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Jobless Creature 20-Dec-13 22:33pm View    
Can you try setting the name attribute with the class name?


can be changed to service class name.
Jobless Creature 20-Dec-13 6:08am View    
Sure please...
Jobless Creature 20-Dec-13 2:26am View    
Probably because, you are using any AJAX component which is causing the problem.
After the Response.Write SQL, add a Response.End

As you know, Response.Write SQL statement will print the exact SQL Insert statement which will be executed in the SQL server.
Jobless Creature 19-Dec-13 12:02pm View    
Yes, there is no straight way of debugging a ASP page. Ok so, if the values are correct, then you can try the following.
After the the following, add a response.write like given below,

SQL = "INSERT INTO responsedetails(ResponseCode, ResponseMesssage,..) values('"&txtrescode&"', '" &txtresmsg&"'...)"
Response.Write SQL

Then you can run this query in SQL and verify that the insert qry has no issues.
Jobless Creature 19-Dec-13 6:35am View    
oh, thanks.