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jkirkerx 4-Aug-16 14:45pm View    
jkirkerx 4-Aug-16 13:12pm View    
Thanks Richard!
Say I have question or just curious about a formula I'm working on that I would like to run by yo choose to entertain the question or formula, could you pm me? if not that's cool
jkirkerx 3-Aug-16 17:00pm View    
I didn't know there was a Session_OnStart event.
Plus I thought only primitives could be stored in a session. hmm
Good job Richard!
jkirkerx 3-Aug-16 16:55pm View
jkirkerx 3-Aug-16 16:14pm View    
Yeah but a session is an object that the web server controls, and is just a string or primitive object. provides access to the session on the web server called Session.

You may be able to save a base64 string of bytes in the session. Make a byte array and convert it to a base64 string and vice versus.