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Comments by Adam R Harris (Top 136 by date)

Adam R Harris 10-Aug-16 3:29am View    
What part are you not understanding?
Adam R Harris 2-Oct-14 12:43pm View    
Sorry but i'm not exactly sure how to do that. I would suggesting posting your own thread in the Q&A section and getting some help from there.
Adam R Harris 29-Sep-14 18:55pm View    
So you want to force the user to completely uninstall the previous version before installing the updated version?
Adam R Harris 26-Sep-14 18:56pm View    
I'm not quite sure what you are saying but I posted this over 5 years ago so somethings might haves changed since this post. It seems like English isn't your first language, which is fine, perhaps you could try expanding on your question/comment and I'll see if I can help out if it is actually a question
Adam R Harris 4-Dec-13 15:42pm View    
Check the javascript console (F12) and see what the error is, its probably an issue with a property not existing in IE but existing in FF and Chrome.