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Comments by vbmike (Top 105 by date)

vbmike 16-May-15 12:51pm View    
I think you need to have the double quotes at either end of the statements: echo "<td>.$result['Customer_Name'].</td>".
vbmike 13-May-15 21:43pm View    
It probably means you cannot use two '=' signs in your statement? icecream[0] = ['name'] = 'chocbar'; statement may not be valid.
vbmike 21-Apr-15 11:48am View    
According to the 'documentation' page for timepicker, there is an option called disableTimeRanges that you can probably use. You would have to have some logic in your code that would then populate the timepicker option with a range of time you wanted to disable based on your statments above. Look into the documentation for the script, there are a lot of options. If one does not fit you should email the author to see if they are working on a solution. FYI, this is for the timepicker by J Thornton on github. I see there are other timepickers available to confuse the issue.
vbmike 14-Apr-15 12:44pm View
vbmike 13-Apr-15 8:15am View, site has numerous suggestions.