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Comments by Yossi Yaari (Top 13 by date)

Yossi Yaari 10-Mar-13 11:42am View    
I do agree with you in principal.
Yossi Yaari 10-Mar-13 11:40am View    
Yossi Yaari 5-Mar-13 14:21pm View    
that is of course correct in general.
and here the mathematical solution is very light weight. so I'm not sure how much it will improve performance. as you your self commented.
Yossi Yaari 5-Mar-13 14:19pm View    
I think I fixed. thanks for the comment
Yossi Yaari 5-Mar-13 0:53am View    
the best reason I think to do so is to minimize chance for error.
if the rectangles don't intersect - their not close enough. so very small chance for significant false positive answer on collision, if there is an error in the calculation.