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Mycroft Holmes 7-Sep-21 18:23pm View    
And this is why the database design is wrong. Each type that you are likely to want to query/filter/search on should have it's own field. Truly custom fields (ie those you cannot identify) or user defined fields are the only ones you should be allowing in this format. Design your database structure correctly, don't try and take shortcuts they will cost you dearly in the future.
Mycroft Holmes 13-May-21 19:30pm View    
Is it possible to detect the window that had the focus BEFORE he clicked the start button? Oh and then he needs to identify the selected object (textbox) in that window- nasty
Mycroft Holmes 8-Mar-19 17:13pm View    
Thanks - the last hurdle to getting my POC ready except I need to secure the API now [chuckle]
Mycroft Holmes 28-Nov-18 3:45am View    
You used to be able to embed and /or pass credentials into the report or use a specific userid for all reports, we call them functional IDs.
Mycroft Holmes 17-Sep-18 2:53am View    
I have a question - why are you creating code in a language that is no longer supported?