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Comments by Mehul M Thakkar (Top 35 by date)

Mehul M Thakkar 10-Dec-19 4:43am View     CRLF
not a textbox but your object properties like writer.WriteLine(information.FirstName + "" + information.Surname); writer.WriteLine(information.DOB);
Mehul M Thakkar 10-Dec-19 3:37am View    
try with "async Task"
Mehul M Thakkar 9-Dec-19 9:49am View    
have you tried to debug and see the errors?
Mehul M Thakkar 9-Dec-19 9:48am View     CRLF
just show dropdown on top and bind with Unique Nom values. On change of dropdown value make a server call and filter your list and show on UI.
Mehul M Thakkar 6-Dec-19 7:01am View    
it is post call, if you want to get the employees just call get method