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BlackMilan 16-Mar-15 10:20am View    

nice idea, but true is the default for processInfo.UseShellExecute. So the line changes nothing.
BlackMilan 12-Mar-15 7:16am View    
No, 1 exit after starting 2. Otherwise, the update of 1 would not work.
BlackMilan 12-Mar-15 4:04am View    
Thanks, but no, I get the issue on another pc.

The 1st exe is startet from desktop, and DragEnter works fine. Then, it starts a 2nd exe, and the 2nd restarts the 1st exe after update it. Thereafter, the 1st exe no more receives DragEnter event. But, after exit and starting from desktop, DragEnter will work again.

I'm confused while reading about MIC and UAC, because this issue should also exist on Windows 7, but there isn't it. Only Windows 8.
BlackMilan 12-Mar-15 3:33am View    
I don't think so. That's all:

<pre lang="c#">
Process p = new Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = fileName;
p.StartInfo.Arguments = arguments;
BlackMilan 21-Nov-12 9:41am View    
I think, you doesn't understand the problem behind. MouseEnter and MouseLeave events will be fired, if Mouse goes inside respectively outside the "inner area" (form1.ClientRectangle) of the Form. But I will see an event, if the mouse goes inside respectively outside the form1.DesktopBounds.