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Pheonyx 23-Sep-16 4:34am View
Rather then trying to change your input, why don't you change your select?
Select based on "ParentID" Concact with "ChildID" == input.


Input = "112"
ParentID = "1"
ChildId = "12"

ParentId + ChildId = "112"

ParentId + ChildId = Input

By the way, saying "I want to make this software type" isn't very helpful. What you need is a clear explanation of your problem and why you are doing what you are doing. For example, I'm trying to find an entry in Table A based on Input A. Input A is a string that consists of X Y Z. Then provide a clear explanation of the table structure, the rules associating Input A to the data in Table A and concise snippets of code you've tried and where the issue lies. People aren't going to help you make a complete piece of software the scope is WAY too big.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:06am View
What have you tried, where are you stuck? Try explaining your situation further showing code where applicable to describe what you have already done and what exactly isn't working.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:05am View
This question is not likely to get you much help, I would suggest you edit your current statement to include what you've tried/researched and where exactly you have gotten stuck. Things to consider might be .ToString(), Database fields for storing daily increment value etc.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:02am View
I'm afraid not, I don't know c++ myself.
Pheonyx 5-Jan-16 8:59am View
Thanks Nathan,

Feel free to put your comment down as an answer. It's been very helpful.
Pheonyx 5-Jan-16 8:09am View
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for that, tph is what I'm attempting to do but I'm not sure what I'm getting wrong. I'll take a look at that blog post now.

In the mean time, the main reason that I've initially gone down the TPH route is that other than navigation properties there is no difference with my derived classes. I was trying to keep my classes clean but the more I look into it, it might not be appropriate.

You mentioned about the code, what code would you like to see? I've been building this Database first rather than code first so I have an EDMX file for the model.
Pheonyx 17-Dec-15 10:12am View
I have to say, I didn't notice this line here:
line = String.Format("{0} , {1} ,{2}", (j), fileLines1[i], fileLines2[i]);

You would need some logic on that as well so that if i > no of entries in FileLines2 it writes out "Missing" or something similar.

Something like this maybe:

line = String.Format("{0} , {1} ,{2}", (j), fileLines1[i], fileLines2.Count <= i ? fileLines2[i] : "[Does not exist in]");
Pheonyx 17-Dec-15 10:03am View
The reason I do that <= check is that if the line doesn't exist then it doesn't match the one in fileLines1, therefore add it to your miss match array. It stops the right hand side of the if executing once you reach the end of fileLines[2] and just puts all the remaining lines in the array regardless.

I'm not 100% if it should be < or <=.
Pheonyx 17-Dec-15 7:42am View
What shortest path algorithm are you using? What are your constraints? As @andres has mentioned, there is no information here and there is no signs that you've even attempted anything or have any of your own ideas. Are you trying to emulate a navigation program and draw the path onto an overlay? What mapping system have you considered in order to identify where you can or cannot go? If you don't have any of the above, the shortest path is always a straight line.
Pheonyx 28-Oct-15 5:31am View
If it's an access denied I would check the permissions you have set the service to run as. Try setting them to run as Network Service, or a higher level account.
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 8:03am View
My previous reply was slightly incorrect. The error has changed. Its now:

Cannot convert from Foo<Bar> to IFoo<IBar>

Not much difference but slight.

(Had to edit it keeps hiding my bits in the < and the > )
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:49am View
If if I do this, I have to update all my views and action decelerations (which I've just done). But then I have to update my helper because I still get the same issue. I'm not sure how I should be updating my helper in order to maintain decoupling in this scenario?
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:42am View
I don't understand what you mean. MVC does that aspect of the code for me. I have a razor view with a form on it. The submit button submits that data to my controller action and in turn MVC map form items to properties on my Foo class.

My form view has this at the top:
@model Models.Foo

my action is declared as per the additional info in the question. What more do you want?
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:23am View
Hi phil.o,

Thanks for this, unfortunately this has been tried and it results in the following:
I get the error:
Cannot create an instance of an interface.
upon form submission. This is an MVC generated error

I've updated my question to include this information.
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:14am View
I've updated the question, please see the new Additional info section for what I hope is clarification.
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:14am View
I've updated the question, please see the new Additional info section for what I hope is clarification.
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:05am View
When I do this, I get this error when my MVC form tries to submit the data to the controller:
Cannot create an instance of an interface.
Pheonyx 26-Oct-15 7:02am View
Its only a typo in that it should read IFoo< Bar > (not lower case bar). Bar implements IBar. Primarily because when I try IFoo< IBar > the MVC form submit fails as it can't map the request data to a model property any more. So my List comes back as blank, in turn failing my data validation.
Pheonyx 27-Mar-15 18:22pm View
Do you have any sample code so we can see how you are using it?
Pheonyx 13-Mar-15 11:42am View
No one is going to help if you don't bother to help yourself.
1) Use google to look at the API,
2) Try something
3) Have an actual problem
4) Come back and ask for help relating to another problem.

Asking a 2 line question like you have doesn't inspire people to help you. Then finding out you haven't even attempted it (or researched it yourself) it just annoys the people that spend time trying to help.

I advise you to read the FAQ on this site about asking questions, try stuff yourself before asking for help so you show a willingness and ability to try first, seek help later.

Good luck with your project :-)
Pheonyx 13-Mar-15 8:34am View
As CHill60 says, what have you tried, I advise you click "Improve question" and provide a simple yet complete code sample.
Pheonyx 13-Mar-15 7:30am View
Are you using an SDK or calling the API directly?
Pheonyx 13-Mar-15 7:21am View
To "Any" user's wall? That I believe should be impossible due to users privacy settings unless there is a bug within the Facebook API. However, do you mean any "Friend's" wall?
Pheonyx 5-Mar-15 9:12am View
This was really helpful, and it looks like it will solve my problem in a more re-usable way than what I was doing. I've accepted bother as answers as they help with both aspects of what I was trying to do. Much appreciated. +5
Pheonyx 5-Mar-15 9:11am View
Thank you, this has really helped me. I knew I was missing something and now I look at your code it's obvious what I was missing. Much appreciated +5
Pheonyx 5-Mar-15 8:00am View
I've edited the question, hope that additional helps.
Pheonyx 17-Feb-15 11:24am View
Just an idea, hence why it is a comment and not an answer but:

Why don't you generate a guid for each user when you click "Send invite", this guid is saved in a table along with with an expiration time.
Then your link you send could be something like
"http://MyChat.Website.Com/Invite/{guid here}"
This calls an action that performs the sign in based on a look up, a) checking the id is valid and b) it has a user associated with it. If successful, that is authentication done. If not it redirects to a "Link expired" page
Pheonyx 16-Feb-15 9:27am View
I believe (and I'm just speculating) that the issue is that your application is a 32bit application.
You need to tell the compiler that it needs to be a 64bit application.
This is because a 32bit application cannot consume a 64bit dll. It is possible that a 64bit application uses a 32bit dll however.

As I said, I am speculating because of the following statements which seem to contradict each other:

"This will occur when running in 64 bit mode with the 32 bit Oracle client "


3.Oracle 11g release 2 (64 bit)
Pheonyx 3-Feb-15 10:29am View
This is not a question, this is a statement.
I suggest you read the FAQ on how to ask a question. I doubt you will get any help with that current statement.
Pheonyx 28-Jan-15 9:40am View
Hi @BillWoodruff, thank's for your response. I found the issue this morning and it wasn't the serialisation at all. It was actually the linq that was populating my object. I thought I had checked that it was all working correctly however when my foreach loops were getting migrated to LINQ something was going haywire and resulting in very strange behaviour. Having reverted back to the foreach loops it appears to be working without an issue now. :-)
Pheonyx 15-Jan-15 7:55am View
Ahh, thank you!

I thought I was getting things a bit muddled as it didn't make sense in my head.
Knowing where to draw the line, even with classes is the area of all of this that I'm struggling with. I'm pleased to read that having a common library of things like enums is not deemed an horrific error.
Pheonyx 17-Dec-14 4:53am View
Have you tried running the queries manually and seeing if they throw an error or why they might not be working?

By Manually I mean by typing the code out in access.

Also, why do you use parameters for everything except the poif_number in your update statement and no parameters at all in your insert statement?
Pheonyx 12-Dec-14 8:22am View
It sounds like you are trying to create a heuristic learning algorithm but in reverse. Heuristic learning traditionally starts with a goal having a score and you find roots to that goal from a fixed or various start points and you feed back scores based on their closeness to the goal. However it doesn't normally take into account diagonals.

Have you been given the basic algorithm for this or are you trying to figure it out yourself? I would start by drawing out some sample "grid worlds" and filling them in manually.
Pheonyx 12-Dec-14 8:11am View
well, the best way to learn is to try things and then ask rather than just ask.
So let's start with:
1) What type of application are you making?
2) What have you tried?
3) Have you got to the point where you are reading in characters?
4) Have you looked at String.Split on the MSDN site?
5) Have you looked at Int32.Parse or Int32.TryParse (again from the MSDN)
Pheonyx 12-Dec-14 8:00am View
I assume you have a typo in your initial "int a[,] = new int[6,7]" and it is meant to read "new int[7,6]" else your goal explanation will never be valid with that array.

In addition, what have you tried?

Would you expect [5,4] to be 2.8 ?
Pheonyx 12-Dec-14 4:37am View
What does "breakdown" mean? Do you get an exception? What behaviour are you expecting?
What debugging steps have you tried?
Pheonyx 12-Dec-14 4:31am View
Where are you stuck?
I've posted a concept not a question... well that is not exactly true "how can i achieve this" is a question but not a sensible one for this sort of forum. The WCF help site on the MSDN (Click Me) contains tutorials on writing the WCF. Then you need to create back end code to interact with your database and do your filtering.
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 10:23am View
I've also added the JSon response as well.
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 10:11am View
I know you've asked for the JSON, but I've added the XML view I see when I call the api in a web browser. Is that any help or do you need to see the JSON specifically?
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 9:46am View
Okay, thanks.
Thought I would ask you first :-)
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 9:42am View
Nope, my client is a .Net client.

I'm building a test console application to ensure I can receive the data and deserialise it, but in the long term the code will be migrated into a MVC reporting site. The Controller, or a data repository of sorts built in c# will call the api which is being implemented on multiple other sites.

My issue is when I try and get the result from the "response.Result.Content.ReadAsAsync<returnmodel>()" I get the error mentioned in my previous comment.
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 9:22am View
Hi Kornfeld,

Thank you for your help with the above, I was wondering if you could shed some light, or ideas on how to de serialise the objects once I've received them at the client.
My API appears to send over the correct data thanks to your help above, but my client is trying to parse the result as the interface rather than the known type.

I get the following error:

Could not create an instance of type Common.Objects.IMyFileInterface. Type is an interface or abstract class and cannot be instantiated. Path 'LatestUploads[0].SurveyType', line 1, position 220.

(I don't know if it is relevant but SurveyType is a custom enum).
I've tried putting this (as recommended by various posts on the internet)

Configuration.Formatters.JsonFormatter.SerializerSettings.TypeNameHandling = TypeNameHandling.Objects;

But it doesn't seem to have made a difference.

I'm basically using the example from here:
Calling a web api from a .Net Client to create a client to access my API.
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 4:13am View
Ahh, okay
Thanks very much, that makes sense. I thought you added the known type when you were inheriting from a base class or interface. Clearly I just miss understood.
If you put that as an answer I'll accept it as it seems to have solved the issue.
Pheonyx 9-Dec-14 3:55am View
Can I ask why? as I'd like to understand the reasoning for it.
Pheonyx 28-Nov-14 3:22am View
You create the window in the same way you would with a WPF application, you just need to make sure you have all the references set up.

What exactly is your issue?
Pheonyx 21-Oct-14 5:05am View
No problem, but you've not answered the other question:

Are you sure that your exe is looking for a file called "Test.ini" ?
Does the exe expect a parameter telling it where to find the ini, or is it hard coded within the exe to look in the same directory?

You've told us nothing about the exe file and how it works, that is assuming you know how it works?
Pheonyx 21-Oct-14 4:58am View
From looking at your code snippets, you are creating your ini file in the location "D:\Multi-RDT\Infor\" and calling it "Test.ini", when you launch your "exe" you are looking for a test.ini that is located in "D:\".

Have you tried creating your ini file in the root of the D drive where the exe is?
Are you sure that your exe is looking for a file called "Test.ini" ? or is it looking for the "FileSpec.ini" you also mention?
Does the exe expect a parameter telling it where to find the ini, or is it hard coded within the exe to look in the same directory?
Pheonyx 20-Oct-14 10:15am View
Have you tried running the SQL query directly in SQL. If so, do you get the same duplication there?
Secondly, what duplication? You've not said, instead you've just dumped your code which is not a good way to ask a question.
Thirdly, what left join? There is no left join present in your code, and you've not explained your issue clearly enough to be able to identify where this "left join" is coming from other than it might be in your report. Where is the join and what is it joining and how?
Pheonyx 20-Oct-14 10:08am View
Where are you stuck? Have you got a database, a table? What have you tried?!
Pheonyx 14-Oct-14 6:58am View
Although this is for MVC, I believe you could use a similar approach with standard ASP.Net but in essence you need some client side Javascript to post the geolocation data back to the server:

Sample Link
For other options try Here
Pheonyx 10-Oct-14 5:02am View
Have you looked at the install.log file?
Have you checked that Visual Studio 2008 is even supported on Windows 8? (It might be, I don't know).
Pheonyx 10-Oct-14 5:01am View
What now? I think you need to use the "Improve question" and actually explain what you are after as that seems quite unclear. Are you asking, how do you get the login information of a user once they have logged in? Are you asking how to create a login page and authenticate a user? Why would you want another persons login information other than the person who has logged in?
Pheonyx 6-Oct-14 6:06am View
Have you checked that day/month/year are all populating correctly?
Also, you are sending to the soap services in the order day,year,month that stands out as being a bit odd. I suggest you check the order you need to send them.
Pheonyx 6-Oct-14 5:58am View
Firstly, what is the correct output? and secondly, what output are you getting?
We cannot see your screen or know what you are expecting so you have to tell us.
Pheonyx 6-Oct-14 5:56am View
What happens when you do: @Html.DisplayFor(modelItem=>item.Category) ?
Pheonyx 30-Sep-14 8:39am View
What did you inner exception say?
Pheonyx 29-Sep-14 6:39am View
Well what have you done to debug this? what do you mean by "not working"? Where are you "hosting" it? What browser(s) have you tested it in? Have you checked the development tools for errors?
Pheonyx 19-Sep-14 11:01am View
What is the error? what is the code you are using to post it?
Pheonyx 19-Sep-14 9:58am View
You need to tell us how your "ReceiptDetails" table links to your Item/Stock details table and the field names.
Pheonyx 19-Sep-14 9:55am View
Why are you starting a fresh question instead of updating your existing question. You have now posted this code chunk 3 times, once here, once as a solution to your previous question and once as a comment in response to my comment on said previous question. ....
Pheonyx 19-Sep-14 8:08am View
Then you need to write some code to do so... especially as you have told us nothing here about your issue. What code you are using and where it is failing. Also it would be useful to know a bit about your item objects and how they are stored in what ever database you are using.......
Pheonyx 19-Sep-14 4:06am View
That's great news :-)
Pheonyx 18-Sep-14 7:18am View
This is not a question.. this is a statement and a massive unformatted code dump.
Use the "Improve question" to format your code and explain your issue. My guess is you are calling a void function but expecting something to be returned?! But that is a guess.
Pheonyx 17-Sep-14 4:42am View
What is the error you are getting?
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 9:24am View
This post is over a year old with an accept solution, why on earth have you come along and just posted a load of badly formatted links with no explanations to a completed question?!
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 9:07am View
How are we meant to know anything about what you are trying to process, you need to do some work yourself and then provide alot more information. What software is it reading this data from (your tag indicates it might be stored in an SQL database, but it doesn't tell us anything about data structure, etc).
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 8:52am View
This is a repost of your earlier question, which you should not do. It can be considered abusive/spamming you should instead update your existing question with any new information/further explanations.

That aside, what relationship do you have defined between your two tables? because from what you have written in both your questions it is unclear. I am guessing that the x_id from the user table is the same as the id value in the second table?
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 7:34am View
Cool, I suggest you write some code :-) you know as we know nothing about what type of program you are writing, what your data storage mechanism is, what you want to save, what is written in your design spec etc.
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 7:32am View
You need to explain your question a bit more clearly. Do you have an existing site that you are trying to re-produce using MVC and Razor views? Or is this a new project? You say you already have the drop downs so what exactly is your issue/error?
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 6:13am View
Feel free, no one is stopping you. Open up Visual Studio and crack on. Good luck, it's fun to code! :-)
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 5:51am View
move f++ to the end of the loop.
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 5:26am View
Which loop, you have 7 loops that I can immediately see.
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 5:17am View
And what debugging have you done? What line of this code dump throws your common error that indicates you are trying to access something that is beyond the bounds of an array?
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 4:37am View
No Problem, it took me ages to get my head around that concept when I was learning it myself.
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 4:22am View
You say "this code not work", what do you mean by this? Does it throw an error? Does it just produce no text at all?
Pheonyx 14-Sep-14 11:59am View
That's odd as there is definitely a version 5 and I had to do this last week.

update-Package EntityFramework -Version 5.0.0 that should do the job as it contains all the .0.0 bits.

Entity Framework Nuget Page

I've seen a similar issue to yours when it cannot access the nuget website itself and it is using the local cache which I generally have to restart VS to resolve.
Pheonyx 14-Sep-14 11:28am View
I've never managed to make it work in the gui no. But using the command line is very straight forward :-) I generally use it instead of the gui.
Pheonyx 12-Sep-14 18:21pm View
Why do you want it to be able to run without the .Net framework?
C# is a .Net language and as a result I don't believe it would be possible. You would have to write it in C++ or C to get close to making it non .net dependant.
Pheonyx 12-Sep-14 12:09pm View
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 11:28am View
And are any of the variables null? i.e. query or param?
If not, is POS null? or POS.DbOperation ?
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 9:15am View
This is not a question, this is a bad code dump.
Use "improve question" to actually format your code and make this a question by adding text and a question/context/explination to it.
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 7:19am View
You'd get 1,5 :-)
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 7:10am View
This is not an answer, you should post your comments as comments against the questions and not as answers. Also, what does "Both solutions are not working" mean? Are you getting errors? Is it that you haven't given a correct description of the problem?
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 7:08am View
Just an observation, by adding the "," on the end, if it happened that they were replacing 4,5 instead of 3,4 your code wouldn't replace it as it wouldn't find 4,5, (I don't think)
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 6:51am View
Don't re-post the same question, use the "Improve Question" feature and update your question with more information.
Also, read the FAQ on asking questions, and what have you tried? Where is your code? You've given the impression you haven't bothered to do anything yourself so why should people help you?
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 6:04am View
Have you debugged your code to see where the error is occurring, on what line. You should do that and see which object is null.
Pheonyx 11-Sep-14 5:11am View
What error are you getting?
Pheonyx 10-Sep-14 10:21am View
Where are you stuck, what have you tried?
Pheonyx 10-Sep-14 6:56am View
This isn't really a question, it sounds a bit like homework which we don't do for people.
Pheonyx 10-Sep-14 6:50am View
Can you explain your issue, from your question I don't understand the problem.
Pheonyx 9-Sep-14 7:19am View
This is not a question, you need to read the FAQ about how to ask a question. I also suggest you do some of your own research into the Facebook API.
Pheonyx 5-Sep-14 9:29am View
Pleased it helped :-)
Pheonyx 5-Sep-14 7:44am View
Where is your code to generate the file? or the path to the file which are you trying to attach to your response?
Pheonyx 5-Sep-14 5:21am View
I found the following, which may be your issue:

It sounds like the guy was having the same/similar issue as yourself. My understanding is that is is part related to the .Net dataadapters and primary keys.
Pheonyx 5-Sep-14 4:36am View
Are you sure? I've never seen an SQL query that joins in the Where clause?

Just for a laugh, could you try changing the query to this:

select i.num_int_int as "Numéro interne",
i.nom_log as "Login",
i.psw_web as "Password",
i.lib_int as "Libellé User",
u.cod_usp as "Profil",
i.cod_soc as "Société",
i.flg_out as "OUT"
from tab_inte i join tab_usty u on i.num_int_int = u.num_int_int
and i.cod_soc = u.cod_soc
where i.nom_log is not null and
i.psw_web is not null and
(i.flg_out <> 'O' or i.flg_out is null or i.flg_out = 'N')
order by i.num_int_int
Pheonyx 4-Sep-14 6:18am View
C# and VB.Net are very similar in how you have to do things, the main difference is syntax.
However, there are alot of C# to VB.Net converters available.
There are some online and some offline services and there a good free ones (I don't think I've seen a paid one yet). I suggest you take the C# code you don't understand and put it in a converter and get the VB.Net.
Pheonyx 3-Sep-14 9:00am View
This is not a question, I highly recommend you read the various FAQ's on this site about asking questions.
Pheonyx 2-Sep-14 7:17am View
Have you considered using SQL profiler to look at the speed of your database queries?
Have you stepped through your code to see which line(s) take the time?
These are starting points identify why it is slow, but it could simply be network issues if your server is not no the same machine or something similar.
Pheonyx 28-Aug-14 8:09am View
We don't do your homework for you. It is set for a reason.
Pheonyx 27-Aug-14 5:22am View
You are assuming that selected cells has something in it.
I would check that selectecells contains something before you try and read the row index.
Also, the Cells colleciton is a 0 based index so just double check you are reading the right cells.
Pheonyx 27-Aug-14 5:21am View
The code provided by vikinghunter has done what I mentioned in my comment. He has customised the constructor of Form2 to accept a reference to Form1 and he stores this in a member variable. this allows form1 to be accessed by form2. He has also done the same for form3.
Pheonyx 27-Aug-14 4:57am View
Which is your master form? if you want to close a form, you need a reference to it. In your example code you are creating a new instance of Form1 and hiding that so that will never work.
Pheonyx 26-Aug-14 4:25am View
Well, how are you communicating with your database? Is it SQL? Are you using SQLCommands or are you using some sort of ORM such as Entity Framework?

Without that we information we can just say "select them ones within in a given date range"
Pheonyx 22-Aug-14 11:19am View
I believe you should see events in the event log for a "shutdown/Logoff", however if the computer shuts down because of a power outage or other unexpected event, you will only see a post "unexpected shutdown" event log entry.
Pheonyx 22-Aug-14 4:43am View
What on earth are you on about? a jpeg is a picture. an application is an application, they are two completely different things.
Pheonyx 21-Aug-14 10:46am View
It's a different way of doing a similar thing. Again he is making assumptions, that regex wouldn't work for capital letters. And what if the user want's a collection of strings and not a string with line breaks in. I do agree it is a nice and tidy solution.
Pheonyx 21-Aug-14 10:36am View
I did state on my answer that it is based on the sample provided being how the data will be presented. However, if it isn't the case, then you would have to look for some sort of indicator to identify how long the line should be, for example you could incorporate a part of Solution 3. to check if you need to do a new line instead of modding against the index for 6.
Pheonyx 21-Aug-14 5:47am View
And why couldn't you be bothered so simply Google these questions?
Pheonyx 21-Aug-14 5:15am View
This is not a question.
Read the forum guides on how to post a question.
Pheonyx 21-Aug-14 4:13am View
In what context?!
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 10:29am View
Solution updated... Also, you should be adding the code, As I advised you, to your question using the "improve question" and not pasting into comment replies.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 10:16am View
You should not repost questions, instead you should use the "Improve Question" link to update your existing question.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 10:09am View
Haha, my bad, I think it was the way the question was written I read it and my head said they add up. Cheers for pointing that out. :-)
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 10:06am View
Use the "Improve Question" button and update your question with code snippets. Show us your "Model" and your "View" then maybe we can look at guiding you but you are not providing any additional information in any of your responses.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 10:04am View
[Scrap that I miss read your question, you need to explain your addition and how you get your answer] Let me understand this, you simple mean you have two text boxes and you want to add their values together and put them in a third?
This is basic, you should be able to do this.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 9:53am View
What have you tried? What have you looked up? I'm not going to do your work for you.
You haven't provided sufficient detail for me to provide any code example that might be useful to you.

1) Design your data model
2) Design your action
3) Create your partial view based on your model
4) In the action populate your data model and pass it to your partial view, return said partial view.

If you've not done any MVC before I suggest you read the tutorials that are available here: as they explain all the basics.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 7:40am View
Firstly, never post contact numbers or e-mail addresses or any other sensitive information into a public forum, that is unless you want to be spammed horrifically.
Secondly, I think you need to read your question and then imagine if you came across this would you have any idea what the person was on about? Where are your code samples and detailed explanations of what controls you are using? Where is you accurate description of your objective?.

Use the "Improve Question" link in your question to update it and make it more complete if you want help from people.
Pheonyx 20-Aug-14 6:03am View
I think you are missing the bulk of your question.
At the moment your question has zero context, i.e. how on earth does a progress bar event relate to "System threats" ? Did you mean "System Threads"? If so, what do you actually mean? Do you mean have a progress bars displaying the progress of threads you are starting?
How are you tracking how many threads get started, and in turn how many progress bars you need?
Pheonyx 18-Aug-14 5:23am View
This is not a question, this is a code dump.
Were are you getting your issue? what are the symptoms? What have you tried? Have you attached a debugger and stepped through both the server side code and the jquery? Have you look at the response contents which might tell you more about the issue?
Pheonyx 14-Aug-14 5:03am View
Put on the red slippers, click your heels together and say "There is no place like home" three times.
Pheonyx 14-Aug-14 3:57am View
Give us an example of what sort out output you are looking for, it might help us clarify what you are trying to achieve.
Pheonyx 13-Aug-14 10:18am View
No problem, it can be easy miss a line or put the wrong line in when you've been doing other things and never notice.
Pheonyx 12-Aug-14 4:28am View
What do you mean "can't find a viewer" ? npoi is a library for code based modifications of the document. I do not believe it contains any form of GUI, you would have to write one yourself.
Pheonyx 5-Aug-14 4:06am View
You need to make your list an observable collection else, the INotifyPropertyChanged event doesn't seem to bubble up. I've seen the issue before and I'm pretty sure that was the issue.
Pheonyx 1-Aug-14 7:18am View
If you are connecting to an FTP server every 5 minutes, there is a chance the server could be blocking your connection after a period of time.

On which line is the "time out" occurring?
Pheonyx 24-Jul-14 9:10am View
Sounds like you probably need to implement some sort of paging.
Pheonyx 21-Jul-14 7:09am View
You will have been given enough information in your classes to know how to assign variables to things, in fact your code sample already does it. So if you read the information you have pasted then you should have no problems doing the first part of the assignment.
Again, the latter is just a case of reading your variables and doing the required maths.
Pheonyx 21-Jul-14 6:32am View
Hi Gerard,

Asterisk has all of the features you are after, it just takes a bit of time to set them up. I have seen some amazingly complicated Asterisk systems configured with advanced menu options, multiple incoming phone lines including a mobile in. Voicemail with e-mail integration.

There are also Asterisk web interfaces available that allow you to do 90% of the configuration.
Pheonyx 18-Jul-14 7:36am View
You can find the code by writing it yourself. This scenario should be fairly straight forward and sounds like a form of homework based on the level of detail provided. People here will not just give you solutions to things like homework they help when you are stuck with a specific problem, i.e. you can show you have actually bothered to try it yourself before asking for a code solution.
Pheonyx 18-Jul-14 4:14am View
Well what have you tried, you've provided no code examples etc.
Have you looked up the code for altering Access Database Columns, or creating them properly in the first place?
Pheonyx 17-Jul-14 4:03am View
Is the first DLL you made a .Net version 2 assembly or new one? If it is newer than .Net 2 then I don't believe you will be able to add it as .Net2 project (I don't believe) can access a .Net 4 dll, it only works the other way around.
Pheonyx 15-Jul-14 9:05am View
Lets start with, how are you exporting the data? where is your concise code snippet showing us what you are doing?
Pheonyx 15-Jul-14 4:06am View
What stored procedure? All you need to do is define your stored procedure to do what you want then pass the selected options back as parameters to the SQL command.
Pheonyx 14-Jul-14 9:16am View
There is absolutely no context to your question. You already have your longitude and latitude so what do you mean the "nearest" ? What type of objects are you used? Remember we can't see your screen, read your mind, see your specification etc so you have to clearly explain what you are referring to.
Pheonyx 14-Jul-14 9:12am View
Clearly you didn't read the whole page but just looked at the first answer, the second answer covers that point.
Pheonyx 14-Jul-14 7:39am View
Just because no-one is replying to your question doesn't mean you should repost the question. It is considered Spam and will decrease the chances of people helping you now and in the future.
FYI, I have posted a link to a possible solution to your question.
Pheonyx 14-Jul-14 7:32am View
Why are you re-posting the question so many times?
Pheonyx 14-Jul-14 5:29am View
What have you tried? What have you looked up?
Pheonyx 10-Jul-14 11:01am View
What do you mean you aren't getting anything? What I've given you will need tweaking you won't be able to copy and paste it but it should give the idea of what you should do.
Pheonyx 10-Jul-14 4:08am View
I would suggest you re-factor that code to use parameters else it becomes susceptible to sql injection attacks.
Pheonyx 9-Jul-14 12:00pm View
Filter your tenancies on user id and on property id at the same time.. then just use the old method for each of the tenancies you have in your collection.
Pheonyx 9-Jul-14 11:51am View
Well, you don't link a payment to a tenant directly so how do you expect to be able to pull the two together?
If you have a tenancy that has 4 people on, when you look at a payment how are you going to know which of those people the payment is for?,
That aside, if you take your tenancy lists for the logged in user and filter that by the property.. then you have the "tenancies" for that property for that user, then you can loop through the tenancies and pull out the payments as they are linked. That would be the best way to get as close as you can.
That way you can see all the payments for the property for all the tenancies that user has been part of. However, as you have no link on the payment for a tenant, if there are multiple tenants on a tenancy you won't be able to filter them out.
Pheonyx 9-Jul-14 10:02am View
I don't know why you do this:

a => a.PropertyId.HasValue << yet you never compare it against the property id.
you could do:
var items = db.Payments.Where(a => a.PropertyId.HasValue && a.PropertyId == id && tenancies.Any(b => b.PropertyId == id)).AsQueryable();
Pheonyx 9-Jul-14 7:06am View
What have you tried? What have you googled/looked up?
Pheonyx 25-Jun-14 5:31am View
Not without some code to look at we cant.
Pheonyx 23-Jun-14 10:40am View
What have you tried? What have you looked up?
Pheonyx 19-Jun-14 11:43am View
This is not a question, it a statement of intent. Feel free to go and write it.
Once you have done some research using your friendly neighbourhood search engine, and defined your requirements spark up an IDE and try coding.
Then when you get stuck with some specific questions come back here and read the advise on how to post a question, following said advise, post a suitable question.
Pheonyx 19-Jun-14 6:11am View
No one is likely to help you when you have shown no attempt at doing anything yourself. You've not given a code example showing where exactly you are stuck. Try something, do some coding, do some research and when you have a real question then return here and ask for help.
Pheonyx 13-Jun-14 4:16am View

I never got a solution, it is a bug in NPOI. It has been acknowledged as a bug and I believe has been investigated. I'm not sure if it has been resolved or not yet though.
Pheonyx 4-Jun-14 9:05am View
Firstly, I don't imagine anyone here is likely yo read through your entire code base. By pasting your codebase it implies you haven't done any debugging at all. I would suggest you start by stepping through your code and identifying what function fails. Then investigate what values you are expecting and what you are getting to identify where your issue lies.
Pheonyx 28-May-14 4:47am View
I think you need to expand on your question, do you mean you want to change the extension on a file, or actually combine two files together some how?
Pheonyx 28-May-14 4:45am View
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?
Pheonyx 13-May-14 4:17am View
Firstly, you shouldn't revive an old question with something that is not a solution!
Secondly, the Sage 50 SDK is available from Sage themselves so I would suggest you contact them directly.
Pheonyx 6-May-14 11:44am View
What have you done to debug the issue.. at a guess, I would say you need to do CurrentRecord - 1.<br>
I woudl suggest you step through the code and see how many entries you are seeing in the Rows collection in relation to your value of CurrentRecord. Then I would look at "Cells(0)" and see if that has entries?
Pheonyx 6-May-14 6:30am View
What have you tried, what issues have you had?
Pheonyx 1-May-14 7:34am View
Why are you trying to go out to the internet just to come back in?
Why not have an "internal" and "External" connection string and connect to the appropriate one.

You could have a setting called.. "ServerAddress" which stores the IP and when you load your base connection string you replace the "Server" value with the correct IP and choose the one based on whether the current machine has an IP that matches the internal IP pattern ?
Pheonyx 1-May-14 7:31am View
What issue?!
Pheonyx 30-Apr-14 7:41am View
Good luck.

Now, if what you are actually trying to do is ask for some help I suggest you edit your question and construct it properly. At the minute it sounds like you are telling us what you are going to do not what you are stuck with. Also tell us what you have tried and what errors you are getting.
Pheonyx 30-Apr-14 7:33am View
And what have you tried? What have you bothered to Google/Search for yourself? I would assume absolutely nothing.
Pheonyx 28-Apr-14 7:18am View
Do you not think maybe you should ask them?
Pheonyx 28-Apr-14 4:31am View
And what have you tried? Where are you stuck? What errors have you had?
Pheonyx 25-Apr-14 3:53am View
The "contentType: 'application/json', " line fixed the issue. Thanks for that.
Pheonyx 24-Apr-14 9:23am View
That didn't work, by didn't work I mean that the 'so' object that I received on my controller was just a blank instantiation and did not contain any of the details set in the jquery function.
Pheonyx 14-Apr-14 11:30am View
Hi Dave,

I made that change but it hasn't made a difference to the issue I'm getting. Even when typing this question I didn't even register that I had called it Type thanks for pointing that out :-)
Pheonyx 14-Apr-14 9:39am View
What type of application are you writing?
There are different approaches to input validation depending on the type of application you are trying to write.

Also, Have you even tried to google this, I know there are hundreds if not thousands of results showing how to do this for each type of application, some use masking, some use Regular Expressions, some uses javascript, some uses custom controls.
Pheonyx 12-Apr-14 18:48pm View
Have you tried alert(result) ?
The value of the result object, should the result you are returning from your action.
Pheonyx 11-Apr-14 14:35pm View
Hi Guruprasad,

Not quite, another way to explain it is this:
A single market is say England,
A combined market is say United Kingdom, which has a property on it called "ChildMarkets", for example this could contain England, Scotland, Wales.

A combined market could also be Europe, which could have France, Germany (single markets), and United Kingdom (a combined market).

Does that make more sense?

Pheonyx 11-Apr-14 10:38am View
Thanks :-)
Pheonyx 8-Apr-14 11:26am View
I think you need to revisit your design with regards to what you are trying to do.
Pheonyx 8-Apr-14 11:05am View
See my updated solution based on your comment.
Also, what you have posted in "Solutions 2 and 3" are not Solutions, please remove them and either add them to your question or to your comment by using the "improve question" link which appears when you move your mouse over your question.
Pheonyx 8-Apr-14 3:58am View
1st question: Which line gives the error?
2nd observation: You inner check (lblBtkName.innerHTML.toLowerCase()) will be true as you are not checking it against lower case text.
Pheonyx 3-Apr-14 9:35am View
I imagine you need something that looks for the Site file (that the webcrawlers read), then you need to be able to identify which is the contact page, not all sites will have one called "Contact Us", it could be "About us" it could be "Contact", it could be a million things. They might not even have a contact us page, instead they might have a link that loads a partial div via an ajax call. Who knows, realistically I think your requirement is unclear/too broad.
Pheonyx 3-Apr-14 7:28am View
Erm, how do you think you can do an eCommerce website with out a database?
Where do you plan on storing all of your information? In flat files?
Pheonyx 2-Apr-14 4:14am View
This is an Awful question.
You "question" cuts off at the word "mem" (what ever that word is meant to be).
You have not used sensible formatting to make this readable.

Use the "Improve Question" feature to make this a better question.
Your initial single line question should be clear and concise, i.e. it should give a quick hint into what you are trying to do... for example "How do I create a fully editable and dynamic menu structure?".

Then the main body of your question should contain a detailed explanation of what you are trying to achieve (and if necessary why). And code snippets demonstrating what you have tried should be concise (not entire code dumps) and be formatted using the <pre></pre> tags (as the editor does for you if you use it properly).

Explain what is not working and where any errors occur and people are more likely to be able to help you.
Pheonyx 1-Apr-14 3:52am View
Why do you want to move backwards through a file?
I'm not certain you can do it as most "readers" as sequential forward readers. You would have to start again and jump forward to the line in question.
Pheonyx 31-Mar-14 6:06am View
No problem, I thought I'd let you know :-) At least you know to use the "Reply" button, so many don't.
Pheonyx 31-Mar-14 5:02am View
Oh yeah, my bad. It should be an "Update"
Pheonyx 31-Mar-14 4:41am View
How are you writing your text file, you've given no code so we have no idea what you are already doing.
Pheonyx 28-Mar-14 12:02pm View
You are not limited to one "get" action, and a page can call multiple actions.
Post's are primarily for submitting data.
Pheonyx 28-Mar-14 11:18am View
From looking at that requirement, personally I wouldn't use a "HttpPost" instead I would use a "HttpGet" as you are retrieving data not saving stuff.

I would get the collection as a datatable or an enumberale list and return a "PartialView" which has been built based on it. Then in the Ajax success function load the partial view into a div on the page for the user to see.
Pheonyx 28-Mar-14 7:04am View
This is an horrific question I have to say.
Firstly, there are hundreds if not thousands of examples of a Windows Service available via your friendly neighbourhood search engine. (Try google to start with).
Secondly, what do you mean by "move my source file to destination file" ? How do you expect your windows service to know this information?

I suggest you use "Improve Question" to give more information, a better structure and samples of what you have tried so we know you aren't just expecting complete solution handed to you on a plate...
Pheonyx 27-Mar-14 12:07pm View
As you can see from the solutions, your question is a bit unclear in that no-one is exactly sure what you are trying to achieve. If none of the current solutions solve your issue, I suggest you use the "Improve Question" and adjust your question with clearer requirements.
Pheonyx 27-Mar-14 7:05am View
I suggest you search for ADO.Net as a starting point, or even Database Connection Example.
You will find Hundreds of tutorials already in existence for this sort of thing and asking a question like this shows you have not bothered to do your own research. Instead you want people to just give you the information. A good sign you want to actually learn is to show proof of your own research and attempts at your question than just to ask for a solution.
Pheonyx 26-Mar-14 5:46am View
Well what have you tried? This isn't a "Demand and you shall get" site, this is a "help" site. You attempt to write code, have a specific issue and come here with an example saying I've tried this (with a code example), but it's not working. This is what is going wrong..., how can I resolve it.
Pheonyx 21-Mar-14 10:40am View
As Richard said, how can we help you when you have shown no helpful code.
Also, why would you want to hide the value you've selected. Surely you would want to be able to see it so you know you've not made a mistake. Maybe you would want to hide it when change rows, in which case you can use a "Template" to display the currently selected row differently to the unselected rows.
Pheonyx 17-Mar-14 10:31am View
Help, well firstly, I was advise you start with a more structured question, your subject should be a concise summary of what you are trying to do, then the question body should contain more detail and include sample code snippets to back up your question (and prove you have actually tried something yourself). Then people on this forum might be prepared to spend their time trying to help you.
Pheonyx 17-Mar-14 10:25am View
This has highly negative connotations (implications of use), why would you want to be taking pictures of someone without them knowing. In most countries this is considered immoral (and probably illegal).

I suspect you will get no help on this forum for this.
Pheonyx 17-Mar-14 4:39am View
We do not do your homework for you, it is set for a reason.
Pheonyx 14-Mar-14 12:19pm View
Just an observation, but have you changed your code in your table adapter, you are calling a "FillByGUID" method but are passing an int.
Pheonyx 11-Mar-14 10:26am View
I wish you could like edits on here!
Pheonyx 7-Mar-14 2:32am View
A Dll, as far as I'm aware, has no understanding of the context of a "folder", you might have a folder in your visual studio project. Check what namespace is set up in your UpdateRepair.cs, that will be how you access the class(es) in that cs file.

If there is no namespace in it, then the class(es) will be in the default namespace of the project.
Pheonyx 27-Feb-14 4:09am View
That's good, feel free no one is going to stop you.
If you want some assistance, I suggest you use the "Improve question" to give more details of what you are trying to do as we are not psychic. Also give snippets of code to demonstrate what you have tried and where exactly you are stuck.
Pheonyx 26-Feb-14 4:37am View
What have you tried? Where is your validation logic?
Pheonyx 25-Feb-14 11:07am View
I suggest you start with clearly defining the requirements in a sensible manner.
Then think about what data you need to record
Then design a database,
Then some buiness objects
Then their interaction with each other
Then a front end
Then some authentication
Pheonyx 25-Feb-14 7:21am View
What have you tried? Where are your code snippets to back up your question?
What do you want to do when the time is not in the given time slots?
Do you just want it to be triggered based on a button click?
Where are you stuck? What errors are you getting?
Don't just expect complete code solutions that is not how this site works.
Pheonyx 24-Feb-14 4:29am View
What have you tried? what has your "Research" revealed?
Pheonyx 23-Feb-14 8:12am View
And what exactly have you tried? This is not a freelancer site, this is where you come when you have tried to solve a problem and hit specific problems. People here will not give you complete code solutions.
Pheonyx 19-Feb-14 5:26am View
I have edited your question to remove the capitals, on the internet all capitals is deemed to be shouting and is considered rude. I've also added pre tags around your code to make it easier for someone to read.
Pheonyx 19-Feb-14 5:22am View
Well... lets start with:

1) This is clearly homework/an assignment
2) You have apparently tried absolutely nothing.

In conclusion, don't expect help, this site is designed for people who try to ask for advice when they get stuck, not for people who cannot be bothered to get free code solutions. If that is what you want, I suggest you try a freelance site and pay someone to do your work.
However, if you actually want to learn, try some code, attempt to solve it then come back here with specific problems, explain what you have tried, what error/issue you are experiencing and provide concise code examples to aid your request for help.
Pheonyx 14-Feb-14 7:03am View
I think my first question on this would be, why are you re-inventing the wheel? I'm sure this has been done a million times looking at all the existing hosting companies.