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Comments by _Zorro_ (Top 156 by date)

_Zorro_ 7-Jul-14 8:41am View    
Please, be more specific.
_Zorro_ 27-May-14 13:37pm View    
Comment on Prasad answer, do not create a new one.
_Zorro_ 27-May-14 13:30pm View    
He just told you how. Use Parameters instead of concatenating strings.
_Zorro_ 27-May-14 11:06am View    
Where is your ExecuteQuery method declared?
Btw, nice SQL Injection risk you have there...
_Zorro_ 20-May-14 9:01am View    
Have you tried using parallel.foreach in your second foreach? Since you are only sending emails it shouldn't be a problem to parallelize your iteration.