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Comments by Reji Ab (Top 31 by date)

Reji Ab 14-Nov-13 7:52am View    
Thanks Chauhan, that works absolutely fine
Reji Ab 14-Nov-13 5:35am View    
I solved myself, I need to put return true as below to force postback
Button1.Attributes.Add("onclick", _scriptJS1 + "; return true;")
Reji Ab 13-Nov-13 11:55am View    
Thank you for your reply. It doesn't work even if there is no window already opened in the background
Reji Ab 13-Nov-13 11:48am View    
Thank you Ganesh, Where do I put your code. I couldn't use it errors
Reji Ab 3-Oct-13 12:15pm View    
Thank you Kschuler, I don't want the user to overwrite my version of crystal reports, if I can put all the dlls in my own folder rather than putting in the default folder