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nit_singh 2-Feb-13 10:53am View
Great SA..i didn't knew it specially the last lines
if (value == default(T))
thanks for ur suggestion
nit_singh 29-Aug-11 2:26am View
Thanks SA
nit_singh 27-Aug-11 11:58am View
@leonidasvijay if my solution works for you then mark it as answer
nit_singh 27-Aug-11 3:36am View
yes right..i will modify it
nit_singh 27-Aug-11 3:35am View
thanks Williams
nit_singh 17-Aug-11 14:10pm View
yes it handles
nit_singh 9-Aug-11 7:24am View
nit_singh 3-Aug-11 3:18am View
nit_singh 2-Aug-11 10:42am View
Where did you created the resources in the App.xaml file?
nit_singh 2-Aug-11 3:01am View
Thanks SA
nit_singh 4-Jul-11 7:07am View
thanks mario, I found some other links also but all are not free. I want some free one.
nit_singh 21-Jun-11 10:21am View
yes If you want to customize the Content, ToolTip or any property, then create a seprate Converter for all the templates.
nit_singh 20-Jun-11 9:56am View
Actually unlock happens automatically once the execution is done
nit_singh 20-Jun-11 3:29am View
your welcome
nit_singh 18-Jun-11 7:18am View
No, pro (which is highlighted in BOLD) is only a key, the function pro('150') is registered with that key
nit_singh 18-Jun-11 7:12am View 5
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 14:02pm View
my 5..thanks
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 13:55pm View
yes, like a normal validation control
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 6:00am View
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 3:53am View
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 3:47am View
can you give an example?
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 3:45am View
Hi Christian, Thanks it is working but is there any other way to change the content?
nit_singh 17-Jun-11 3:35am View
Thanks Dave
nit_singh 16-Jun-11 2:19am View
My 10..really gr8 info
nit_singh 15-Jun-11 5:58am View
leopard447 - if you have any other suggetion then publicsh here..
nit_singh 15-Jun-11 4:08am View
may I know the reason for downvoting it
nit_singh 14-Jun-11 10:06am View
see "img_url" column, it might be coming blank. because the same is working here
nit_singh 14-Jun-11 6:58am View
Thanks Morl99
nit_singh 13-Jun-11 5:20am View
but how do you know my real name?????
nit_singh 13-Jun-11 5:01am View
Yes Tarun. this is my real name. and Thanks for your 5
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 16:03pm View
my 5 for your better solution
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 16:03pm View
Yes your solution is better but I think if these "CSS type effect" we can achieve by styling then what is the need to touch Codebehind.
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 15:59pm View
Thanks Tarun
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 15:42pm View
Yes Tarun, this is the limitation that you can't assign diff border color for the same controls.

Thanks for your 5 and your quick response...:)
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 15:18pm View
Yes Tarun it is working fine on my side. Try again I modified the solution again.
nit_singh 12-Jun-11 13:26pm View
Using ScrollViewer you can use Single line textbox as multiline also with applying any other setting.
nit_singh 19-May-11 3:34am View
did it solved your problem?
nit_singh 19-May-11 3:33am View
thanks..even com.ExecuteReader() is also not needed because already we filled the dt.
nit_singh 17-May-11 9:48am View
I wont suggest "Control.TextChanged" event which BobJanova suggested, because every time it will hit this event.
nit_singh 16-May-11 5:57am View
If still it didn't work than check your Columns DataType. they Should be string only.

Can you paste the code of the binding part of the grid
nit_singh 16-May-11 5:08am View
foreach (DataGridViewColumn dc in dgvMappedData.Columns)
if (dc.Name == Args.SortExpression)
return dc.ValueType;
nit_singh 16-May-11 5:04am View
Use the another solution which I added Just now
nit_singh 16-May-11 5:04am View
ok...thaty it is not working for you. This is new feature in 3.5
nit_singh 16-May-11 4:59am View
Yes Seshu, Which .net version u r using. This is lambda expression.
nit_singh 16-May-11 4:47am View
Why is it not working? What errors you are getting. Explain..
nit_singh 12-May-11 5:31am View
See the binding of the listboc. What is displayed at the run time? What is the type of ListBox?
nit_singh 12-May-11 4:17am View
listBox1.Items.Cast<object>().Aggregate((item1, item2) => item1 + "," + item2).ToString();
use this. </object> is automatic generated
nit_singh 10-May-11 14:17pm View
sorry for the delay as i was out of the reach of internet. Now check the updated code. Still there are some problem like "Func<classname, bool> func". I improved the answer after adding explanations...But I have to remove formatting ... Thanks
nit_singh 10-May-11 2:44am View
Check the selection should not change of the dropdown, the problem might be that you are againg binding the DropDown
nit_singh 6-May-11 2:17am View
The question is for windows form not for web.
nit_singh 4-May-11 6:13am View
Yes yours solution is simple and sweet...Thanks
nit_singh 4-May-11 5:31am View
try will work
nit_singh 3-May-11 3:56am View
my 5..u r genius
nit_singh 29-Apr-11 3:58am View
Yes you are right Kim, but converting into 'MM/dd/yyyy' will also work, sometime we dont need to save HH, mm, and ss.
nit_singh 29-Apr-11 3:58am View
Yes you are right Kim, but converting into 'MM/dd/yyyy' will also work, sometime we dont need to save HH, mm, and ss.
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 10:36am View
dear JustWorking.This example is for web only. "window" keyword is the reserved keyword for DOM in JavaScript..
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 7:25am View
then it iwll became like LinqDataSource1.WhereParameters.Add("city", "cityValue");
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 6:47am View
Yes right Ankur...but RegEx is faster than the while loop so he can pass the data to the frontend and aply this logic.
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 5:29am View
new keyword provides a new implementation of the parent class function (if available) so you will not get warning.
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 5:27am View
Thanks Olivier
nit_singh 28-Apr-11 1:01am View
Thanks Praveen...
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 14:34pm View
:D...yes you are right dear...But as per your comments "Why you made a assumption like that, the table may have other columns or the marks may not similar inside a group.". So why are you assuming like that???right?
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 11:50am View
The query posted by you will also not work, because if you swap the data, you will get different answers every time.. ;)
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 11:42am View
grp marks (1 5) (2 6) (2 4) (3 5) (3 5) (3 5) What will be the output from the above query. Now swap the data like that ----grp marks (1 5) (2 4) (2 6) (3 5) (3 5) (3 5) And now what will be output? If you check data is not changed only the index of the data is changed. Now try...;) Every time the result wil be different.
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 11:29am View
yes correct.. :)
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 11:21am View
@Sandeep-You can also try..:)
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 11:19am View
No Albin, See the data in the table, If you notice combination of grp and marks is similar for every group. If the combination is different then this query will not work. I know your solution is also correct, but this solution will also work. You can try...:)
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 10:03am View
Thanks Sandeep
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 9:54am View
Thanks Sandeep
nit_singh 27-Apr-11 4:54am View
See my solution for this..It might work..
nit_singh 26-Apr-11 7:21am View
your welcome...:)
nit_singh 22-Apr-11 2:13am View
Yes sandeep, you are right. Thanks for your vote.
nit_singh 22-Apr-11 2:04am View
You can store the data in the Session and when you move out make the Session as null.
nit_singh 22-Apr-11 1:29am View
If you can tell us what problem you are getting on your web server, then it will be easy to understand the problem. Another thing add another generic catch block, so that it will handle all the exception not of a particular type.
nit_singh 21-Apr-11 14:46pm View
thanks for your advise...;)
nit_singh 21-Apr-11 6:02am View
Sorry, this is winform, u cant use jquery
nit_singh 21-Apr-11 3:57am View
Thanks Dalek Dave
nit_singh 20-Apr-11 11:12am View
nit_singh 20-Apr-11 10:41am View
Kim-Even I tried after converting the column type into varchar(max) and Text, but still it is taking same time, So I think the problem may be due to size.
nit_singh 20-Apr-11 9:28am View
So you want to say that this is due to the length of the empDesc. I read somewhere that due to the XMLParser it takes some time to return because eevrytime it parsed the data. But I am not sure
nit_singh 20-Apr-11 6:40am View
These solutions will work in all the browser because JQuery is Browser Compatibe...
nit_singh 20-Apr-11 6:37am View
This solution is nice but we can handle this in javascript so that the page wont be refreshed.
nit_singh 19-Apr-11 7:30am View
We need some type of customization to mark a session object belongs from this particular page so we can create sessions keys with “PAGENAME.SessionName”.
And we can create a method which take PAGENAME as arguments and delete all the sessions having Key which starts with the PAGENAME.
Session["PAGE1.Session1"] = "Session1";
nit_singh 19-Apr-11 7:29am View
We need some type of customization to mark a session object belongs from this particular page so we can create sessions keys with “PAGENAME.SessionName”.
And we can create a method which take PAGENAME as arguments and delete all the sessions having Key which starts with the PAGENAME.
nit_singh 18-Apr-11 14:52pm View
@prejval - This hidden field you can access in your code behind also. :)
nit_singh 18-Apr-11 14:37pm View
No, you have to add only a single hidden field on the entire page so that you can preserve the focused table ID.