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Steve Maier 10-May-13 14:00pm View
CAn you get the source code for the Financial.dll and then remove the things that are not WinRT compliant?
Steve Maier 26-Feb-13 11:22am View
And your question is??
Steve Maier 21-Feb-13 17:10pm View
Another thing that it could be is Symantec Auto-Protect. I am actually seeing that at work today. I am testing with putting my source code folder as an exception to the Auto-Protect. I don't see this at home because I use Vipre there and not Symantec.
Steve Maier 18-Jan-13 16:27pm View
You have to look at the license that he original project is using. You might have to give all of your source code away, or have it available if someone wants it. You may be forced to use a particular license because the original did. Read up on what the license is for that project and see what you can do. All of the licenses are abit different.
Steve Maier 18-Jan-13 16:18pm View
What open source license are you asking about? Each of them is abit different.
Steve Maier 31-Oct-12 12:11pm View
Will IE 9 work in compatibility mode? there are metadata settings that can be added to the page to tell IE 9 to use those modes.
Steve Maier 26-Oct-12 9:46am View
I asked a MS person this question as well and they said that you should be able to side-load on an ARM tablet. That it will be supported. But without one in my hands I can't tell you how to do that yet. Was not able to pick one up this morning.
Steve Maier 26-Oct-12 9:38am View
I have seen some crazy things with this as well and a few times had to shutdown VS and restart the machine for it to work correctly.
Steve Maier 25-Oct-12 9:39am View
Are you talking about deploying for testing, or deploying for the store, or a Line-of-business app that you are trying to deploy?
Steve Maier 2-Oct-12 11:23am View
What errors?
Steve Maier 21-Sep-12 12:02pm View
Are you sure that you want to use CUDA and be tied to nVidia chips? OpenCL is very much like CUDA since nVidia was on that comittee, and it can run on other GPUs even the third gen Intel chips with embedded GPUs.
Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:20pm View
Well said _Amy. This is the advise I give to many people as well.
Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:19pm View
I will have to disagree with you that they are few site hosting providers that support ASP.NET. I could name a few dozen if you would like. I have had my sites hosted on many different ASP.NET hosting companies and each has good and bad things with it, but you can't say there are only a few that support it. They might not be in the price range you are looking for, but that is a different topic all together.

Azure is actually not a bad choice since you can get up to 10 website for free from them right now. And you don't need to code them as Azure compute instances. If you also look at it at the site you will see that they support java, php, node.js, aas well as .NET. Azure websites is a feature that they added this summer:
Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:11pm View
Are you trying to compile this as ASP.NET 3.5 or 4.0?
Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:08pm View
It looks like interface should be able to do it, where is your code that you used to test it? Post that and people will help.
Steve Maier 12-Sep-12 10:56am View
Does adding that line to your hosts file manually actually unblock the website for you? I think your code is prabably working correctly, it is just that the blocking is probably being done on a proxy level and not from the local machine. Or it is some child protection app that is acting like a proxy locally. Either way test out changing the hosts file and rebooting and see if it takes effect. If that does not work then this program is not going to help you.
Steve Maier 11-Sep-12 14:26pm View
Are you asking for the code for the database? The database itself? The code for the progressbar to move for x minutes? You need to be abit clearer. What have you tried so far?
Steve Maier 17-Aug-12 10:04am View
I started on the article last night and will have it done over the weekend. Want to make sure it is good enough.
Steve Maier 16-Aug-12 16:25pm View
Yea, I should do one on it since I have all the sample code and all of the slides from my presentation. Just have to remind myself to do it later after I resubmit my win8 app with the release bits.
Steve Maier 11-Jul-12 13:33pm View
Nice tip. That can definately come in handy.
Steve Maier 26-Jun-12 13:27pm View
Can you change the exe at all or is it someone elses code?
Steve Maier 22-Jun-12 11:24am View
Have you loaded other file types that are 50mb in size? It could be a timeout in loading that big of a file.
Steve Maier 22-Jun-12 11:22am View
When I run from the commandline, I typically use the sln name and not the project name as the first parameter. Not sure this would help you tho.
Steve Maier 21-Jun-12 14:23pm View
So your installer has to just be with VS2010? Can't you use WiX, InnoSetup, or NSIS? All of those are free.
Steve Maier 12-Jun-12 16:17pm View
Thanks Frank. Doing WPF since it was a CTP does have advantages.
Steve Maier 12-Jun-12 15:18pm View
Formatted code.
Steve Maier 24-May-12 12:18pm View
Do you know what version of XP the machine is running?
Steve Maier 18-May-12 14:46pm View
is there a reason that the dates are not in datetime format? This would not be an issue if they used that type.
Steve Maier 10-May-12 11:25am View
what type of website are you looking to deploy? ASP.NET, Wordpress (or other CRM), etc
Steve Maier 9-May-12 14:52pm View
I got around this with the Date rollingstyle if you want to have that solution.
Steve Maier 1-May-12 11:03am View
It is had to know what you are looking for without some additional information from you. First you accepted my answer then unaccepted it. Are you making a corporate app? A consumer app? Each of these can be handled in different ways. We need information from you as to what you are doing.
Steve Maier 27-Apr-12 11:13am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice little tip.
Steve Maier 26-Apr-12 11:16am View
Is this WPF 3, 3.5 or 4? This code works for me on .NET 4.
Steve Maier 24-Apr-12 13:06pm View
How long does it run before you get that error?
Steve Maier 20-Apr-12 16:26pm View
Since this has become a religious discussion, I am going to stop. I gave the OP a link to a free app to help him. Discussions like this can go on forever. Sometime, off-list I can give you a list of apps that schools use today and I would love to see the free alternatives.
Steve Maier 20-Apr-12 15:36pm View
But here we are talking about systems for a school. Running a counting program or an alphabet program for the kindergarden classes up to running the sharing software that connects the kids to their online storage systems where they can save their papers and other things. Some of those are old pieces of software that might not be even maintained or the company in business. Are people that promote free software going to step up to the plate and re-write it for them, test it, and then give it away?

But just as you said, just because a system has no cost to purchase it (XP or Linux), it does not mean that there is no cost to using and maintaining it in the long run.

I have been talking to the IT manager at a school recently and he is all for buying more and more software for the systems that they have. They are actually buying iPads for many of the classes and alot of software for each as well. But this comes down to the same issue. He is then locked into iOS apps. He can't use free flash games for the kids. That was a decision that the school system made after he did alot of research. But for him, they knew it was a cost up front and also was not trying to re-use old software like the original post was.

Smaller schools that want to use the same or equivilant software to save on costs can't just chuck the whole thing for a "free" solution that probably does not have most of the apps that they need. You are right, there will be free databases and source control systems out there, but most 1st and 2nd graders are not being taught the finer points of database design or need to have their source code in a repository. ;-)
Steve Maier 20-Apr-12 9:58am View
Many schools have "site" licenses for things like the Office products and XP given to them by either Microsoft or the Gates Foundation. And hiring someone that is an expert in Linux and other things as well as paying for an IT person for all of the MS stuff is abit beyond many schools budgets.
Steve Maier 20-Apr-12 7:13am View
What I had was the service was mainly in a separate dll and the code that was run in the service start was just called from the console app. This way I could start it in debug mode without having to attach to it as a service. For me this helped the debugging.
Steve Maier 19-Apr-12 16:24pm View
Is this for WP7, or an earlier version? What does the code look like for the launching of the new window?
Steve Maier 19-Apr-12 11:14am View
That is weird. When I was debugging a service I actually had it launch in a console app instead of as a service so that u could break where I wanted easier.
Steve Maier 18-Apr-12 16:23pm View
Are you deleting any folders afterwards or just adding?
Steve Maier 18-Apr-12 16:20pm View
Are you using a SQL CE database? or something else like one of the many NoSQL databases?
Steve Maier 12-Apr-12 16:20pm View
I definately would like to see an article on this to compare against.
Steve Maier 12-Apr-12 16:20pm View
I actually do WCF with Mono for Android. It is pretty boring and the same as doing it in VS normally.
Steve Maier 12-Apr-12 14:56pm View
What phone are you trying to write this for? Every phone has a different OS.
Steve Maier 12-Apr-12 14:36pm View
So why would you want to combine 5 different html pages into a single one that uses IFs to decide what to show? This would make it very unmaintainable.
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 16:42pm View
Are you trying to do this with a Silverlight or XNA app?
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 15:45pm View
Edit: Just some simple formatting...
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 14:27pm View
Does the real code have a PE.SaveChanges() in it for the context to actually persist the changes?
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 14:18pm View
Thanks for the tip on <probing>. I did not know about that one.
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 11:15am View
what I have found is that the folder with the plugins does not need the contract dll at all. The main app already has it loaded in memory, so those actually do not need to be there.

I converted our installer to WIX and removed all of the extra files and it is working really well for me.
Steve Maier 11-Apr-12 10:41am View
I am wondering what is not working, because the . folder just means the current folder that you are in. It should not really cause any issue here.
Steve Maier 5-Apr-12 10:00am View
Are you coding it with html? or what?
Steve Maier 5-Apr-12 9:58am View
Are you talking about WP7 or windows mobile 6?
Steve Maier 4-Apr-12 10:19am View
This is also a duplicate of the previous post.
Steve Maier 4-Apr-12 10:18am View
What errors are you seeing with this code? You have to help us to know the issue if you want people to spend their time helping.
Steve Maier 30-Mar-12 12:01pm View
It seems like you might not have the 64bit C++ compiler installed as an option on that machine.
Steve Maier 30-Mar-12 11:34am View
Under Linker in the Advanced settings (VS2010 is all I have) there is a Target Machine setting where you can change it to x64
Steve Maier 30-Mar-12 11:16am View
Are you trying to run the driver on Win7 32bit or Win7 64bit?
Steve Maier 30-Mar-12 11:14am View
Is it set to compile as x86 or Any CPU in the project settings?
Steve Maier 23-Mar-12 13:35pm View
The same error? Or a different one? It should not be the same error if you switched to []
Steve Maier 23-Mar-12 12:22pm View
You beat me to the answer. You get a 5 for speed. ;-)
Steve Maier 23-Mar-12 12:11pm View
What version of C# / ASP.NET are you using?
Steve Maier 22-Mar-12 11:21am View
The log4net routines also check if debug or info are enabled as well. So Even tho you did not put the check in, log4net did it for you in the log.Debug method. The reason that alot of people use the if statement is that then they might not do any string manipulation as well.

please also keep in mine that using reflecktion to get the logger is not the fastest way. Reflection can be slow and if you are putting it in every method, I can understand wanting all of that to be the same, but using reflection might slow you down.
Steve Maier 15-Mar-12 17:14pm View
What do you have so far? Where are you stuck? Or do you just want us to give you code?
Steve Maier 15-Mar-12 17:00pm View
So do you want to code in PhoneGap (javascript and html) or in C#? I believe there is a webbrowser control for the Silverlight coding in C#. It is simple enough to have a silverlight button to send the message. Not sure why you would want a webpage to do it.
Steve Maier 15-Mar-12 14:24pm View
Do you have anything started for this so that we can help you? What OS are you talking about, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc ?
Steve Maier 15-Mar-12 14:15pm View
Added pre tags
Steve Maier 14-Mar-12 17:22pm View
What have you tried so far? Can you edit your question with some code that you are trying so that we can help you?
Steve Maier 14-Mar-12 17:10pm View
Great addition to the answer. You are definately right about that.
Steve Maier 13-Oct-11 14:39pm View
What are you using, MFC? ASP.NET? WinForm? WPF? or just the WinSDK directly?
Steve Maier 23-Sep-11 14:14pm View
Are you using a xib or trying it xib-less?
Steve Maier 31-Aug-11 12:07pm View
Are you really using DotGNU? It looks like that project has not been updated in years. You can use VS2010 Express for free and just use the normal .NET.
Steve Maier 30-Jun-11 21:45pm View
I would think of it as content not source code.
Steve Maier 8-Apr-11 12:19pm View
I agree with Sandeep, this is not an alternative to solving the issue.
Steve Maier 4-Mar-11 17:12pm View
i never would have suggested tools like this if I knew you were talking about remote users. These are more for systems that you can get your hands on, IMHO.
Steve Maier 10-Feb-11 10:41am View
Cleaned up the text speak.
Steve Maier 9-Feb-11 10:43am View
Totally agree with you Sandeep. And as someone that has taught college programming, I know that the smart professors also check sites like this for this type of thing.
Steve Maier 8-Feb-11 14:03pm View
I am having large issues with this too and readding the DLL references seems the best way.
Steve Maier 3-Feb-11 15:27pm View
I will put together a stand alone example tonight for you so that I do not give you "proprietary code".
Steve Maier 3-Feb-11 15:20pm View
Next time comment in the answer and I will get notified that someone commented. I just happened to look back at this. Normally I would not have.
Steve Maier 3-Feb-11 14:09pm View
Fixed the link.
Steve Maier 1-Feb-11 14:11pm View
Are you wanting release notes for the build or a full documentation on the .NET projects for like an API document that others can use?
Steve Maier 1-Feb-11 11:16am View
Cleaned up the texting speak.
Steve Maier 31-Jan-11 2:17am View
I did not down vote you at all. The only times I do that are when something is bad and your answers are not bad. The fact that more than one of us suggested portmon means it really is good as we both know. ;-)
Steve Maier 27-Jan-11 16:20pm View
Steve Maier 26-Jan-11 12:59pm View
I have found that sometimes this error means the DLL that you are loading needs more dlls there as well. Great suggestion - have a 5.
Steve Maier 26-Jan-11 12:55pm View
As I said there are some big reasons not to do this, but it seems there are other people that are interested in the same idea. And I definately agree with you about finding it interesting, but I am not really for it. Just had the info about it because we looked it up before for my company.
Steve Maier 26-Jan-11 11:56am View
The OP also said in the post "or any other programming language".
Steve Maier 26-Jan-11 11:54am View
If this is a homework assignment, then you should not be asking for other people to do it for you. If this is a project for your job, then you should get ready to pay someone to do it. People around here help out when others are stuck on a problem, but not with doing the entire thing for you for nothing.
Steve Maier 26-Jan-11 10:12am View
Sorry for the delay. I know that we had people using the Web Portal for TFS back with 2005, but it still cost a license to get access. With TFS2008, they made the access with the web portal free. We are currently using 2008, but people did use it with 2005.
Steve Maier 24-Jan-11 17:04pm View
We have some people that work on WorkItems directly from the web interface. I will get with them tomorrow and see what it is called. What version of TFS are you using?
Steve Maier 21-Jan-11 20:25pm View
Thanks Nish.
Steve Maier 21-Jan-11 18:04pm View
Thanks Henry. We switched to it from XNA at work because XNA is only DirectX9 based. We had something working with it but needed some of the functionality of DirectX 10. The APICodePack for Windows 7 would have worked but that did not tie into WPF well, so I got SlimDX to work for us.
Steve Maier 21-Jan-11 17:58pm View
I totally agree with you that it will be easier for a beginner. There also is SlimDX that is pretty simple as well.
Steve Maier 21-Jan-11 17:53pm View
XNA can be used for more than just games. We use it at work for medical devices.
Steve Maier 19-Jan-11 13:43pm View
Have another 5....
Steve Maier 14-Jan-11 13:15pm View
just added the pre tag.
Steve Maier 13-Jan-11 13:45pm View
Added the pre tab for you...
Steve Maier 13-Jan-11 13:37pm View
It is definately strange to think that the optional parameter like this would cause it. I am running on 32-bit Win7 when I tested this out. Just pulled the CreateFile signature from
Steve Maier 11-Jan-11 22:39pm View
Are you compiling with 2005, 2008, 2010?
Steve Maier 10-Dec-10 10:43am View
Also if this is on XP, there are hotfixes for display issues.
Steve Maier 20-Oct-10 12:26pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
I have done the same thing many times. Nice tip.
Steve Maier 11-Oct-10 16:12pm View
What type of HL7 messages are you trying to send? Do you have anythings that you have tried yet?
Steve Maier 22-Sep-10 18:06pm View
Your links above do not work.
Steve Maier 14-Sep-10 11:39am View
Are you still having this problem? Can you actually use a normal ssh client and connect to the machine? Can you ping the machine?
Steve Maier 14-Sep-10 11:04am View
This will not help if you are working inside of a company with no internet access. Or if you do have access, it does not tell of the server can be reached. This can be a problem internally that a business can have. But this is a good way to tell of you have internet access.
Steve Maier 14-Sep-10 10:56am View
Are you doing this on winForms, WPF, or ASP.NET? Rotating in WPF is easy, but we need to know what you are trying to use.
Steve Maier 14-Sep-10 10:53am View
Are you using WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET? We have no information to help us answer your question. Please add some additional details if you want help.
Steve Maier 9-Sep-10 16:29pm View
When something goes to the bit bucket, it means it just goes away. The 12 bytes that I was showing are the 4 bytes before the buffer and the 4 bytes after so that you can see that they did not change at all.