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Mehul M Thakkar 10-Dec-19 4:43am View
not a textbox but your object properties like
writer.WriteLine(information.FirstName + "" + information.Surname);
Mehul M Thakkar 10-Dec-19 3:37am View
try with "async Task"
Mehul M Thakkar 9-Dec-19 9:49am View
have you tried to debug and see the errors?
Mehul M Thakkar 9-Dec-19 9:48am View
just show dropdown on top and bind with Unique Nom values.
On change of dropdown value make a server call and filter your list and show on UI.
Mehul M Thakkar 6-Dec-19 7:01am View
it is post call, if you want to get the employees just call get method
Mehul M Thakkar 6-Dec-19 3:43am View
What was the problem? here you will examples of getting tabs
Mehul M Thakkar 3-Dec-19 4:00am View
posted as a solution.
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Nov-19 6:18am View
because visibleIndex is updating everytime. you need to create different array for visibility for each language.

Declare visibleLang:any[]=[]
and add a line in onclickEnglishDiv function,
this.visibleLang[clickLang] = !this.visibleLang[clickLang];

In template change in if condition visibleIndex === index to

Mehul M Thakkar 29-Nov-19 3:38am View
What is convertphone? I would recommend you to start with object oriented programming.
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Nov-19 3:35am View
first you execute ListDevice = db.Devices.ToList(); and see what you are getting in ListDevice.
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Nov-19 3:33am View
so what is the problem? The example is working as per your need.
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Nov-19 3:25am View
It says Parameter Name: source, it means the devices you are retrieving is null. first check db.Devices.ToList() is null then do not apply Where clause.
Mehul M Thakkar 28-Nov-19 6:18am View
jQuery can not persist order on selection, that you have to do from your side.
Mehul M Thakkar 28-Nov-19 6:14am View
What is not working? did you get any error?
Mehul M Thakkar 26-Nov-19 10:59am View
refer here
Mehul M Thakkar 21-Nov-19 3:19am View
yes I realized later. but question was on first page of list. Somebody updated it.
Mehul M Thakkar 17-Jan-14 4:26am View
so what is the question? It loads junk in browser.
Mehul M Thakkar 24-Sep-13 12:38pm View
yes, in the case of code written by us, but if it is written by someone and need enhancement in it for that we can not rewrite everything :). still I'm trying. For the another error "Generation of the designer file for failed: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute." I got the solution that Microsoft has released RC3 for that. I will check with that.
Mehul M Thakkar 24-Sep-13 9:50am View
it is about page.designer.cs(e.g. default1.aspx.designer.cs) or usercontrol.designer.cs(e.g. uc1.ascx.designer.cs) . Hope it is clear my question now.
Mehul M Thakkar 16-Jul-13 9:53am View
did you try with OnFailure? check there is any error.
Mehul M Thakkar 10-Sep-12 8:01am View
So where is the problem? do some googling.
Mehul M Thakkar 25-Apr-12 3:43am View
I believe you have used some server side code tag <%%> in HTML tag. After migrating it may required some change in that.
Mehul M Thakkar 25-Apr-12 3:31am View
So what is the actual problem?
Mehul M Thakkar 25-Apr-12 3:26am View
How had you tried? and why you want to send values in this format
Mehul M Thakkar 10-Jan-12 2:24am View
Is this application/setup executed with "Run as Administrator"?
Mehul M Thakkar 20-Aug-11 6:47am View
Before posting question please make sure you have checked spelling & grammar.
Mehul M Thakkar 1-Aug-11 0:49am View
Many Articles are there to store connection string in App.config file, and without compile you can modify it. See the following links,
Mehul M Thakkar 1-Aug-11 0:46am View
Don't write your question in solution part. If you have any question to solution then add in solution's comment section using "Add comment"
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Jul-11 8:42am View
Will it also control mouse right click in Firefox to select and copy text?
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Jul-11 8:35am View
Your point is valid but it is not an alternate tip. You should mention in comment area.
Mehul M Thakkar 28-Jul-11 3:34am View
Why don't you write the logger with VB6 code, which can provide you debug information line by line. We usually do like this.
Mehul M Thakkar 29-Jun-11 0:55am View
Yes, it can be done. Fill your dataset with all your CSV file in different datatable, I believe the structure of your CSV files are same. Once your dataset is ready with all the datatables, just merge all the datatables in a single datatable and bind to dgv. Along with your CSV file data, you can create extra column datatable with your file name, which you should not display in grid. Use that column value to store in your db.
Mehul M Thakkar 12-Jul-10 0:38am View
I am not getting about "your problem". Write comment properly. About the answer then it is absolutely working fine at every end. If it is not working, it depends where you have written in your code.
Mehul M Thakkar 25-Jun-10 2:56am View
As you said, on click of button "video" tag will be generated with CreateElement("video"). Where you have written this code? If you are only going to create video tag then why you want to search it?
Mehul M Thakkar 25-Jun-10 0:48am View
Hi Vinod,

When you want to find, at initial load of page or after any event? As you said you want on particular event. So what you can do is, you can write some JS function to find your "Video" tab on HTML side. You can call this function with registering JS on Page_Load event with checking IsPostback.