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Bernhard Hiller 1-Apr-21 7:05am View
Thanks for your input, Floyd. MySQL turns out to be very strange, the longer you work with it the stranger it looks. We can be rather sure that your issue had some other chain of cause, but an interesting finding.
Bernhard Hiller 10-Mar-21 12:32pm View
Thanks for your hints. A local web server is exactly beyond the "small and simple" scope of this question - do not add any unnecessary load to the old notebook. In a future scenario with upgraded hardware, things may look different - I try to avoid all the hassle with getting all the things correctly running on a different machine...
As for the MIME type, I found it on the stackoverflow answer; anyway, my blocklist is too large to fit the size parameters, so it won't make a difference.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Sep-18 3:39am View
The last machine crash was on Sep 11, 5:06 in the morning. No crashs since then, and no database problems either. What a coincidence! A postmortem would be nice, but my impression is that our admin prefers to repeat that at a customer site (the problems happened on our test system in the office): obviously, it works NOW.
Bernhard Hiller 14-Sep-18 4:02am View
In both cases, there was a crash of the machine, as can be seen in Windows eventlog with id 6008: "The previous system shutdown was unexpected". There were 70 (!) such crashes within 4 days, and they ended on Sep 11. I do not know what was changed on that machine, our admin will have to find out.
Bernhard Hiller 2-Jul-18 3:54am View
In the title, you talk about "WPF", but then your code uses "Windows Forms" - they are different. With WPF, use MVVM pattern, do not access properties of UI elements directly, despite Microsoft still keeps that doable.
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-17 4:39am View
Where is your problem? You just need to iterate thru the input data in junks of 3 bases, find the amino acid for the triplet, take the next triplet, etc.
Only later on you'll think of start and stop codons, and even more complicated cases of sequences around a start codon, splicing, ...
Bernhard Hiller 15-Nov-17 4:28am View
Are you sure that it is correct to call History.GetNextHist regardless if you call GetHistMin, GetHistMax or GetHistAvg just before?
Bernhard Hiller 14-Nov-17 4:30am View
What about upgrading the dependency in project A, or downgrading it in projects B and C?
Bernhard Hiller 2-Oct-17 4:34am View
What do you expect to happen? And what does happen instead? I do not see any behavior related to that property.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Sep-17 3:16am View
WPF is not about replacing Windows Forms Controls by WPF controls. Learn some really basic concepts of WPF. Start with "Binding" in order to get into MVVM.
Bernhard Hiller 4-Aug-17 3:17am View
Have you tried reading that directory from a common web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, ...)? Does it work there?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Jul-17 3:20am View
Your code will fail when 2 (or more users) save data to the database at the same time. The generation of that number must be delegated to the database.
Bernhard Hiller 8-May-17 5:35am View
Note that the "way back machine" announced a few days ago that it will not observe robots.txt anymore and crawl just everything...
Bernhard Hiller 7-Apr-17 3:20am View
How do you install? Did you set a minimum OS version in the installer project? Did you compile for 64bit OS? Do you use third party components? ...
Bernhard Hiller 7-Apr-17 3:12am View
"ActiveX Control" - really? A service must not contain any UI elements. OK, there might be ActiveX controls not containing UI elements, but I guess ...
Bernhard Hiller 5-Apr-17 3:58am View
Did you miss some {} when you copied your code here? In order to get that compiler warning, the code should rather look like
if (sub != "")
     return true;
     string result = "";
- and now it is clearly visible why that line is "unreachable code".
Bernhard Hiller 4-Apr-17 3:30am View
When fpni is a byte[] anyway, why do call ToArray() then?
Bernhard Hiller 14-Mar-17 6:16am View
What about this.GetInvocationList()?
Bernhard Hiller 16-Jan-17 4:32am View
Reminds me of a bug introduced by genius programmers in the US headquarters of a previous employer: they reasoned that an IP address can be represented by two floating point numbers which get joined by a dot. Worked well in the US. But here in Germany, it failed miserably: 192,168.0,42 is not a correct IP address...
Bernhard Hiller 16-Nov-16 3:37am View
Repost of
Bernhard Hiller 11-Nov-16 2:44am View
29696 x 4381 makes about 130 million pixels. With a 32bit ARGB bitmap (i.e. 4 byte per pixel), that makes half a Gigabyte. Well, hm, there could be a problem with that...
Bernhard Hiller 7-Nov-16 3:32am View
Why do you "answer" a 3 year old, already answered question? Did you see that it was about C#, not Java?
Bernhard Hiller 7-Nov-16 3:28am View
Repost of
Bernhard Hiller 19-Oct-16 3:52am View
What happens when you replace "excelDump.csv" with a full path (e.g. "c:\\temp\\excelDump.csv")? There could be an issue with the "current working directory".
Bernhard Hiller 19-Oct-16 3:42am View
What's "myReader"? Does it try to read the Excel file which contains the macro?
Bernhard Hiller 19-Oct-16 3:38am View
Why don't you just open up VS and paste that code there?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Oct-16 3:26am View
What are you trying to achieve here? Instantiating a COM class from C#?
Bernhard Hiller 7-Oct-16 3:44am View
How do you load those tiff files? Show us the relevant code.
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-16 3:06am View
Are you sure it is the actual page load? What about the transformation of XML with an xsd to html for the purpose of displaying it?
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-16 3:02am View
"be populated in a UI" - where will that UI be shown? On the WCF server?!
Bernhard Hiller 21-Sep-16 3:14am View
Are you sure that the column is really not existing, instead of simply collapsed (but still there)?
Bernhard Hiller 21-Sep-16 3:06am View
Really? Postsharp is an Aspect Oriented extension of C#.
Bernhard Hiller 20-Sep-16 2:56am View
Get the concept right. What you described is not "adding a vocabulary", but "adding a word to a vocabulary".
Bernhard Hiller 20-Sep-16 2:48am View
"offline" - that's why you tagged the question "ASP.NET", isn't it?
No, the way you try to translate won't work for sentences, that won't even be useful for words, as words may have several meanings which means that a choice of words must be presented in the other language. Haven't you ever used a printed dictionary?
Bernhard Hiller 19-Sep-16 3:29am View
"debugging managed code & native code at the same time" - I suppose the problem could be with the UNmanaged code of your app. Add some logging to find out where (code line) your app crashes.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Sep-16 3:24am View
... and do not expect an English speech recognition system to be usable by an Urdu speaker...
Bernhard Hiller 16-Sep-16 3:20am View
The events do not look like a good target for that purpose. Rather look at that CoreHelper class and its SendHostCommand method: is there (or in a class encapsulated by that class) a method available which allows for a synchronous processing?
Bernhard Hiller 13-Sep-16 3:27am View
Use the debugger. Likely you do not arrive at a line for inserting/deleting data...
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-16 3:21am View
Why do you answer a 4 years old question, which was correctly answered before? And your answer is wrong: the question was about "column header text" and "from database", while you do some change of the cells based on their current content.
Bernhard Hiller 8-Sep-16 3:09am View
Who created such an abomination of XML? All properties simply defined as value/string, while they seem to have some meaning; e.g. second value seems to be a DateTime. I guess the order of items is relevant...
Bernhard Hiller 6-Sep-16 3:25am View
Is "coa_name" actually the primary/foreign key in those tables???
Bernhard Hiller 6-Sep-16 3:12am View
Haven't you learned anything from the answer to your previous question of this type:
Bernhard Hiller 1-Sep-16 4:20am View
For what types of alphabets? And also: for what languages? Bear in mind that many solutions were created for some Western countries, thus expecting Latin alphabet and English/German/French etc. languages...
Bernhard Hiller 31-Aug-16 3:26am View
Compile time or run-time error? Which line?
by the way, catch (Exception) {throw new Exception() is nonsense: you throw away all the information you could get from the original exception. Don't do that!
Bernhard Hiller 30-Aug-16 7:01am View
Then debug into its constructor, and maybe even further, till you see in which line the application hangs!
Bernhard Hiller 30-Aug-16 4:52am View
What's that GTopt instance intended to do? Does it show a window?
Bernhard Hiller 29-Aug-16 3:45am View
That is, the interface "iemployee" does not exist? Or something else? Tell us the verbatim error message, and is it a compile-time error or run-time error?
Bernhard Hiller 24-Aug-16 4:28am View
cmd.Parameters.Add("p_owner", OracleDbType.Varchar2); - here you define the parameter. Where in your C# code does it get a value?
Bernhard Hiller 24-Aug-16 4:11am View
Is there any local variable with the name Maintanance also available? Do a right click on it and select "Go to declaration".
Bernhard Hiller 23-Aug-16 2:57am View
That looks more like an error message from SQL server. Is that Win 7 a 32bit or 64bit system? If 64bit, did you install the correct version of ODBC?
Bernhard Hiller 19-Aug-16 4:07am View
HOW do you see that it is "blank" instead of "null"? What's your editor/viewer?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Aug-16 4:00am View
Did you check firewall settings?
Bernhard Hiller 17-Aug-16 5:57am View
we answered that question already:
Bernhard Hiller 16-Aug-16 5:16am View
My 5 for your answer. Looks like the OP needs spoon feeding.
Bernhard Hiller 15-Aug-16 3:32am View
Can you play that file in e.g. Media player?
Bernhard Hiller 11-Aug-16 3:28am View
Your code is such a terrible mess that it is hard to see what you do. No obfuscator required... Let's write it down in 3 lines, all the rest is either dead code (yes: dead. What do you do with string json = Response1.Data.ToString();? NOTHING!)

List<string> Labels = new List<string>{ "pwallet", "mywallet" };
block_io_sharp.APIResponse Response1 = Api.getAddressBalance("Labels", Labels);
Dictionary<string,>[] res = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<dictionary><string,>[]>(Response1.Data["addresses"].ToString());

Are you sure you understand the data type of the response?
Bernhard Hiller 10-Aug-16 3:49am View
:-)) But how did he get that compiled? He shows a run-time exception, not a compile-time exception. Is it a Voodoo compiler?
Bernhard Hiller 10-Aug-16 3:26am View
Are you sure it happens within those lines? They look pretty safe...
Rather in a different event handler, e.g. invoked by the textBox.Clear statement.
Add a breakpoint at "foreach" and debug.
Bernhard Hiller 5-Aug-16 2:55am View
Windows Task Manager is not a good tool for detecting and analyzing memory leaks. Your application could be a false-positive.
Bernhard Hiller 4-Aug-16 8:18am View
Does your SpeechSynthesizer support any Indian languages at all? I doubt that.
Bernhard Hiller 4-Aug-16 4:10am View
Are you sure there isn't a typo in the address? belong to Boeing company, and I can hardly imagine they accept such simple access to their computers.
Bernhard Hiller 4-Aug-16 3:58am View
So you want us to help you cheat? No, we won't.
Bernhard Hiller 2-Aug-16 2:55am View
proc.WaitForExit(60000); // Wait a maximum of 10 sec for the process to finish
I love such comments!
Bernhard Hiller 2-Aug-16 2:49am View
where does that exception happen? In "fastZip.ExtractZip(item, targetDir, fileFilter);" or somewhere else? The code after that line is not zip-related.
Bernhard Hiller 26-Jul-16 3:52am View
Can you manually attach to that external program via Debug - Attach to Process after starting that program? (This question is for diagnostic purposes, I understand that you don't want to handle it this way.)
Bernhard Hiller 22-Jul-16 3:33am View
Isn't an Application.DoEvents() required after control.Visible=true before you can access the other properties of the control?
Bernhard Hiller 22-Jul-16 3:22am View
Without a description of the protocol and the messages from the vendor, you can't do that.
Bernhard Hiller 21-Jul-16 3:05am View
Do you understand the basics of DataBinding and ViewModel?
Bernhard Hiller 20-Jul-16 3:39am View
That means that DNS is not setup correctly on the server. Tell your provider to correct that.
Bernhard Hiller 20-Jul-16 2:54am View
It can affect it, but it that is not necessary. When the computer trying to connect to the database does not "see" the correct machine, the connection will fail of course.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Jul-16 3:35am View
Do you want to order the items with this property?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Jul-16 4:19am View
What about POST instead of GET?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Jul-16 3:23am View
That doesn't modify anything in the external dll. So: be glad he rejected you so quickly, that's better than to learn later that he's a moron...
Bernhard Hiller 14-Jul-16 5:23am View
How does that service launch PDFGeneration.exe? Is the PDFGEneration.exe actually launched by an application running in the context of ABC (perhaps even hidden in the System Tray) which communicates with your service? Or did you actually mix up account names when you wrote this question?
Bernhard Hiller 14-Jul-16 5:06am View
Do you use ToString() when you store the value? And if so, what's your format provider - none specified?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Jul-16 3:56am View
Is that software a command line tool, without any GUI? If so, things could work, but you need sufficient privileges for writing the converted file, and the "IIS user" typically has very limited access rights only. And by the way, do not forget to install that software on the server...
Bernhard Hiller 12-Jul-16 3:50am View
Did you check for 32bit vs. 64bit issues?
Bernhard Hiller 11-Jul-16 3:43am View
... and the error is ???
Bernhard Hiller 5-Jul-16 2:41am View
Add some logging to get more information on where the error happens. Also add handlers to UnhandledException and UnobservedTaskException.
Bernhard Hiller 29-Jun-16 4:48am View
Isn't there an xsd available for that type? Then you could generate classes with the xsd.exe tool.
Bernhard Hiller 24-Jun-16 3:27am View
Do you enter the path to the dll as a fully qualified path or a relative path?
Is it a 64bit or 32bit dll, and what about your application?
Do you actually require the dll's functionality during design time?
Bernhard Hiller 2-Jun-16 4:13am View
What do you mean by "average of bitmaps"? I do not understand that.
Bernhard Hiller 11-May-16 5:14am View
Repost of
Bernhard Hiller 6-May-16 3:36am View
What is your program expected to do? Show a GUI? Or run in the background, reading some parameters from command line, ...
Bernhard Hiller 28-Apr-16 2:59am View
What's the data type of "premium"? Can it be negative?
How long does Select MIN(premium) from tr_RequestResponse where premium > 0 take?
Are the values of "premium" unique, or are duplicates possible?
Bernhard Hiller 22-Apr-16 9:16am View
My 5 for your solution. Still I hope that the account IIS is running on has not sufficient rights for doing so, thus impersonation or something like that is required - "the proper permissions and checks" ...
Bernhard Hiller 22-Apr-16 6:03am View
Creating a Virtual Directory by code from a web application .... Well, I hope that's prevented by security mechanisms. Use some server management tools for that purpose.
Bernhard Hiller 22-Apr-16 5:37am View
Did you try the trick with the temporary variable here?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Oct-15 3:50am View
"Server.MapPath" - What are you doing with this piece code???
Are you using Windows Forms or ASP.Net?
Bernhard Hiller 17-Sep-15 11:08am View
Try a short Thread.Sleep between the calls (a few milliseconds).
Bernhard Hiller 23-Jul-15 5:22am View
Did you store your username/password in your browser?
Bernhard Hiller 22-May-15 11:49am View
Do you know that Malay IS NOT Malayalam? Apakah sudah tahu bahasa Melayu bukan bahasa Malayalam? Bahasa Malayalam dibaca di negeri Kerala di Selatan India.
And next: what have done so far? Where are you stuck?
Bernhard Hiller 22-Jan-15 6:44am View
Sorry, looks like there is still no solution available.
Bernhard Hiller 28-Nov-14 10:50am View
Did you check other CallingConvertions than CallingConvention.StdCall?
And that *numEvents = 0; looks somehow odd. Is it actually an "out int numEvents"?
Bernhard Hiller 28-Nov-14 10:42am View
The problem is caused by the "Func whereClause" of that specific case.
Bernhard Hiller 27-Nov-14 6:02am View
"Program execute by recursion function" - that is the problem!
Bernhard Hiller 27-Nov-14 5:58am View
Show us the code around
E:\BookingSystemSite\BookingSystemSite\BookingSystemCore\collections\GatewayCollections.cs:line 30
Bernhard Hiller 25-Nov-14 10:54am View
Bill, honestly, do you ever read the date when the question was posted?
E.g. "Posted 12-Dec-11 11:15am" - your comments bring those old questions back into the first pages fo QA, and some newbie experts will then answer them...
Bernhard Hiller 24-Nov-14 10:09am View
*WHERE* do you want to run the executable - on the server or on the client?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Nov-14 3:00am View
It is not at all clear how you want to join the two sets of data - why do you say
[1493] [3] [A-307] [1012] [1493] [5] [B-405] [1145]
but not
[1493] [3] [A-307] [1012] [1493] [5] [B-405] [1146]?
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 3:21am View
That page does not at all provide the advertised download, but only links to an SEO spammer.
I do not see such a spamming activity among your other activities here on CP. Is your account used by someone else?
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 3:09am View
I hope my browser has enough in-built safety measures to prevent such cookie-stealing attacks!
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 3:06am View
Describe the exact moment when antivirus stops your program:
- is the setup process interrupted?
- does the setup program start the application, and antivirus stops it here?
- does antivirus stop it when it is run the first time by a user?
- if so, at which step of program execution (see log files of your application)?
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 2:57am View
Why do you use two (or even more?) accounts on code project?
That guy asked quite the same question...
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 2:46am View
What a fun to see events implemented in a way so similar to Java of year 2000...
That said, the problem is common to events and callbacks - and do not forget exceptions!
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 2:26am View
playerindex = GetPlayerIndex(number, firstName, lastName, goals, assists, players, ref playerCount);
is -1, isn't it? And why? We cannot find out: because you do not show the releveant code.
Bernhard Hiller 17-Nov-14 2:19am View
sr.WriteLine("error is " + ex.InnerException.ToString());
Why InnerException? What's the exception proper?
Bernhard Hiller 14-Nov-14 2:41am View
Not all combinations of digits and characters are valid / acceptable names for tables or columns. Some inaccaptable names can still be used by escaping them (if the database engine allows that - e.g. Oracle does not). The rules differ between engines, but generally dots (.), commas, national characters, backslashes, and SQL keywords should be avoided.
Bernhard Hiller 13-Nov-14 3:01am View
Wasn't that one of the first projects of Bill Gates and his friends when they were still at school?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Nov-14 3:23am View
If you copy that file with e.g. Windows Explorer, do you face the same issue?
Bernhard Hiller 7-Nov-14 3:00am View
Interesting question.
When looking thru the Windows Start menu on my Win 7 machine, I find that kind of extra information mostly on Microsoft programs, hardly any other program.
But there is an exception to that rule: Tortoise svn does have it. SInce you can get the source code ( ), take a look at it. And report later on the decisive steps (as an answer, tip or article depending on the amount of steps and details of your description).
Bernhard Hiller 6-Nov-14 2:32am View
Can you do it on paper with a pencil, a pair of compasses, and a ruler?
Then translate it.
Bernhard Hiller 6-Nov-14 2:25am View
Repost of
Bernhard Hiller 6-Nov-14 2:23am View
Did you open the "correct" configuration file?
Is there a typo (I do not see it).
Try to enumerate all connection strings in ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings to find out which file you actually use...
Bernhard Hiller 4-Nov-14 3:49am View
oh dear, a duplicate in fact. Thanks for the hint.
Bernhard Hiller 31-Oct-14 3:16am View
No, you can do that with Moq. That tool can mock quite any type which can be instantiated. Or did you think of *static* properties/functions/classes?
Bernhard Hiller 31-Oct-14 3:12am View
Can you give us the exact verbatim error message? "undefined" looks rather like a part of an error message from JavaScript!
Bernhard Hiller 29-Oct-14 3:21am View
Are you sure you connect to the "correct" database from your application? Perhaps a different database file is fooling you...
Bernhard Hiller 24-Oct-14 6:24am View
Bad weather in Istanbul...
After the line string website = ... inspect the value of "website", e.g. in the debugger or write it to a file.
Also: do you really need that proxy? And can you be sure it's not the proxy which failed - or which serves a previous, defective result?
Bernhard Hiller 23-Oct-14 4:36am View
Bernhard Hiller 16-Oct-14 4:57am View
"inserts default value" - I expect exactly this behavior.
Bernhard Hiller 16-Oct-14 4:54am View
Let me add that Microsoft SQL server has many built-in optimizations: having executed a query once, some steps stay cached, e.g. the execution plan. That means, when calling it the second time, the performance will be better than at first time, and differences to pre-optimized views disappear.
Bernhard Hiller 16-Oct-14 4:36am View
Did you actually mean a "Splash Screen" when you said "Loading screen"?
Bernhard Hiller 8-Oct-14 2:41am View
Why does that line
remember me of question ?
Are you also "Member 11134036"?
Bernhard Hiller 8-Oct-14 2:14am View
Thanks. Looks like that boy cannot look beyond Google's topmost result...
Bernhard Hiller 2-Oct-14 5:04am View
That is: your machine is running Visual Studio, and you are "debugging" your web application?
I tried something like that long ago, I do not remember exactly. I guess there was a setting somewhere in Visual Studio: by default, it accepts web requests from localhost only.
Also add the full page name, i.e. http://youraddress:port/yourpage.aspx
Bernhard Hiller 30-Sep-14 2:47am View
And beware of the fact that I will find a way not to be tracked. Of course, I disbaled JavaScript and loading of external content in my email client. Baeh, I hate spammers who try to verify that their emails reached me.
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-14 8:18am View
That's a terrible design. Ever heard of the BOOLEAN datatype?
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-14 3:06am View
First: get the correct values by your subquery. Currently it returns nonsense.
What do you expect it to return?
Next, combine the queries to a useful update query.
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-14 3:00am View
Thanks. But something went wrong: "Rating = 0.00 (No votes)"
Do the hamsters eat votes today?
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-14 2:52am View
Due to the high amount of WTFs in that code, you should write the functionality from scratch! Do not re-use such a bad code!
Do not store passwords in clear text!
Bernhard Hiller 29-Sep-14 2:42am View
An important note: this is not at all a problem of a "login form", it is a problem of text comparison in Microsoft databases: the clause
WHERE column="some value"
is generally interpreted without case-sensitivity.
Other databses, e.g. Oracle or postgres, behave differently.
Do thing s correctly, i.e. store the hash of the password insetad of the password, and problems will be gone.
Bernhard Hiller 25-Sep-14 2:22am View
How do you want to play it - by your own player or by some other player installed on Windows or simply: the default player asscoaited with the corresponding file extension?
Bernhard Hiller 24-Sep-14 9:45am View
So you have it write several times the second address of the available addresses? Why several times?
Bernhard Hiller 24-Sep-14 9:44am View
Do you understand that ::1 is the IPv6 equivalent of
Bernhard Hiller 24-Sep-14 9:42am View
By the way, the signatures of the Recognize function differ between the interface and the implementation - the return value was changed to byte[,] from int!
Bernhard Hiller 24-Sep-14 9:37am View
Which line produces that error?
Bernhard Hiller 24-Sep-14 9:35am View
does the file "//data/data/com.momeni.shams/databases/shams" exist on the device?
Bernhard Hiller 23-Sep-14 8:33am View
but that could be a printer. Don't know if he insists on "computers" only.
Bernhard Hiller 23-Sep-14 8:29am View
how big is your image? (in bytes, and also in pixels wide x pixels high)
Bernhard Hiller 22-Sep-14 8:16am View
"But str1 doesnt return above information" - what does it contain instead?
What about some kind of a list of key-value-pairs?
Bernhard Hiller 22-Sep-14 3:18am View
Try to describe what you want to test - in simple English. Then we can try to help you create a proper test for that purpose.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 10:57am View
True. But such are the customers we are used too, aren't they?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 9:19am View
If they have a domain, the domain controller can be setup as a time server, and the client gets the "correct" time from that server during Windows startup.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:49am View
Close Visual Studio. Delete the generated .exe /.dll files from debug/relase/obj etc. folders (make sure you do not delete your code...). Then try again. It looks really weird - the exception occuring likely somewhere else.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:38am View
How is "ret" defined and initialised?
Did you check that SD_KM_OCR_RESULT is correctly defined in C#?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:33am View
Ehm, isn't a database column containing the full name the item you actually need?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:32am View
Very strange. When you add two lines of code before your for loop:
aTw(8,0) = 0
aTw(9,0) = 0
Does it crash on the second line of these extra lines?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:18am View
Dud you try a
- clear solution
- rebuild solution
in Visual Studio?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 8:13am View
Your original post is even better than this re-post...
Do you know that re-posting the same question is considered bad conduct?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 3:15am View
You asked that qeustion 4 times during the last 24 hours!
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:56am View
You copied your snippet from but fail to understand it. Work thru it, try to understand hwat it does!
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:51am View
Oh dear... Did you place the database file to Data Source=c:\\eminosoft.db on the target computer? By the way, that is a very very bad place for a database file. SQLite database files are often stored in the user profile; c:\programdata\YourCompany\YourApplication\YourDatabaseFile.db can be an appropriate alternative.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:47am View
Well, let's say the download has already occured. Otherwise, how could the image be shown in the browser at the moment it is dragged to the desktop?
Perhaps in case of an "expires" header, a new download may happen. Not sure how browsers do implement that here.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:39am View
Do mean similar to an ICA (Citrix) session where you can add username, domain and password (either ceartext or encrypted) in a .ica file?
Well, it's not "secure from hackers", as any hacker could use that ica file to connect to the server....
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:32am View
Do you actually understand your code snippet above?
I doubt. Because it looks to me that the most important part of te code is in _licensePlateDetector.DetectLicensePlate, i.e. you did not show it.
By the way, can your software "learn" from training data?
Bernhard Hiller 18-Sep-14 2:25am View
<pre lang="cs">CircleF[] circlez = imagez7.HoughCircles(new Gray(cannyThreshold), new Gray(circleAccumulatorThreshold), 1, 60, 3, 300)[0];</pre>How many CircleF does circlez contain now? Apart from the correct (!) solutions shown below, your problem likely resides here.
Bernhard Hiller 17-Sep-14 2:51am View
Protect - from what?
Bernhard Hiller 15-Sep-14 4:08am View
And where are you stuck?
Bernhard Hiller 15-Sep-14 2:33am View
What functionality do you need in your map?
- Zoom to the location of the office?
- "Get directions" from location of user to an office?
- Show some extra information when hovering with the mouse?
- ...?
Bernhard Hiller 15-Sep-14 2:28am View
Ehm, do you want to tell us that you do not know how to add " and maintenance=0 " to your SQL query?
Bernhard Hiller 15-Sep-14 2:20am View
Why do you want to change the "technology"? That reason is important for finding out which way to go!
Bernhard Hiller 15-Sep-14 2:18am View
In case of failure: do you want to rollback all previously updated values, or just leave it in a state where a few but not all rows have been updated (keyword: transaction)?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 3:13am View
Why do you "answer" old question which already have an accepted answer?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 2:56am View
"using google map offline" - I think that Google does NOT support that!
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 2:55am View
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 2:54am View
And also change
class Round
public class Round
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 2:49am View
Well, the question is actually: where to get a phonetic translation and comparison algorithm / library from for Kannada?
If I remember correctly, the "literal" transliteration is of that South Indian state is Karnataka, but a more phonetic transliteration is Kannada...
I do not know such a library / algorithm, perhaps you have to create it yourself. Or you could find one on an Indian programming forum (in that case: would be nice if you tell us about it here).
Bernhard Hiller 12-Sep-14 2:27am View
If you do not understand that, then the things you try are still beyond your capabilities. Sorry for these hard words, but they are true.
Bernhard Hiller 11-Sep-14 2:40am View
What database engine?
What have you tried, where are you stuck?
Bernhard Hiller 11-Sep-14 2:35am View
That's a spam site! Or even worse....
Bernhard Hiller 11-Sep-14 2:30am View
That's HOMEWORK, isn't it?
How do you want to master those lessons if you even refuse to do such simple homework? You'll fail!
Bernhard Hiller 11-Sep-14 2:16am View
What's the datatype of the photo column in the database?
How many bytes did you get into byte[b]?
Is it really an image which was saved into that column or something else (e.g. a pdf)?
Bernhard Hiller 11-Sep-14 2:12am View
Is that a follow-up question to
Or did you expect the SelectIndexChanged event to be fired when you set SelectedIndex=0 ?
Note the "Changed" part of the name - if the index was already 0, and you set it to 0 again, it is not changed, hence no event!
Bernhard Hiller 10-Sep-14 2:14am View
20 Million records are surely larger than 1 Gigbyte (that's merely 50 bytes per record - do you think such a low number is enough)? Who has such a fast internet connection (look at the tag: ASP.NET) to transfer that within a few seconds? Hardly a company has a Gigabit network internally.
Bernhard Hiller 8-Sep-14 9:21am View
And what's the code of "DisconnectFromShare"?
Bernhard Hiller 8-Sep-14 4:06am View
Do not repost!
Bernhard Hiller 8-Sep-14 3:32am View
What does that 'MemoryStream memoryStream ' do? I do not see it used in your code. Remove it!
Also, for such big files, I'd prefer larger chunks of data than 16348 bytes.
Bernhard Hiller 8-Sep-14 3:20am View
And how do you expect the zoom functionality to work?
It is really complicated! It is easier to embed the map in your web site than create your own map.
Bernhard Hiller 4-Sep-14 8:46am View
Why does your question remind me of
Is it that "one person" working "from scratch"?
Bernhard Hiller 3-Sep-14 8:43am View
Bernhard Hiller 3-Sep-14 2:58am View
Fails with a NullReferenceException when ddl_Moratorium.SelectedItem is null.
Bernhard Hiller 3-Sep-14 2:58am View
Fails with a NullReferenceException when ddl_Moratorium.SelectedItem is null.
Bernhard Hiller 3-Sep-14 2:58am View
Fails with a NullReferenceException when ddl_Moratorium.SelectedItem is null.
Bernhard Hiller 3-Sep-14 2:57am View
Fails with a NullReferenceException when ddl_Moratorium.SelectedItem is null.
Bernhard Hiller 29-Aug-14 2:57am View
Zen software? if (this == null) { MessageBox.Show("Hello Nirwana!"); }
Bernhard Hiller 29-Aug-14 2:53am View
Well, I know some people who really use that WTF pattern...
You need to separate concerns!
Bernhard Hiller 29-Aug-14 2:47am View
Same user in your application and in Windows Explorer?
Or was the access denied because an application already opened the file exclusively?
Bernhard Hiller 29-Aug-14 2:41am View
So what's wrong with your code in your opinion?
Did you get some exception ("Access denied")?
Do you understand when Environment.CurrentDirectory and Application.StartupPath are different - and why it can be so?
Bernhard Hiller 28-Aug-14 6:14am View
What an idea! Well, take a look at a speech recognition engine for Polish language, (old) source code is available:
Bernhard Hiller 28-Aug-14 2:23am View
Do you want to build the recognition engine yourself, or do you want to integrate an existing recognition engine into your application?
Bernhard Hiller 27-Aug-14 2:26am View
"bad_mac errors" - never heard that term before. A Google search shows it only in the context of SSL / https. Are you sure you reported the error message correctly? Or did you mix up different error situations?
Bernhard Hiller 27-Aug-14 2:17am View
"but of different combination" what does that mean? Can you provide some examples of valid data (and perhaps also of invalid data)?
Bernhard Hiller 26-Aug-14 9:37am View
And how do you know that the webservice he calls can return an answer immediately? Oh no, in my opinion, it is the *slow* reaction of the web service he calls which is the source of the troubles he tries to circumvent somehow.
Bernhard Hiller 26-Aug-14 9:24am View
ehm, how did you create that regex above? And why do you not see how to add the '-' at first position?
Bernhard Hiller 20-Aug-14 7:08am View
Works, though I'd recommend a parameterized query. And that would have avoided this problem already...
Bernhard Hiller 20-Aug-14 2:20am View
ASP.Net - that nmeans you will send the data over a network. Calculate. How many bytes per row? Perhaps already a 100 just for html tags, then add the content; or also css and javascript tags...
That is: you want to send about 1 Gigabyte of data over the network. Is that a great idea?
Bernhard Hiller 19-Aug-14 8:06am View
You can configure "Automatic Login" for a user.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Aug-14 7:53am View
"my service app" - is that Windows Service?
Bernhard Hiller 14-Aug-14 2:57am View
Search the registry of your machine to find out what item it is. It does not exist on my machine either!