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Adam R Harris 10-Aug-16 3:29am View
What part are you not understanding?
Adam R Harris 2-Oct-14 12:43pm View
Sorry but i'm not exactly sure how to do that. I would suggesting posting your own thread in the Q&A section and getting some help from there.
Adam R Harris 29-Sep-14 18:55pm View
So you want to force the user to completely uninstall the previous version before installing the updated version?
Adam R Harris 26-Sep-14 18:56pm View
I'm not quite sure what you are saying but I posted this over 5 years ago so somethings might haves changed since this post. It seems like English isn't your first language, which is fine, perhaps you could try expanding on your question/comment and I'll see if I can help out if it is actually a question
Adam R Harris 4-Dec-13 15:42pm View
Check the javascript console (F12) and see what the error is, its probably an issue with a property not existing in IE but existing in FF and Chrome.
Adam R Harris 4-Dec-13 12:40pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n :doh:
Adam R Harris 2-Dec-13 12:15pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Code is not described, duplicate of 52 other articles.
Adam R Harris 17-May-13 0:43am View
Is it doing an ajax call? the reason i ask is, if removing your alert causes it to break it might be a timing thing with the ajax which could be the problem.
Adam R Harris 16-May-13 13:03pm View
What do you mean? Are you trying to find a button on the client side using the ID that was assigned on the server side? Please elaborate on your question.
Adam R Harris 16-May-13 12:31pm View
what happens inside FillColumnDropDown? is that an ajax post too?
Adam R Harris 11-Apr-13 17:00pm View - best and most used resource of any developer.
Adam R Harris 29-Mar-13 16:19pm View
Take a look at the Remote, Remote JSONP and Remote with Cache examples .
They are exactly what you need
Adam R Harris 19-Mar-13 14:34pm View
Thank you Prasad.
Adam R Harris 19-Mar-13 12:53pm View
You are 100% correct. Turns out i need to use stats to get the data i need. Check my 'solution' for more details.
Adam R Harris 18-Mar-13 15:04pm View
Yes, i should have indicated that. I will update the question to reflect this comment.
Adam R Harris 11-Feb-13 15:46pm View
So your problem isn't the code you posted not working. The problem is your registry entries ... which is something completely different. Take a look at this thread, it should get you going in the right direction.
Adam R Harris 11-Feb-13 14:45pm View
You not making much sense, did you convert you code to VB.NET? if not how did you manage to 'get it to work' and if you did what exactly is the problem.
Adam R Harris 11-Feb-13 13:29pm View
You are not looking for a web page, unless it's ASP.NET and then you are going to have all sorts of permission issues. What you are looking for is a console app or a function in a .exe (WinForms). If these concepts are a little over your head then i would suggest taking a look at some of the great articles written here to help you get a grasp of the concepts and fumble your way through creating your registry entries. Seeing as you are trying to register a browser you built im going to go right ahead and assume you are familiar with the concepts of Console vs WinForms.
Adam R Harris 11-Feb-13 13:11pm View
Good answer, was writing mine when you posted. Had i seen this i wouldn't have posted.
My 5.
Adam R Harris 8-Feb-13 13:00pm View
Really the only answer for this question.
my 5.
Adam R Harris 6-Feb-13 12:08pm View
If you can post a sample and an error i might be able to help out.
Adam R Harris 5-Feb-13 21:48pm View
You need to give us more information on what exactly the problem is as well as post your code samples. Please use the Improve question button to update your question.
Adam R Harris 4-Feb-13 11:06am View
lol +5.
Not sure if you are aware of it or not but there is a great sight for pointing this out to users (LetMeGoogleThatForYou).
Adam R Harris 4-Feb-13 10:23am View
I want an adorable puppy that excretes gold ... just putting it out there in case the universe is listening.
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 17:16pm View
Dino is right, the code he has posted is what you should be using.
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 17:01pm View
Comment out this line:
dataGridView1.DataMember = "client";

and try to run your app.
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:59pm View
Post a sample of your code, we cannot see your monitor or read your mind. Your issue could relate to several things so please use the Improve Question link to add more detail and some code samples (the specific code that generates the dynamic results grid, the code that calls the method that generates the results and the markup for the page)
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:57pm View
pft, no try catch?!?!?!
what kind of rinky dink operation are you running over there Dino?
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:53pm View
what is the error message you are getting?
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:45pm View
Shouldn't you be telling us what the error is?
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:26pm View
Buddy is either applying for a job and they want him to determine whats wrong with this code OR he is working on something in school and this is one of the problems. What he really should have done is drop it into a new console app and then watch visual studio freak out over all the syntax stuff then tried to run it to work out the logical stuff.
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:23pm View
missing a few curlys i take it then.
Adam R Harris 31-Jan-13 16:20pm View
i wonder what this is supposed to do:
static int multi(int x, int y);
Adam R Harris 29-Jan-13 16:23pm View
Great answer, you beat me to it.
My 5.
Adam R Harris 27-Jan-13 15:03pm View
Glad I could help.
Adam R Harris 25-Jan-13 12:20pm View
Adam R Harris 25-Jan-13 11:36am View
Try restarting, the registry is stored in memory and any changes to it wont take effect until the system reboots ... or you could try killing explorer.exe in the task manager, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

If that doesn't work use the search feature here, i know there are a few articles written on file associations.
Adam R Harris 24-Jan-13 15:02pm View
Thank you kind sir
Adam R Harris 24-Jan-13 14:43pm View
Adam R Harris 23-Jan-13 13:30pm View
Adam R Harris 23-Jan-13 10:29am View
Thank you for proving my point.
Adam R Harris 21-Jan-13 17:26pm View
LMFAO - why oh why can't i vote on comments :(
Adam R Harris 21-Jan-13 15:17pm View
I did end up just giving him a code sample simply because i can understand that the recursion required to check inside containers can be a little intimidating. I do however agree that if the basics of subs and loops is too much then one needs to review notes or take a course a second time.

Just wanted to let you know that my intention is not to undermine you but to assist with the more daunting task of recursion.
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 17:54pm View
I'll try and take a look at this over the weekend for you, i dont have a project here at work that mirrors what you are attempting to do so i'll have to set something up at home.
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 15:15pm View
I think you are on the right track with the RefreshButton stuff. You are just going to have to find the Next Page button and essentially do the exact same thing that you are doing for the Refresh. Open the page in IE or Chrome and inspect the down using the developer tools to find the actually button name and just invoke the click like you are for the Refresh.
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 14:49pm View
You win the prize for most ungrateful Code Project user.
Had you actually clicked through the link and read it, it would have given you basically the same solution.
It is users like you that bring down the quality of this site, once again if you open the link i posted and read that thread you will see that it is essentially the same solution that was posted in Solution 2.

You're an ass and i will make sure i skip over any future questions you have.
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 13:26pm View
Good question, that stupid WOW64 node has screwed me in the past.
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 12:18pm View
LMFAO - excellent, my 5
Adam R Harris 18-Jan-13 11:36am View
Beat me to it, my 5.
Adam R Harris 17-Jan-13 17:47pm View
Good answer, my 5.
Adam R Harris 14-Jan-13 15:54pm View
4* - you just overlooked the call to Server.HtmlEncode to encode the values. see my answer
Adam R Harris 14-Jan-13 12:34pm View
Would make it much cleaner for sure.
Adam R Harris 10-Jan-13 15:06pm View
Huh, I didn't know VB used void at all. I tried working the googles but i couldnt find anything related to VB.NET and void. Do you know of anywhere i can read up on it? not trying to be a jerk or discount your comment I am genuinely curious.
Adam R Harris 10-Jan-13 11:24am View
Just code it really slow, then you can take as much time as you want.
On a more serious note, what exactly is the problem? What are you wanting to increase the time for?
Adam R Harris 9-Jan-13 11:56am View
Awhile ago IE started handling Enter by posting a blank for to the server. There are several workarounds for this, just work the googles.
Adam R Harris 9-Jan-13 11:49am View
Adam R Harris 8-Jan-13 10:17am View
Hey, really glad you got it figured out. Also I feel bad for leaving you waiting my assistance but i'm sure you know that pesky life always gets in the way.

Your code looks good with one little exception, you should really look at using RedirectFromLoginPage ( to send the user back to the page they requested or back to the default page. It's a small thing but its what users have come to expect and i'm sure you will be tasked with making that work at one point or another so you might as well get ahead of the game.
Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 17:42pm View
What do you mean no articles he can just copy and paste .... you mean there really isn't a Do Work function i can call that will do all this for him? Man i'm in the wrong profession.
Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 16:41pm View
I haven't forgotten about you, just got real busy with work.
Can you give me a few more details regarding exactly what isn't working and also take a look at RedirectFromLoginPage (
Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 12:14pm View
Actually yes.
You were headed down the wrong path and he pointed you in the right direction. We aren't here to do the work for you, we are here to help you out. If you don't like the help then that's really more of a Sasha problem then a Sergey/Adam problem.
Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 12:11pm View
Doesn't surprise me, you actually expected him to do some reading and investigate what he is trying to accomplish rather than just doing the leg work for him. Where do you get off?

That's sarcastic, the guys just an a$$.
Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 12:10pm View
No problem, glad i could help.
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 16:06pm View
lol well you speak better English than me and thats the only language i speak.
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 15:50pm View
i believe in giving credit where credit is due and you my friend always provide very well worded and in depth explanations and really do elevate the quality of the site. No, i'm not looking for you to do something for me nor am i brown nosing. I just wanted to let you know that your dedication to this site has not gone unnoticed.

Keep up the good work.
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 15:10pm View
Great answer!
my 5
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 15:08pm View
I can take a look at it later and see but i'm pretty swamped at work right now so it wont be until later this evening.
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 9:22am View
The problem is your script is running before the canvas is rendered so your object is null.
Has nothing to do with To check and see just move your script tag under your form tag. And then look at wrapping that in either the onload function or in an anonymous function.
Adam R Harris 3-Jan-13 0:15am View
Can you post the entire body of your aspx page?
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 20:14pm View
Christian is on the job, if need be ill jump in there.
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 17:57pm View
Like if he set the runat of his script to be server it would run the JS on the server.
I was doing some classic ASP/HTML5 stuff a little while ago and a fellow dev who wasn't to familiar with server script vs client script got pretty much the same error when his JS was running on the server.

However 2 cups of coffee and a few hours later it sounds like this isnt his issue and that his issue has something to do with his canvas not being on the page or rendered by the time this script runs.
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 12:02pm View
You are going to have to use Regular Expressions or something similar to parse the links out of the response. Then you are going to have to get that page content the same way you got it from Google.
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 10:18am View
Sounds like your script is running on the sever side of things. Where is this script located?
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 10:01am View
It's a poor question because even when you are Asking your question it displays this beside the textarea you type your question into:

A few simple rules when posting your question.
Have you searched or Googled for a solution?
Be specific! Don't ask "I need to write a booking application". Specify exactly what it is you need help with.
Keep the subject brief but descriptive. eg "How do I change the dialog colour?"
*Keep the question as concise as possible. If you have to include code, include the smallest snippet of code you can* - do not dump your entire codebase.
Tag your question appropriately.
Your question may be edited or retagged by others. Anything inappropriate will be removed.
If you have a school or university assignment, assume that your teacher or lecturer is also reading these forums.
Be courteous and DON'T SHOUT. Everyone here helps because they enjoy helping others, not because it's their job.
Do not remove or empty a message if others have replied. Keep the thread intact and available for others to search and read.
Do not be abusive, offensive, inappropriate,harass anyone on the boards or post ads or spam. Doing so will get you kicked off and banned. Play nice.
Adam R Harris 2-Jan-13 9:53am View
Without seeing the entire project i can only speculate that your issue is regarding when you pull your person object out of the session state.

The easiest way to get around that is to create a readonlt property that gets the Person object from the session and use that to access your object.

public Person MyPerson {
get { return (Session["p1"] != null ? (Person)Session["Person"] : new Person("","")); }

Then in your page you can just access it like this <p><%=MyPerson.FirstName %></p>
Adam R Harris 31-Dec-12 14:40pm View
Ha +5 for attempting to answer such a poor question.
Adam R Harris 31-Dec-12 14:27pm View
'Idiot' was uncalled for but yes that is his problem.
Adam R Harris 31-Dec-12 11:49am View
Should be
Convert.ToInt32((string.IsNullOrEmpty(txtQty.Text) ? 0 : txtQty.Text));
Adam R Harris 28-Dec-12 11:46am View
Very well put, it's really frustrating when i would like to help someone but they don't give me anything to go on.
Adam R Harris 28-Dec-12 11:40am View
Good answer
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 17:56pm View
Oh it's just a euphemism for the internet.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 16:18pm View
Good answers, i just answered the specific question (How To Add A Timer) you went the extra mile and explained what he *should* be doing. I tip my hat to you kind sir.

+2 interwebs for you
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 16:17pm View
Sergey is absolutely right - i answered the specific question your asked, Sergey told you what you should be doing instead.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 15:58pm View
Warning[] warnings;
string[] streamids;
string mimeType;
string encoding;
string extension;
string deviceInfo;
byte[] buffer;
using (FileStream fs = new FileStream("[Desired File Path]", System.IO.FileMode.Append){
buffer = ReportViewer.ServerReport.Render("pdf", null, out mimeType, out encoding, out extension, out streamids, out warnings);
fs.write(buffer, 0, buffer.length);
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 14:36pm View
Check the links in my solution to learn how to use location.hash.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 12:49pm View
something like this:
public Dictionary<string, List<object>> myItems = new Dictionary<string, List<object>>();

public void AddItem(object item)
if (item is string)
if (!myItems.ContainsKey("strings"))
myItems.Add("strings", new List<object>());

else if (item is int)
if (!myItems.ContainsKey("integers"))
myItems.Add("integers", new List<object>());

else if ... you get the point

public object GetItem(string key)
if (myItems.ContainsKey(key))
return myItems[key];
return null;

Then you can just call GetItems("myObj") to get a list of all the myObj objects you added via the AddItem method
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 12:41pm View
Take a look at the example on here:
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 12:26pm View
Not that i'm aware of, is there a reason you just don't keep your different types separate?
Either in a list of lists or a something similar?
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 12:04pm View
No, LINQ will just handle the iterating for you. Essentially there is no way to pull all your objects of a specific type out of a collection without actually iterating through the entire collection.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 11:56am View
What do you mean it wont work?
Post the code you have and *exactly* what isn't working.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 11:55am View
Depending on your framework version you could use LINQ like Oleksandr is suggesting.
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 11:53am View
wow, could have done without the attitude. I am taking time out of my day to try and assist you, grateful is the only emotion you should attempt to convey. You did not mention that this was a windows application in your question so i had to take my best guess.

byte[] buffer;
using (FileStream fs = new FileStream("[Desired File Path]", System.IO.FileMode.Append){
buffer = ReportViewer.ServerReport.Render("pdf", null, null, null, null, null, null);
fs.write(buffer, 0, buffer.length);
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 11:38am View
Thank you kind sir
Adam R Harris 27-Dec-12 11:35am View
Cool, so how would he redirect to that page passing in the values for the constructor?
Not trying to be a d!ck i am seriously interested in knowing.
Adam R Harris 21-Dec-12 19:27pm View
Sorry to be kind of a jerk about it but its 6:30 and i'm still at work on a Friday .... little testy.
Please don't take anything i said as a personal attack and if it came across that way i apologize.
Have a great weekend and a Merry/Happy [Insert What Ever You Celebrate Here] too.
Adam R Harris 21-Dec-12 19:21pm View
What you are saying here in this comment is correct, what you said in your solution however:
'I have always done is create a DLL project that does the serializing and deserializing'
Is not telling him to create his objects in one solution and reference that library in both of the other solutions rather to create one solution.
Adam R Harris 21-Dec-12 19:12pm View
The OP Clearly stated
'I am suppose to use two projects for this: one for the serialization and the other for the deserialization.'

So maybe you should read the question a few more times before you jump all over other people suggestions.
Your solution is not the correct one for his problem, he is supposed to use 2 different projects to accomplish this so telling him to do it in 1 is not a solution.
Adam R Harris 21-Dec-12 10:12am View
No problem, if i did help solve the problem could you please mark it as the accepted answer.
Adam R Harris 20-Dec-12 13:28pm View
He wants to do it without the interops i.e. Excel not installed on the server.
If he can get the files as a csv instead of .xsl then your solution would work.
Adam R Harris 20-Dec-12 11:35am View
We don't want to do your homework either man.
Adam R Harris 20-Dec-12 11:15am View
You are much nicer than i am ... i was going to tear him a new one but then again i have been called an a$$ more than once and i'm not in the best mood :(
Adam R Harris 20-Dec-12 11:13am View
He's having a problem with writing the code ... gee whiz why you gotta break balls. Just convert his pseudo code into C# - didn't you read his question? He doesn't want to learn this stuff he just wants you to do the work for him. Is that too much to ask?
Adam R Harris 20-Dec-12 10:42am View
Glad to hear you at least got it working. Like you said it might not be pretty but it functions and i'm sure that's all the client cares about. If you do end up finding a better solution i would be interested in knowing what it was so please dig up the old thread and give us an update if and when you get around to cleaning it up.
Adam R Harris 19-Dec-12 18:25pm View
Have you tried pausing your thread to allow IE to send the page to the printer?
maybe try pausing your thread for a few milliseconds after you send it to the printer to allow it the time to spool it and all that fun stuff.
Adam R Harris 19-Dec-12 15:58pm View
lol nice
Adam R Harris 19-Dec-12 11:57am View
Whats in FolderNames? and where are you getting the value?
Adam R Harris 18-Dec-12 12:27pm View
This is your best solution. Krunal is absolutely right, he didn't say it but he implied it. You are going to need to use a SMTP server that is going to allow you to forward emails from another domain. You can use your own SMTP server or find a hosted solution but it is critical that the SMPT server allows Relays (i think thats what its called) and also allows you to send emails from another domain i.e. sending email from through
Adam R Harris 18-Dec-12 12:14pm View
Maybe you're missing a / or a \ after LaunchFolder and before Minecraft.exe
Adam R Harris 17-Dec-12 16:02pm View
No problem, if my solution helped please mark it as the accepted solution.
Adam R Harris 17-Dec-12 15:59pm View
what part is giving you problems?
did you read up on literals and how they work?
Adam R Harris 13-Dec-12 11:16am View
Sorry, but i'm not understanding what you are asking. I am not going to download some random program and run it just to see your example, my anti-virus would kick me in the balls. Can you please post a screen shot of what you are looking for? I see in another comment that you are running an MDI application which does change things. Are you wanting to block the entire application? i.e. the MDI Parent Window or just a MDI Window?
Adam R Harris 12-Dec-12 10:20am View
Whats the problem?
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 15:18pm View
What is the value of creditId?
What is the field type of ID on the Credits table?
What command isn't running?
- Does your insert run?
- Does your update run?
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 14:15pm View
Have you tried using that code on your form_load event and there is a problem?
Also if this helped please mark it as the accepted answer.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 14:07pm View
You are going to have to use ShowDialog, see the link I posted or the example from the link that jibesh posted.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 13:28pm View
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 13:13pm View
Good point, i didn't think of that. If he simply added a Macro that called print when the document opened that just might accomplish what he is looking for. Should have made this a solution so i could have up voted it.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 13:08pm View
Your control should have a name. In the Properties Window there is a drop down at the top. Use that to select the control and set the properties you want for the control.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 13:08pm View
Your control should have a name. In the Properties Window there is a drop down at the top. Use that to select the control and set the properties you want for the control.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 12:20pm View
Did you really think a bunch of software developers were going to tell you how to disassemble their code so you can can steal it? tisk tisk tisk although i guess i can't blame you for trying. Even if you can 'crack' the dll i'm hoping who ever wrote the code you are trying to steal obfuscated it to the point you cant read it.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 12:12pm View
True, however if someone else is having the problem his solution just might help.
Adam R Harris 11-Dec-12 11:22am View
You cant, and shouldn't be able to. Your code isn't opening the file you are sending down the pipe, the user is when they click Open or Save. You are simply sending a file down to the browser, you have no control over what actions the user takes with that file. I for one would not want random websites to be able to download a file and execute it on my machine it's just asking for trouble. If you really want the user to get the print dialog after downloading your file you might want to take a look at building an ActiveX shim, no one installs ActiveX controls anymore but you can try, then open the file and pass in the print verb once the file has been downloaded.
Adam R Harris 7-Dec-12 13:07pm View
Why are you not just using AutoId's for the Trans_No? Let SQL worry about generating your ID's and there is very little value in the user seeing it before the change is committed. No to mention you will run into issues if you have multiple clients using the application at the same time with duplicated ids.

If the users need to see the transaction ids then i would just show them in a dialog after they click save.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 18:27pm View
Delete that entire sample right now, I'm sure your clients would be pissed right off to know you just posted their private information on a public website. Then take a small subset of your sample and replace the real world values with fictitious values so you don't violate any privacy laws.

After that loom at the StreamReader class and String.Split method
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 16:49pm View
Sorry, it should be .vbs not .vba that's my bad. stupid typo.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 16:47pm View
Yeah, i noticed you didn't post the full code.

If you want to delete the folder if the folder doesnt have any files in you should add something similar to this to your get_Folders function *before* you call get_Files, something like this

Function get_folders(in_folder)
full_ret_val = full_ret_val & get_files(in_folder)
Dim fs, f, f1, fc, s
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fs.GetFolder(in_folder)

' check if the folder, f, has any files
if f.Files.length = 0 then
' check if the folder has any sub folders, you dont want to delete a folder with only folders in it
if f.SubFolder.length = 0 then
' delete the folder because there are no files in it or sub folders
end if
' continue processing as normal
dum_var1 = get_files(in_folder)
end if

Set fc = f.SubFolders
For Each f2 In f
dum_var2 = get_folders(f2.Path)
End Function
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 16:25pm View
Nice solution.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 15:44pm View
But would't that be a fantastic site? No more actual work for me, just a quick forum post with some vague specs then just check back every hour until some lazy bastard gets it built for me, which will likely never be fast enough.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 14:31pm View
'You could send an email to stone mason who chisels the data into a block of granite when you send him a write a message and who types it back in to an email in response to a read message -- but the latency and expense of that makes it questionable.'

That seriously made me LOL and now everyone in the office is looking at me funny. Well played good sir, you win the internets today.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 13:33pm View
Way ahead of you man, that's where the 5 stars came from.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 13:24pm View
Great answer! I love that site.
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 13:21pm View
Using a javascript debugger (IE Developer Tools), set a break point and add a watch for id.d.employee and employee then see what the value coming back from the ajax call is and if its getting set properly. All the other comments are correct, looking at the code the only way employee would be undefined is because id.d.employee is undefined.

You are initializing the employee variable to '' so the only possible way it could be undefined is if id.d.employee is undefined or if it is getting set to undefined somewhere else in your code. After you set your break point double check the property name as i'm fairly certain its just a typo that is causing your problem.
Adam R Harris 1-Nov-12 10:16am View
Sorry about that:
Adam R Harris 4-Nov-10 10:05am View

Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008
Supported since: Crystal Reports .NET 9
Adam R Harris 8-Sep-10 10:46am View
Have to agree with you Chris.... just nice to know. However I’m not entirely sure that you sacrifice clarity with this particular brand of cleverness, but as a whole I have to agree that clarity is much more important than cleverness.
Adam R Harris 7-Sep-10 21:05pm View
Figures .... all this time .... time to update the code :)
Adam R Harris 30-Jun-10 14:43pm View
Why would you use a windows forms control on a web page?
This doesn't make sense, It seems like you are trying to recreate the wheel if the only reason you have created this 'ActiveX' control (which for the record isn't really an ActiveX control is to call JavaScript when the button is clicked, so to reinterate; use Windows controls in Windows apps and use Web controls for Web apps unless there is a very very good reason to not.