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Comments by BadJerry (Top 11 by date)

BadJerry 25-Nov-16 10:46am View    
OK if you write the following (add ut8) - no crash in Boost!
std::locale loc = gen("en-GB.UTF-8");

Jochen's solutions probably means no need for boost for others ( I already had it)
BadJerry 25-Nov-16 9:46am View    
Very useful - did not know about CompareStringEx which I will try now! I was also aware of ICU but did not want to add more dependency to my project.
Thak you very much!
BadJerry 1-Dec-13 13:06pm View    
Thanks for this... I have posted something below that seems to work... I still have no idea about how robust it is!
BadJerry 29-Nov-13 8:55am View    
Thanks again! And how do I detect the right code page? I want to make sure I do not ever lose data of course.
BadJerry 29-Nov-13 8:07am View    
Hello and thanks. But my problem is that I receive the string like this. Is there a code page I can use instead or a pre-processing step I could use to ensure that I always correctly decode the string?
Thanks in advance