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Sinisa Hajnal 30-Apr-20 5:46am View    
Just replacements as high up as you can so they are triggered on lower number of rows
Do memory or temp tables, fill them independently and then join them
explicitly write out joins instead of local, foreign
consider having a column in the table that already has 'searchable' version of the name so you can do all those replaces when inserting or updating instead in WHERE clause (bad practice)
Sinisa Hajnal 30-Apr-20 5:42am View    
Next time google it, it is not hard to find conversion online. Check the solution down in the solutions and bookmark the link.
Sinisa Hajnal 29-Apr-20 6:22am View    
And please format that javascript so people can read it.
Sinisa Hajnal 29-Apr-20 6:19am View    
Plenty of tutorials (just google it) and when you have programming question, come back. At the moment, you're just asking how to program
Sinisa Hajnal 29-Apr-20 6:17am View    
if and only if you control both domains (actually, both IIS), you can allow cross domain request from trusted domain.