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Comments by Sebastian T Xavier (Top 200 by date)

Sebastian T Xavier 10-Nov-14 3:44am View    
Sebastian T Xavier 30-May-14 7:22am View    
I have solved that issue. But now it throws a different exception,"Operation 'postGeneralXMLDocument' in contract 'IService' has a query variable named 'strInput' of type 'System.IO.Stream', but type 'System.IO.Stream' is not convertible by 'QueryStringConverter'. Variables for UriTemplate query values must have types that can be converted by 'QueryStringConverter'."
Sebastian T Xavier 27-May-14 1:26am View    
Yes, I have updated the question
Sebastian T Xavier 22-May-14 8:07am View    
I was able to solve this by using following example

// invoke execution on the pipeline (collecting output)
Collection<PSObject> PSOutput = PowerShellInstance.Invoke();

// check the other output streams (for example, the error stream)
if (PowerShellInstance.Streams.Error.Count > 0)
// error records were written to the error stream.
// do something with the items found.

Sebastian T Xavier 21-May-14 6:36am View    
got the same answer in stackoverflow...