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Comments by Randor (Top 140 by date)

Randor 13-Sep-22 8:45am View     CRLF
Use LoadImage instead with the LR_CREATEDIBSECTION flag set.
Randor 3-Sep-22 2:25am View    
I showed you where the problem is, I don't really have much more to say. Your application window message queue is filled with continuous WM_PAINT messages. You shouldn't Invalidate() from your WM_PAINT handler.
Randor 2-Sep-22 21:27pm View    
Justin Hutchings wrote some very good instructional documentation for v4 printer drivers. He's no longer at Microsoft, he accepted a position at GitHub. The online documentation isn't as good. I can't seem to find it . I think I have a copy on development workstation, I'll check Monday morning.
Randor 2-Sep-22 5:27am View    
Comment out that call to ManageTime() in your OnPaint() and see if the problem goes away.
Randor 1-Sep-22 23:25pm View     CRLF
I think everything is documented, it's just becoming harder to find it. I updated the solution with a link to a driver manifest sample. The XML looks like the hardest part, good luck. :)