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Comments by Andy411 (Top 120 by date)

Andy411 24-Feb-15 7:28am View    
Did you try to comment out the free() or better putting the for-loop with the fre() at the end of you program?
Andy411 19-Feb-15 3:31am View    
Did you try something like
Andy411 9-Jan-15 2:14am View    
Reason for my vote of 2 \n For large amount of data you shuld use streaming and not an byte array.
Andy411 9-Dec-14 3:49am View    
Are you sure, that buf is 16 bit long? I would rather expect a byte array as buffer. Same with the first LPVOID parameter. Realy long or better an array of type byte?
Also I guess that buff has to be an array, so short[] buf instead of short buf.
And maybe you should set "enable unsafe code" in the build properties of your project.
Andy411 30-Aug-13 7:36am View    
I just found this
Did you play around with differnet AT cmds directly from a terminal program to se the answers from the modem?