nov-14 18:30pm View
I just pasted your code into my editor, ran it and an alert popped up with an answer...I am using Chrome browser with Brackets editor. Your code does not go beyond 6 for a choice like your drop down allows however and that results in 0 as an answer but the pop-up still comes up..?
vbmike 18-Nov-14 13:37pm View
The only way I learned google maps display was to just display a simple map, then start adding things as I went along. Google maps is touchy in my opinion and any little mistake and the whole thing bombs. I also have their maps api open in another window while I am working. In other words you will have to step into this code one little bit at a time to see what and where it is failing. The usual suspect of not having a div sized appropriately etc seems to be ok but as far as the other stuff it is hard to troubleshoot for you. At least you can be working on it while waitng for someone to answer your question fully. Check all your code semantics also, very important.
vbmike 17-Nov-14 10:06am View
Your calls to add jquery and bootstrap files are incorrect. Instead of 'type' they need a 'src=' statement that points to the file locations. GoTo for a starter on where/what/when to do stuff. ALSO, the bootstrap documentation is actually pretty good at explaining things...
vbmike 13-Nov-14 9:29am View
@INST_ID, in cmd3. Is this correct in your code? seems it should be @User_ID as in cmd2??
vbmike 7-Nov-14 10:48am View
Googling this issue reveals that charts have some problems with bootstrap as it were. I did not go further but you should look into the google docs for this. Their charts put some code in for you and apparently it is not working super with bootstrap etc. I bet there is a way around it but you will have to experiment some....
vbmike 6-Nov-14 15:40pm View
PHP will 'echo' some text where the php code is placed. If you place the php segment where you want it to be 'echo'ed that is where it will show up. Look at Not sure but that may be why it is not showing up where you want it to.
vbmike 23-Oct-14 11:51am View
Not sure what your question is exactly...
vbmike 15-Oct-14 12:35pm View
This link gives an example (albeit somewhat confusing) See if it makes sense to you then pursue more in google.....
vbmike 10-Sep-14 15:52pm View
How are you getting the pictures from mysql? PHP?
vbmike 9-Sep-14 9:35am View
Not sure as I have not done the progress bar thing but PHP addresses it somewhat:, again not sure if this will help but may be more info on the page related to your issue....
vbmike 22-Aug-14 10:07am View
If you have mysql installed on your local development machine, when you use mysql_connect statement you need three things, the host, the user, the pwd. You have those in your code. I have not had to specify a port as mysql will specify that for you usually. Try removing the port from the definition of DB_HOST. Mysql service must be running when you try this script as you know so I assume you have mysql installed on your development machine. In addition you are using some thing similar to webmatrix or Apache server for the host?
vbmike 5-Jul-14 11:29am View
Double check all the brackets for the if statements. It looks like you are missing some on the last two else entries....cursory check in editor reveals all the if statements are not matching up correctly, that is if I am reading them correctly.
vbmike 16-Jun-14 10:50am View
vbmike 11-Jun-14 18:31pm View
I think you may have to go to the google visualization api page and start reading. I have not used it but it appears there is some code not following their api closely.
vbmike 6-Jun-14 19:00pm View
<pre><!--?php if(isset($_POST['ABOUT_ME'])) {print htmlspecialchars($_POST['ABOUT_ME']); } ?--></pre> is one way I use for textareas. Have you tried that?
vbmike 30-May-14 10:32am View
The z index will not have effect until a 'position' is set for an element. I don't see that in your code except the last part. It also will not have an effect at all in some instances. You will have to research that and see how to apply to your code.
vbmike 30-May-14 10:24am View
There are conditional statements you could use as well as websites that discuss number formatting, rounding etc that you should go to. It may be you could use a 'switch' statement. Give folks some code to look at and then they will respond possibly.
vbmike 20-May-14 14:46pm View
Have you tried simply window.close()?
vbmike 20-May-14 14:42pm View
You can add tags a few different ways, PHP, javascript, jquery. Not sure why your tags would not show up if you added them? If you used dynamic addition it could be the function is not working? You would have to post some code you may have tried.
vbmike 17-May-14 13:41pm View
If the last else statement runs (according to what you have shown) then none of the first three conditions were met.
vbmike 6-May-14 10:08am View
header information must be sent before any html is sent. see
vbmike 2-May-14 9:03am View
First thought would be the location of the external script tag in your html file. It could be the elements have not been rendered when the script is run. Have you tried putting the link for the external file at the bottom of your html file?
vbmike 22-Apr-14 10:00am View
Which picture does it put in the element above? The first one or the last? Your conditional statements are only checking that a particular element with a class exists, not that it was clicked. You should look up "this" keyword and some functional examples online at
vbmike 21-Apr-14 15:33pm View
Where did it save that row? In a mysql database, localDB? Without seeing what all the code you used did, if it only saved one row maybe you need a loop to go through the rows?
vbmike 19-Apr-14 11:25am View
That is a pretty big request but essentially you have to create a connection to a db, gather all your variables and validate the entries, write a sql statement, execute that statement on the db opened in your connection string. There are lots of examples on the net.
vbmike 18-Apr-14 9:53am View
I think you may be using clone() incorrectly. You should consult api documentation.
vbmike 28-Mar-14 9:54am View
If you use the button css on other pages but want it different on this page, you will have to have a style section in the <head> section of this page to make differences show up. I notice in your style.css file there are css entries further down in the code that may be trumping the button-3 css. Also make sure if you want style.css to be the determining css file it should be listed last in the list of css files for the html file (in the head section). Css files are read top to bottom so look at the css you have for your #contact-form and #submit as a clue to why your button may not look the way you want it.
vbmike 25-Mar-14 15:11pm View
Go to bootstrap website and review the grid details section:
vbmike 25-Mar-14 15:04pm View
I could be wrong but Bcc is acting as intended. No one can see the Bcc, as it is a blind copy. The bcc recipient would simply click reply. The reply-to would simply be a matter of clicking "reply" or "reply to all". If you wanted a different address in the reply to box you would code that yourself. You have probably see this already: ""
vbmike 29-Dec-13 11:54am View
Did you try the documentation page?
vbmike 24-Dec-13 15:19pm View
I think you should ask the magento developers.
vbmike 24-Dec-13 15:13pm View
Take px off of the value, just use 2.
vbmike 4-Dec-13 9:18am View
Short of doing it for you, you can certainly find one method at this link: There are other solutions on the net.
vbmike 30-Nov-13 17:03pm View
Put a ; at the end of this code. Assuming of course you have all this between <script></script> tag set and that jquery is installed....? Not sure where you are getting your reqid value from but the semi-colon makes what you show here work after assigning a value to reqid.
vbmike 28-Nov-13 21:06pm View
You need a random selection process like this --
var x=Math.floor(Math.random()*images.length)--
See where that gets you.
vbmike 25-Nov-13 13:04pm View
Without knowing what you are trying to achieve it is a little hard to help troubleshoot the issue. Using your code provided I see a bordered div witht a purple stripe up top. I don't see a side div nor do I see a difference when I remove the top margin except of course the div moves need to explain more for everyone to understand.
vbmike 19-Nov-13 10:55am View
You most likely will want to create a print.css just for printing your document. search for stylesheets with attribute of media=print and make all your print layout in that document.
vbmike 15-Nov-13 9:59am View
This link:, gives some ideas on responsive sizing that may assist as well. Making an image responsive can be done with img{max-width:100%; height:auto;}
vbmike 15-Nov-13 9:41am View
well that size of picture makes it seem like you want a full page background for the one div maybe. That is different sort of thing than what I was thinking.
vbmike 15-Nov-13 9:18am View
Try placing a 100x100 placeholder image inside your div. use this css for the img:
img {
display: block;
position: absolute;
margin: auto;
vertical-align: middle;
You will have to play around with the text etc. Experiment. Most anything can be done with css only. There are numerous solutions probably.
vbmike 15-Nov-13 9:01am View
what is the size of the picture?
vbmike 14-Nov-13 23:17pm View
Try increasing the z-index of #right to 3 and see if that is what you are trying to achieve as far as the overlapping.
vbmike 29-Oct-13 9:59am View
It shows up light gray in IE9 for me. Maybe a conflict in css elsewhere.?? another css file for IE only??
vbmike 25-Oct-13 12:53pm View
Sometimes different browser interpret things like onclick etc differently. Search for those function calls in Google and see if you can find differences.
vbmike 13-Oct-13 15:01pm View
Maybe this is what you are looking for:
vbmike 12-Oct-13 10:13am View
If you are just using your desktop or laptop to change the size of the browser window then yes whataever @media stipulation you have written will change the page view. If you are trying to change the page for a mobile device you will have to use something like "navigator.Useragent" type code.
vbmike 29-Sep-13 12:37pm View
I think you may need to post the html of the page also.
vbmike 28-Sep-13 10:07am View
Did you include jquery in your file?
vbmike 21-Sep-13 9:14am View
You have to give people what error messages you are getting if you expect them to solve your issues.
vbmike 20-Sep-13 21:04pm View
If you provide the html tag in your page with a width somewhat smaller than the screen or browser width it will appear as you see it on your example page. Open your example page's source and then click on it's css file. You will see that they have the main div sized at 980px which makes it appear the way it does.
vbmike 29-Aug-13 10:36am View
What you should do is ask this question of the demo article author.
vbmike 13-Aug-13 19:17pm View
Not sure of all your code but have you tried the "return false;" sort of thing in the method?
vbmike 17-Jul-13 17:13pm View
I think what they are talking about is a "placeholder" instruction in the textbox maybe?
vbmike 5-Jul-13 16:28pm View
Try using a second css file from bootstrap called "bootstrap-responsive.css" in addition to the one you are calling and see if it yields better results for you. I would also suggest using one of the bootstrap templates and customizing to your taste just to learn how the thing works.
vbmike 13-Jun-13 21:43pm View
Start by removing the margin-top:150px; from the #alertbox css styling section. Run your code and see what it does then.
vbmike 11-Jun-13 13:38pm View
CSS-Tricks has this solution to fixed-footer. See if this is what you are looking for.
html, body, #container { height: 100%; }
#footer {
vbmike 11-Jun-13 13:27pm View
Have you tried relative positioning to see what you get?
vbmike 10-Jun-13 19:00pm View
A quick look at the documentation for the script appears to say you also need a class of "tablesorter" added to the table element along with the id you have.
vbmike 29-May-13 9:43am View
You need to show folks where you are calling the ready function in your code for the page, without knowing what is broke it is hard to fix.
vbmike 20-May-13 13:54pm View
I could suggest something like Jquery to help you out. Specifically things like using the .on('click', function()) event along with something like toggleClass function. Search for those in jquery site for how-to's....
vbmike 18-May-13 12:37pm View
Without knowing the setup of the html you have it is a little hard to tell you how to style your css to move an element. So without knowing the code you have one could advise to use a "margin-top" or "padding-top" setting to the container with the banner to move the banner down slightly. You need to experiment with css and see what happens.
vbmike 16-May-13 18:26pm View
I would think you should show us some HTML as well. Cannot tell from css only why this will not work.
vbmike 8-May-13 20:30pm View
Your picture links wont open they are labeled private.
vbmike 27-Feb-13 21:35pm View
what do you want it to do instead? it is about 500px wide on my screen as you coded..
vbmike 27-Feb-13 11:52am View
go to the jquery site and look for the toggle command for starts. there are good examples there.
vbmike 25-Feb-13 14:17pm View
The padding settings you have in the code above apply to ALL four sides of an element...maybe you need to adjust them on the sides you need it to be different??
vbmike 15-Feb-13 13:13pm View
Typically z-index will not work if applied to an element that is not correctly "positioned" in css (relative, absolute etc). I am not familiar with the maps api so not sure if this is the question/answer or not. The articles must have given some sort of clue??
vbmike 28-Jan-13 13:45pm View
Try using the html(); method to add your new div's "inside" the div you want it to be inside. Append will only "add" stuff after the div you identify.
vbmike 9-Jan-13 10:20am View
Have you tried any coding yet? One clue to getting it to work is you have to name the range of "source" data. Otherwise Excel will not allow moving to another sheet....
vbmike 3-Jan-13 17:10pm View
I thought I replied to him, not necessarily you. What he wants to do does not make sense, I agree, but I think he is trying to accomplish something else and has not stated it correctly.
vbmike 3-Jan-13 15:06pm View
You may have bettter luck coding and actual admin page for you to make changes as it sounds like that is what you may be trying to accomplish.
vbmike 3-Jan-13 10:13am View
You should post some of your css for printing layout so we can see what it is you have done.
vbmike 21-Dec-12 16:14pm View
Not sure what you are trying to do. Jquery is a script file that does not need to be installed. It is downloaded as is and is referenced for use on an html page for instance with a <script> tag. Go to and read about it. When you download from the site choose "save link as" rather than just open.
vbmike 20-Dec-12 13:56pm View
Try Gimp program.
vbmike 20-Dec-12 9:54am View
Have you tried params such as showcontrol=0 or loop=1?
vbmike 18-Dec-12 10:45am View
In addition go to google's webmaster tools site and submit your site and a sitemap page and it will hasten things a little bit for you. This will also let you track the use of keywords on your page as folks search for you..
vbmike 16-Dec-12 18:32pm View
Sounds like you need a two or three column layout. Centering the website will center everthing inside a "wrapper" div in the center of the screen. You need to use css to float some of your divs and use margins to position everything. I dont fully understand what you are trying to have the page look like either. Visis and read it see if anything will assist you.
vbmike 14-Dec-12 11:23am View
I have not seen that many fonts in a "font-family" statement before. Experiment with just one at a time to see the differences. On my work computer the only fonts in your list I have are Arial and Verdana(it is not a dev machine here). Look up in google some websafe font listings and try those. It may be yours are not being found by IE an Chrome is putting something different up as a default.
vbmike 22-Aug-11 18:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
This is not a good thing to put on CP. Numerous sites state this is very unstable on some machines and should not be put forth to unsuspecting users that may read this site. This isn't a programming tip.