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Comments by Amir Mahfoozi (Top 200 by date)

Amir Mahfoozi 6-Jan-14 13:30pm View
Amir Mahfoozi 6-Jan-14 4:38am View    
You can serialize your ArrayList and store it in a text data type.
Amir Mahfoozi 6-Jan-14 2:52am View    
It seems that it is a UI problem and not a SQL one. Just get plain data ordered by seller and group them in UI (whether report or grid).
Amir Mahfoozi 6-Jan-14 0:51am View    
What is the id field in Vehicle-schedule table ? is it for its own table or it points to a vehicle ? In both states it is not a good design.
Amir Mahfoozi 4-Jan-14 6:44am View