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Comments by Chandrakantt (Top 35 by date)

Chandrakantt 9-Mar-12 0:20am View
So do you need Studentfile from the line "READ Studentfile AT END MOVE HIGH-VALUES To StudentDetails." or complete line "Studentfile AT END MOVE HIGH-VALUES To StudentDetails." after READ ?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 1:19am View
I am little confused, do you want to create jar files using netbeans or do you want to install jar files in netbeans. If possible can you lewt us know what type of jar files it is?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 1:15am View
The DLL is made in C ,CPP or using .Net?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 0:39am View
Search the whole Linux box, is libtool, autoconf, automake present in your box. If it is present then does your program able to get path of the required libraries.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 13:07pm View
Can you please clear the question, as it is not clear
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 2:43am View
Please provide little more info and a clear question
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 2:05am View
It will be better if you provide more details of the question you are asking. It will make us more clear to answer you.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 1:51am View
you can use SizeMode for that.. check below code

public Form1()
pictureBox2.ImageLocation = @"E:\TP\Songs\AlbumArtSmall.jpg";
pictureBox2.SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage;
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 1:41am View
yes you will have to use ImgaeLocation property because the picturebox control shows picture from the path present at ImageLocation property of picture box
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 1:30am View
Are you saying that picture should be dynamically taken from the disk location or can it be added to the project?
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 1:28am View
Yes you can add the text boxes data to the HTML file. That code also uses the textbox data to insert it in HTML. That part was done in JavaScript in that HTML page which was dynamically created. Just have a look on it. Let me know if you face any problem in it.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 1:13am View
Yes surely you can create a custom action in .Net.
You can go through the second link which I have provided and also the link which I am providing below.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 0:17am View
You can check my other answer which does not creates a new file. It appends to the first file itself.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 0:12am View
yes we are comparing the start of the line that is from 0th position. I have made some more updates in my code as per your need. you can check my code in another solution.
Chandrakantt 5-Mar-12 7:51am View
You will not be able to create a file which has ":" in its name
Chandrakantt 2-Mar-12 6:30am View
WHERE condition is not used in insert query. When you call insert query it means that you are inserting a new row in a table. WHERE condition is used in already present data. It is mostly used with UPDATE and DELETE command. If possible can you clarify more?
Chandrakantt 2-Mar-12 1:14am View
You want that Firefox launched should be in minimized mode or be in background? Am I correct?
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 8:29am View
so does it solved your problem
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 5:50am View
We will need little more info. Like the the C++ function Marshaling you have done for parameters and what actual prototype it is having
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 4:47am View
Ohh Sorry, that was pressed unintentionally. I tried to change that afterwards but wan not able to do that time. Wow I was able to change it now... :)
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 4:22am View
Yes you are correct Its the exact reason behind it.
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 3:35am View
I think selecting platform to any CPU can solve your registration issue.
Chandrakantt 1-Mar-12 0:43am View
Yes you are correct, layout of property dialogs have changed in VS 2010. So in 2010 you have to add your custom manifest file and then it will be shown in the dropdown box. from there you can select the manifest file.
It at the image I have uploaded
Chandrakantt 29-Feb-12 11:41am View
Linker->Manifest file, I have uploaded a image you can look at link
Chandrakantt 29-Feb-12 6:22am View
When you run the dialog, tab does not goes to label by default. That is been taken care by C# itself.
Chandrakantt 29-Feb-12 5:42am View
On the top of the visual studio you can see there are File,Edit,View,project etc.. From that you have to press View that will a popup menu which contains this Tab Order option
Chandrakantt 29-Feb-12 2:00am View
I have tried it some years back, that time I was not able to do it. But now it seems that there are some open source and third party tool with the help of which you can do the development. But for testing purpose you need to jailbreak(removing limitation imposed by MAC) your device which will in turn break your warranty.
Some of the information for developing MAC code on windows are:

But still not provided and support by MAC :).
Chandrakantt 29-Feb-12 1:25am View
you cannot do iPhone development on Windows Machine. You should get Mac Mini or some other MAC machine for that.
Chandrakantt 28-Feb-12 2:57am View
I think you are getting problem while compilation of code. Can you tell more details about the error you are getting
Chandrakantt 28-Feb-12 1:54am View
Open the .reg file in a notepad and check does it contains anything
Chandrakantt 28-Feb-12 1:22am View
You have to use css for stretching background. As you can see Uma has shown in his link. It uses a css.
Chandrakantt 28-Feb-12 0:33am View
Have you seen the error messages in event viewer. What error message is it giving
Chandrakantt 27-Feb-12 3:33am View
Can you provide me little more information about the steps you are doing. I think you might have created a installer which calls the custom action. You can have a look on below provided link. It shows how to pass [TARGETDIR] into CustomActionData property and how to get it into your installer class.

If you have still any problem then please provide more little more information related to your steps, so that I can guide you easily
Chandrakantt 27-Feb-12 1:36am View
I have just provided the sample. The path should be chosen as per the project requirement. I think from next time I should provide comment on the sample code. Anyway Thank for mentioning it. :) I can improve myself in that way.
Chandrakantt 24-Feb-12 7:55am View
I don't think so that Microsoft have provided any direct method in user mode for hiding an application from Task Manager. If it does then most of the application will hide itself from the task manager so that users would not be able to kill their application.

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