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Cool Smith 15-Apr-22 11:32am View
This will throw an exception
Value of '1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between 'MinDate' and 'MaxDate'
Cool Smith 24-Dec-17 11:30am View
Pls how are you doing the above, i need the same solution to print in my software?
Cool Smith 21-Jun-17 5:37am View
can you show me an example, as i tried the place, but app wont compile, pointing to the line of the code

C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,50) : Error CS1031: Type expected
C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,51) : Error CS1518: Expected class, delegate, enum, interface, or struct
C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,62) : Error CS1026: ) expected
Cool Smith 20-Jun-17 8:47am View
Where and how did you use this solution?
Cool Smith 11-Sep-16 3:40am View
If you are connecting via lan , you must grant the ip address of the connecting pc for example say the ip of the connecting computer is, then do this

create user 'root'@'' identified by 'password';
grant all privileges on *.* to 'root'@'' with grant option;
flush privileges;
Cool Smith 10-May-16 11:30am View
It is still the same error
Warning: An error occurred while executing the subreport ‘PhoneRpt’: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsErrorExecutingSubreport)
Cool Smith 10-May-16 6:44am View
Warning: An error occurred while executing the subreport ‘PhoneRpt’: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsErrorExecutingSubreport)
Cool Smith 29-Mar-16 16:18pm View
I have this problem, can you upload sample report?
Cool Smith 30-May-13 8:14am View
i already did, and how do i see if the records are actually being deleted?
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 12:10pm View
in the database, the data in the field is Today's Task
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 11:45am View
I tried this statement SELECT ID FROM Tasks WHERE task LIKE '%Today''s Task%', and it failed to find the item
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 11:43am View
Hello I tried this statement
SELECT ID FROM Tasks WHERE task LIKE '%Today''s Task%'
and it failed to find the item, any idea what is wrong?
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 9:44am View
thank you very much
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 9:29am View
thank you very much. so even if i do this '%@! @@ @# $ @% @^ @& @* @( @) ''%', it doesn't have any negative effects right
Cool Smith 15-Feb-13 8:07am View
hello, so even in other text, i only need to escape the % wilcard. say for example i need to search for "these are some wildcars & ! !" without the quote
Cool Smith 2-Sep-12 13:02pm View
pls see my improved question
Cool Smith 6-Aug-12 21:39pm View
all computers connect through a lan,the lan is connected to the router. but for wifi access, they would be connecting thourg my server wifi. how do i sit the proxy server must sit between WiFi and the internet
Cool Smith 6-Aug-12 21:36pm View
hello, can give idea on me with how i would detect change in the local folder and syn with remote
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 19:13pm View
the web.config file in the root directory, does it affect all the site, or only the files in the root directory
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 18:23pm View
hello, i have the following users which all have read write access. is there some way to set the user to use in my webapp?

myHost Domain User (myUserName)
myHost IIS User (IUSR_myUserName)
myHost IIS WP User (IWPD_122(myUserName))
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 16:51pm View
does need admin rights on the web server to run?
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 16:24pm View
how can i enable anonymous access in IIS in my control panel, and won't this affect security?
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 14:48pm View
how can i use impersonation, note that its a webhost not on my computer
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 12:31pm View
i can't check this version from my host
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 4:24am View
hello, i have the following users
myHost Domain User (myUserName)
myHost IIS User (IUSR_myUserName)
myHost IIS WP User (IWPD_122(myUserName))
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 3:45am View
yes, i have full control for all users in my control panel virtual directory
Cool Smith 23-Apr-12 3:42am View
i have full permission for all users as i mentioned ealier
Cool Smith 16-Jan-12 7:49am View
this is an image button on a webpage that i need to click, and i can't really remove it.
Cool Smith 12-Dec-11 10:01am View
i have fixed that, but still without looping
Cool Smith 12-Dec-11 3:28am View
thanks, but i found a simpler solution
Dim intCursor As Integer = txtInput.SelectionStart
Dim intStart As Int32 = CInt(IIf(intCursor - 1 < 0, 0, intCursor - 1))
Dim intStop As Int32 = intCursor
intStop = txtInput.Text.IndexOf(SingleSpace, intCursor)
intStart = txtInput.Text.LastIndexOf(SingleSpace, intCursor)
If intStop < 0 Then
intStop = txtInput.Text.Length
End If
If intStart < 0 Then
intStart = 0
End If
debug.print( txtInput.Text.Substring(intStart, intStop - intStart).Trim)
Cool Smith 11-Dec-11 17:31pm View
can you help me with sample code
Cool Smith 10-Dec-11 12:22pm View
i appreciate this, but i know the article exist, probably just forgot the keywords to use in searching for it
Cool Smith 3-Oct-11 15:45pm View
the thing is i have a splash screen already, the problem am facing is that it looks like before the splash screen form is unloaded or disposed, the main form is show, and i get errors of the data am suppose to use that the splash screen is suppose to make available
Cool Smith 3-Oct-11 14:54pm View
thanks, but that didn't help, i was looking for a solution to this problem, that one is creating a splash screen dll, which is not necessary
Cool Smith 18-Sep-11 11:29am View
thanks all, re-installing did fix it!
Cool Smith 17-Sep-11 16:58pm View
thanks, i'll try that out
Cool Smith 17-Sep-11 15:54pm View
hello, am using sp3 too, and i have no problem with it
Cool Smith 19-Aug-11 16:32pm View
there is no error message, i don't get any results
Cool Smith 26-Jul-11 9:36am View
thanks , but it does not give a clue of how to solve my problem.
Cool Smith 13-Jul-11 7:25am View
@E.f i know what am talking about those pages display within a second. am using a dialup that takes about a 30s or more to browser web page
Cool Smith 27-Jun-11 4:04am View
Thanks for answering, am trying to process about 100,1000 websites, looking for a particular keywords, so first i need to GetHtml of the website then AddItem of the result to listview. what is the bestway of doing this, am using .net 2.0
Cool Smith 24-Jun-11 15:55pm View
could you give any reason?
Cool Smith 24-Jun-11 6:36am View
is there anyway i can include an OR or AND in the xpath query?, somthing like

docNode.SelectNodes("//select" OR //textarea OR //input"

Cool Smith 24-Jun-11 4:55am View
hello, thanks, but this only get the input (text and check box) what of combo (select tag) textarea, list, checkbox etc
Cool Smith 23-Jun-11 5:22am View
i think i found the reason why the status will not set in the first places. when showing the form in question i do this

dim ofrm as new frmDialog

so in code am doing this

frmDialog.tsslStatus.Text = "Finding Submission Links..."

which i think is the reason it won't work

any solution around this
Cool Smith 23-Jun-11 4:41am View
i need to set the status from another function on outside the form
Cool Smith 23-Jun-11 4:03am View
hello, i can't seem to call this from another form or module even when set to friend sub, why?
Cool Smith 19-Jun-11 11:08am View
it was a typo, i wanted to say "hello, am using .net 2.0, and this example doesn't work"
Cool Smith 19-Jun-11 10:25am View
hello, am using .net 2.0, and this example doesn't work
Cool Smith 16-Jun-11 14:52pm View
am having problem with the NumericUpDown

ElseIf TypeOf ctrl Is NumericUpDown Then
DirectCast(ctrl, NumericUpDown)
AddHandler (ctrl.ValueChanged), AddressOf Control_Changed
End If
Cool Smith 16-Jun-11 14:37pm View
Naerling, what am actually doing is downloading webpages and parsing it for data. how would you do this using multiple threads?
Cool Smith 16-Jun-11 4:26am View
i need to add alot of rows, so what do i do it row10 has the duplicate value, move to next row or abort the whole operation
Cool Smith 16-Jun-11 3:32am View
i tried that, but i get some problems, see my reply to Naerling post
Cool Smith 16-Jun-11 3:28am View
Hello, all i want is just to detect a change in their value changes, see the approach am using

For Each ctrl As Control In pnlGeneral.Controls
If TypeOf ctrl Is CheckBox Then
AddHandler (ctrl.Click), AddressOf Control_Changed
ElseIf TypeOf ctrl Is TextBox Then
AddHandler (ctrl.TextChanged), AddressOf Control_Changed
ElseIf TypeOf ctrl Is NumericUpDown Then
'AddHandler (ctrl.ValueChanged), AddressOf Control_Changed
End If

Cool Smith 10-Jun-11 4:08am View
hello, i have corrected my post instead of worker, i was suppose to be workItem
Cool Smith 10-Jun-11 4:03am View
how do i check then if an '<'a'>' link has a particular attribute
Cool Smith 10-Jun-11 4:01am View
in this case, can you give me sample code on how to initialize, i have tried without success.
Cool Smith 10-Jun-11 3:53am View
are these open source
Cool Smith 6-Jun-11 16:01pm View
when one is using multiple threads, is it possible to process more that one job at once, using the same work sub without having the risk of change values when one thread has not finished using it?
Cool Smith 6-Jun-11 3:45am View
the reason am using 10 is that each work operation uses about 3-5 minutes to finish, and i have about 10,000 works to process, for a single background worker using say at most 5min, the this would take 50,000mins to process all items, this is bad not so?, but with 10 workers, it is reduced to about 5,000mins and less
Cool Smith 6-Jun-11 3:39am View
hello, i posted the problem here
Cool Smith 6-Jun-11 3:39am View
@simon thanks, am aware of synclock, but this line

WorkData = GetWebpagePageContent(urlrlist(cint(workItem)))

takes about a 30s and waiting for each thread to finish before the next thread is not a good idea
Cool Smith 5-Jun-11 15:41pm View
can you give sample code, i know that is what i need to do, but how?
Cool Smith 5-Jun-11 14:54pm View
ok, can tou please help me with sample code, am using .net 2.0. thanks
Cool Smith 5-Jun-11 14:39pm View
i already mentioned that i have used that, but i still have problems, maybe you could give some example code
Cool Smith 5-Jun-11 4:00am View
i will try it and get back to you, thanks for answering
Cool Smith 2-Jun-11 13:00pm View
can you help me with a sample code that uses background workers?
Cool Smith 2-Jun-11 12:58pm View
so how do i resolve this error?
Cool Smith 31-May-11 12:43pm View
each worker will have to work with a different variable
Cool Smith 25-May-11 5:07am View
thanks, pleas point me to example
Cool Smith 25-May-11 4:51am View
the thing is that am loading all from database into List(Of structure) then i update the Listview from this List,what if the user want to scroll or view other items, so what do you suggest?
Cool Smith 25-May-11 4:50am View
am making a desktop application
Cool Smith 25-May-11 4:46am View
is there any example this effect/suggestion
Cool Smith 26-Apr-11 14:20pm View
am talking "SSMS" sql server management studio
Cool Smith 25-Apr-11 5:29am View
am freezing all application started by the user, will this do it. it sound like it will work for the current application only
Cool Smith 25-Apr-11 5:23am View
when i ping like this "ping host:port" i get a bad parameter. how do i ping a particular port. here is the connection string am using now.

"Data,57919;Integrated Security=True;User ID=myusername;Password=mypassword;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=True"
Cool Smith 13-Apr-11 9:11am View
a Friend has requested it for pausing a lot of process he started. this that has to do with games, movies, etc
Cool Smith 13-Apr-11 9:05am View
thanks for you help, but this link does not relate to my task
Cool Smith 13-Apr-11 9:04am View
a friend has requested it, who runs many apps, and "cannot afford to shutdown or leave some app running without monitoring it"
Cool Smith 9-Apr-11 12:11pm View
how do i ping a mysl server?
which firewalls mine or on the server?
Cool Smith 9-Apr-11 12:05pm View
when i set encrypt to no, i get timeout error
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (19, 1) : [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired
Cool Smith 9-Apr-11 8:35am View
when i set encrypt to no, i get timeout error
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (19, 1) : [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired
Cool Smith 8-Apr-11 4:36am View
thank for responding,
can i do this in vbscript too
Cool Smith 12-Feb-11 9:57am View
the link you provided is broken, can you review it and provide another link
Cool Smith 12-Feb-11 6:30am View
can you provide sample code on how to do this?
Cool Smith 11-Feb-11 13:48pm View
if i convert the whole string to unicode ie u+0000, or \x?? will it work? How do i convert the string to unicode or hex
Cool Smith 14-May-10 22:47pm View
the problem here is that i don't really know how to implement the features i mentioned. that is:

directory mapping