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Kim Togo 1-Apr-15 8:30am View
Just hookup with TextChanged for all the TextBox that you create dynamically.
In TextChanged event, there is a "sender as Object". The "sender" will be your TextBox.
Kim Togo 23-Jan-15 3:09am View
Great! :-)
Kim Togo 17-Nov-14 7:42am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Must agree with the other that as comment this article.

The use of Thread.Suspend and Thread.Resume is obsoleted.

For synchronizing any threads there are other methods like Monitor, Mutex, Event etc.

What will happen when File.Copy fails?
An exception is thrown, but there is no try-catch statements and the hold program will stop.

Statement like:

var destination = lbldest.Text "\\" filename[i];

Is just... No no.. Use Path.Combine.
Kim Togo 20-Oct-14 6:54am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n SQL stored procedure does not work.

Msg 208, Level 16, State 6, Procedure MyStoredProcedure, Line 1
Invalid object name 'MyStoredProcedure'.
Kim Togo 24-Sep-14 6:58am View
Please use "Comment" under solutions or update your question.
Kim Togo 23-Sep-14 14:05pm View
Please use "Comment" under solutions or update your question.
Kim Togo 23-Sep-14 14:04pm View
From OP: when i used || return all record and incorrect result
Kim Togo 30-Aug-14 13:49pm View
It depends, but one place is in program.cs file under Main(), it has to be before you create any WinForm
Kim Togo 27-Aug-14 4:23am View
Check Windows Event under "Program" and post what .NET error you get.
Kim Togo 27-Aug-14 4:07am View
My 5. I think you are have the correct solution. What I can understand for OP, is that he wants to extract information based on text and numbers in a specific appearance.
Kim Togo 24-Aug-14 7:49am View
Thanks :-)
Kim Togo 24-Aug-14 7:40am View
What you are trying to do, is to redirect HTTP traffic from the internet to your Windows Server 2008 ?
Kim Togo 19-Aug-14 2:20am View
Windows Phone 8 SDK req. Window 8 to run the Emulator.
Kim Togo 18-Aug-14 11:32am View
What is a WSM Localization simulator?
Kim Togo 18-Aug-14 2:49am View
School work?
Kim Togo 16-Aug-14 13:52pm View
? Okay. If getting data in "_mmsize.GetMMSize(txtId.Text);" takes 15 sec., then the problem is in "_mmsize.GetMMSize(txtId.Text);" not the DataGrid?
Kim Togo 16-Aug-14 6:32am View
If getting data in "_mmsize.GetMMSize(txtId.Text);" takes 15 sec., then the problem is in "_mmsize.GetMMSize(txtId.Text);" not the DataGrid?
Kim Togo 16-Aug-14 3:58am View
Then the problem is not WPF DataGrid, but the problem is in GetMMSize that takes along time to get all the data.
Kim Togo 15-Aug-14 4:14am View
You create a new CookieContainer and attached it to every webrequest. See solution.
Kim Togo 15-Aug-14 3:19am View
And what is your problem?
Kim Togo 15-Aug-14 3:09am View
Are you getting a compiler error or a runtime error ? - Like an excpetion.
Kim Togo 15-Aug-14 3:02am View
How long does it takes to get all the data in "_mmsize.GetMMSize(txtId.Text);" ?
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 15:57pm View
My mistake, did not see correct at the xml. Firmware_Crc is a child of Summary.
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 14:17pm View
If it is under another node, just append an extra .Elements("Summary")


var firmware = xml.Elements("Summary").Elements("Firmware_Crc").FirstOrDefault()
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 9:27am View
Right on! :-)
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 8:36am View
Normal in WPF, you only set ItemsSource one time and uses Filter functions to tell what data DataGrid has to show.
My guess is that "_mmsize.GetMMSize" is doing a SQL search and returns an array or list of data ?
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 5:11am View
Just hit "Improve question" and update with example code
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 5:10am View
Show the WPF XAML where you put in the ItemSource and the layout for your WPF DataGrid.
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 5:07am View
I always do something like this in my Callback method in BeginAcceptTcpClient.

var tcpClient = tcpListener.EndAcceptTcpClient(ar);

// ServiceEndpoint is a new class, that handles the new tcpClient object and begins with a BeginRead(...)
var serviceEndpoint = new ServiceEndpoint(tcpClient) { TraceLevel = TraceLevel.Verbose };

// Ready for new connections
tcpListener.BeginAcceptTcpClient(AcceptTcpClientCallBack, tcpListener);
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 4:35am View
Microsoft.Win32.SystemEvents will not work, SystemEvents event like SessionSwitch is only for current logged in user.
And the current user has no admin rights.

Alternative method is to use Windows Task Scheduler, if it is Windows 7 or Windows 8. Task can run when any user logged on and you can define what security rights that Task runs under.
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 3:27am View
Please be more specific.
Kim Togo 14-Aug-14 2:52am View
How much data, 1000, 10.000, 1.000.000 items?
Are you doing any WPF styling or are you using Grouping for the DataGrid?
Kim Togo 13-Aug-14 9:54am View
If you are using TCP connection, and not UDP, I will suggest to use Wireshark and see what information there is sent and received.
TCP connection has handshakes, window size and other options.

Network Tracing, perhaps? -
My guest is a firewall, not on the computer where the program is. But else where.
Perhaps a Trace route (tracert) can help you see what way IP connection is?
Kim Togo 13-Aug-14 9:48am View
Question, what does this have to do with ASP.NET and long running process? - See solution 2.
Kim Togo 13-Aug-14 9:46am View
Good explanation
Kim Togo 13-Aug-14 9:39am View
Calling "EndAcceptTcpClient" takes a long time, before it returns?
Kim Togo 27-Jun-14 7:23am View
Great! :-)
Kim Togo 20-Jun-14 7:56am View
That is much better.
Kim Togo 20-Jun-14 6:59am View
My vote of 1.
"System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(20000);" it freezes the whole UI!

It will make the UI unresponsive for 20 sec.
Kim Togo 18-Jun-14 8:20am View
Good answer, it is worth to mention that the code from OP does not work because SqlDataReader is created without any relationship with a SqlCommand object.

"SqlDataReader reader = new SqlDataReader()"
Kim Togo 10-Jun-14 4:39am View
Yes. See this char => ?
That is a question mark.
Kim Togo 10-Jun-14 4:29am View
Is this a question about WinForm, WPF, ASP.NET ?
Kim Togo 13-Jan-14 5:36am View
Okay, then use Solution 1 by Christian.
Kim Togo 20-Aug-13 2:17am View
Glad you can use it :-)
Kim Togo 8-Aug-13 2:25am View
Yes, this is an old post.
But generally, you use "AT" command to control the usb 3g modem, and voice has to transferred in an other way. "AT" command is used via Serial Port (COM).
But perhaps the manufacturer of the usb 3g modem has som SDK you can use ?
Kim Togo 12-Jul-13 8:23am View
Thanks Sushil :-)
But you do not need to delete your solution if it works.
Kim Togo 12-Jul-13 7:59am View
Yes I can.

Second = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.Invoke(new Action(() => comboBox1.Items.Add("Hello from Thread"))););

Second = new Thread(() => this.Invoke(new Action(() => comboBox1.Items.Add("Hello from Thread"))));
Kim Togo 12-Jul-13 3:20am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n Must agree with the others here.
yield keyword is NOT a new thing i C#.
Kim Togo 29-Jun-13 13:13pm View
Cool :-), I know the feeling.
Kim Togo 27-Jun-13 9:57am View
Cool :-), I know the feeling.
Kim Togo 26-Jun-13 12:45pm View
You have to be more specific.
Do you want to query a sql database for data and populate a List in C#?
Kim Togo 18-Dec-12 3:15am View
Nice. The only down side I can think of, is code readability and maintainability.
Kim Togo 18-Dec-12 3:12am View
Correct - Case statement has to be a constant expression.
Kim Togo 29-Nov-12 4:03am View
Hi Earloc
I very much appreciate your help.

And about "I would check if the DragDropEffect your are setting is supported by the Lync-Drag operation (e.g. by examining the AllowedEffects-property of the DragEventArgs)."

My problem is, that no Drag events are generate in my WPF application. But in WinForm it works.
Kim Togo 29-Nov-12 3:10am View
In my WPF I have set "AllowDrop" to true, and have hookup all events on "DragEnter", "DragOver", "DragLeave" and "Drop"

In my "DragOver" event, I have set e.Effects = DragDropEffects.Copy and e.Handled = true.
But still no "DragEnter", "DragOver" events is triggered, WHEN I do a Drag & Drop from Microsoft Lync.

If I do a Drag & Drop from Internet Explorer, it works as expected.
Kim Togo 18-Sep-12 2:12am View
Good approach with LINQ, makes it easy to read.
You can change the

Then it will only return Controls of type Panel.
Kim Togo 18-Sep-12 2:04am View
Thanks Wes
Kim Togo 18-Sep-12 2:03am View
Great to hear.
But writing all the code for you, will not make you a better coder.
The best way to learn to code, is to do it your self. But I am glad I could help.
Kim Togo 23-Jul-12 5:01am View
Can you please give more information.
What type of mobilephone?
Is connection made through USB cable, serial cable, Bluetooth etc ?
Kim Togo 7-May-12 5:40am View
Probably. It depends on the Mobile provider.
Some providers has a Web interface, others have a special interface.
Kim Togo 10-Apr-12 5:39am View
You are welcome :-)
Kim Togo 13-Feb-12 2:09am View
That is good.
Yes it might work. I somethings use DateTime.ToString("s").
The Sortable ("s") Format Specifier
The custom format string is always "yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss", disregards local culture settings on the computer.
Kim Togo 6-Feb-12 1:55am View
Do you mean SMTP Relay ?
Where you receive an e-mail and process it and sent it to another SMTP server?
Kim Togo 1-Feb-12 2:14am View
You want to split the string for every 40's chars?
Kim Togo 1-Feb-12 2:13am View
Kim Togo 22-Jan-12 8:11am View
Kim Togo 22-Jan-12 8:08am View
I have misread the question from OP.
I thought the Android phone should detect the accident and sent the accident to a web service...
Kim Togo 22-Jan-12 8:00am View
You can try a terminal program (like PuTTY), where you manually can type in AT commands and see for you self what AT commands that are not working.
Kim Togo 22-Jan-12 7:50am View
My 5 Espen. Good points. Windows XP is over 10 years old now. Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is mandatory :-)
Kim Togo 21-Jan-12 11:15am View
That sounds like a nice project :-)
Kim Togo 21-Jan-12 6:04am View
You can try to experiment with file access control in Windows Explorer, and have another user login that do not have the same access. When you found a combination that works. Use File.GetAccessControl to readout what types of access list is need.
Kim Togo 21-Jan-12 4:36am View
Under FileSystemRights Enumeration link,
There is a FileSystemRights.Delete that "Specifies the right to delete a folder or file."
Kim Togo 21-Jan-12 3:52am View
Repost - See
Kim Togo 20-Jan-12 3:09am View
You can use Math.Abs(...), see updated answer.
Kim Togo 17-Jan-12 13:35pm View
Well explained SA, my 5.
Kim Togo 17-Jan-12 13:19pm View
Windows Firewall ?
"Netsh" command-line utility perhaps?
Kim Togo 17-Jan-12 13:17pm View
What kind of errors/exceptions are you getting ?
Kim Togo 17-Jan-12 12:53pm View
I do not see the point in that.
Using a dedicate database is much better.
Kim Togo 14-Jan-12 10:08am View
You are welcome.
Kim Togo 14-Jan-12 3:00am View
From OP: please tell me just 1 manufacture how to generate and read barcode
Kim Togo 10-Jan-12 2:11am View
From OP:
thanks for your reply
i want write a web service that can send sms via gsm modem but i dont use sms gateway thanks
Kim Togo 10-Jan-12 2:02am View
Use Supriya Srivastav and Jaganathan B solutions and you have a working method! :-)
Kim Togo 10-Jan-12 2:01am View
Yes correct! :-)
The only problem here is SQL injection.
Use SqlCommand.Parameters to solved the problem.
Kim Togo 10-Jan-12 1:59am View
There is no need for a DataReader her.
A SELECT statement with one column will do it.
Kim Togo 10-Jan-12 1:57am View
Will not work correct.
The WHERE statement of [Password] ignores upper and lower case.
Kim Togo 7-Jan-12 2:51am View
Yes it is. But you are asking the wrong question.
You have to provide with more details, like. What type of email system, IMAP4 access to email account etc.
Kim Togo 7-Jan-12 2:45am View
An UserControl -
"Provides an empty control that can be used to create other controls."
Kim Togo 7-Jan-12 2:44am View
Help full links. My 5.
Kim Togo 3-Jan-12 3:03am View
Thanks SA. And Happy New Year!
Kim Togo 3-Jan-12 2:59am View
My 5 for all the good advice :-)
Kim Togo 3-Jan-12 2:58am View
Kim Togo 3-Jan-12 2:22am View
Kim Togo 24-Dec-11 16:26pm View
What type of program, database, type of OS?
Kim Togo 13-Dec-11 4:18am View
This is a repost of

Please delete this tips and stick to the other tip :-)
Kim Togo 10-Dec-11 3:51am View
What type of media is it?
VoIP/SIP, Mobile phone or ??
Kim Togo 10-Dec-11 3:47am View
+5 for the good answer.
Kim Togo 7-Dec-11 3:17am View
Total correct SA my 5.
Only convert DateTime to string when needed to show in UI controls.
And when it has to be showed in UI, then please please follow the Regional settings.
Kim Togo 16-Nov-11 3:54am View
This is a repost of
Kim Togo 14-Nov-11 3:00am View
Check the examples code in TcpClient.
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 3:44am View
You are welcome :-)
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 3:10am View
Okay then :-)
Then you need to install MySQL server, just has you self did. And for your own program, you have to copy the .exe file.
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 2:54am View
No. You have to understand the basic in LAN network and IP protocol.
If you have 4 computers, and they are all on the same local area network (LAN). Then they probably have an IP address.
On the computer here the MySQL server is installed, write down the IP address (To see the IP address, rund CMD.EXE and type "IPCONFIG")

If the MySQL server has IP address "", then use this IP address on the "new MySQL_Connection" options.
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 2:40am View
Do not do that. Create you own protocol, perhaps and XML document, where you will have all the information you need.

You cannot stream/serialize all types of objects.
See Serialization (C# and Visual Basic) and How to serialize an object to XML by using Visual C#
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 2:27am View
On the other computer, copy your program .exe file and mysqlcppconn.dll file or if you have compiled it with a static .lib file "mysqlcppconn-static.lib" you only need the .exe file.

when you create a MySQL_Connection object, you then specify IP address where the MySQL server is running, a valid username and password.

sqlConnection = new MySQL_Connection("", "myusername", "mypassword");
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 2:07am View
Where the MySQL is installed is up to you.
If you have 4 computers, then 1 computer can have the MySQL server installed and the other 3 computers can access the computer where the MySQL server is running.

All users are accessing the same MySQL server.
Kim Togo 10-Nov-11 1:27am View
What has "Respones.Redirect" to do with C++ and MySQL?
Kim Togo 13-Oct-11 2:49am View
Yes you can. But you have to finde the right tools to do it. Search the here on codeproject and google :-)
Kim Togo 2-Oct-11 11:17am View
Haha thanks :-)
Must confess that the original text is her:
Kim Togo 1-Oct-11 13:13pm View
My 4 for a simple answer.
Kim Togo 1-Oct-11 13:12pm View
Thanks Simon.
Kim Togo 1-Oct-11 13:12pm View
Thanks Espen.
Kim Togo 1-Oct-11 13:11pm View
My 5 for at good answer that will help OP to solve the problem :-)
Kim Togo 14-Sep-11 12:26pm View
Thanks Raja.
Kim Togo 14-Sep-11 12:22pm View
You are welcome :-)
Kim Togo 13-Sep-11 5:47am View
Perhaps this can help you?
Kim Togo 13-Sep-11 4:21am View
Okay, now I understand.

Check the example on this MSDN link.

In this example, there is 4 column and a example is showed on how to add data to all columns.
Kim Togo 13-Sep-11 3:32am View
Sorry, I do not understand what you want.
But I can see that you use the same variable "department" for all 3 information's?
Kim Togo 13-Sep-11 3:05am View
Google is your friend in need.

But there are many articles here at codeproject.

Kim Togo 13-Sep-11 2:45am View
Thanks Mehdi.
Kim Togo 30-Aug-11 7:51am View
Reason for my vote of 3
Good, but it will fail if no Element of "Node" is found.
The .FirstOrDefault() will return NULL.
Kim Togo 29-Aug-11 14:24pm View
And yes. Why make it more complex, when the answer is very simple.
Kim Togo 29-Aug-11 14:21pm View
Kim Togo 23-Aug-11 2:55am View
MySql.Data.dll file is not a part of MySql installation MSI file. You have to download MySql Connector/Net to get the file.
Other then this. Good work :-)
Kim Togo 20-Aug-11 11:35am View
The last link is cool, my 5 :-)
Kim Togo 13-Aug-11 11:19am View
Spot on.
Kim Togo 13-Aug-11 3:18am View
What errors do you get ?
Kim Togo 12-Aug-11 1:57am View
If you find yourself needing to use the goto statement. Reconsider.
Kim Togo 12-Aug-11 1:54am View
What have you tried so far?
What options have you tried to solve your problem?
Kim Togo 12-Aug-11 1:50am View
You are welcome.
Kim Togo 10-Aug-11 12:51pm View
What type of media: Cellphone, VOIP, TAPI what?
Kim Togo 10-Aug-11 9:36am View
Please do NOT repost questions.
Kim Togo 10-Aug-11 9:35am View
This is a repost of
Kim Togo 9-Aug-11 11:32am View
And check out you fellow students question. B-)
Kim Togo 9-Aug-11 11:29am View
There are may good articles here at CP :-)
Kim Togo 9-Aug-11 11:28am View
Good links. My 5.
Kim Togo 9-Aug-11 2:13am View
Good thread from My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 15:39pm View
My 5 Espen. Nice.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 11:26am View
Please use "Add Comment" and not "Add solution".
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 11:26am View
From OP:

The issue is solved.

Thanks a lot
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:35am View
Good article. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:32am View
Yes, the new TPL in .NET 4 is amazing. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:31am View
Right on. 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:12am View
Good link SA. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:10am View
Nice example. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:08am View
Good answer SA. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 8:07am View
My 5 for the answer.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:23am View
Thanks :-)
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:23am View
Thanks SA
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:23am View
Thanks Manfred.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:22am View
But the ValueUpdatedEventHandler delegate is defined as public. That makes ValueUpdatedEventArgs less accessible.

Then change ValueUpdatedEventHandler to internal.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:18am View
Good answer. My 5.
Kim Togo 8-Aug-11 2:18am View
Kim Togo 5-Aug-11 11:17am View
What type of media to send SMS?
GSM modem, Webservice.
Kim Togo 4-Aug-11 3:53am View
Good answer.
Kim Togo 2-Aug-11 3:54am View
Kim Togo 1-Aug-11 6:15am View
There are simple example on MSDN on how to use XElement for creating and reading.
Kim Togo 1-Aug-11 6:14am View
What solution? Use XElement to create your XML file from the data in TreeView and use XElement to read the XML file and populate TreeView.
Kim Togo 1-Aug-11 2:36am View
My 5.
Kim Togo 1-Aug-11 2:36am View
Kim Togo 30-Jul-11 11:08am View
Right on :-)
Kim Togo 30-Jul-11 11:07am View
Please use "Add Comment" and not "Add a Solution" when replying to a solution.
Kim Togo 30-Jul-11 11:06am View
From OP

Thank you very very much if I send you my game can you create reply for that?
Kim Togo 29-Jul-11 6:48am View
To change permissions on database for a specific user. Then you use GRANT sql.
Kim Togo 29-Jul-11 5:23am View
You are welcome.
Kim Togo 29-Jul-11 5:14am View
Have you tried to use Google ?
What type of SMTP server: Exchange, Domino, Postfix etc...
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 8:41am View
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 7:30am View
Good. But in the connection you have specified "MYSQL ODBC 3.51 Driver".
Check out
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 7:26am View
The newest version MySql ODBC can be downloaded her:
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 7:25am View
For "version 2" example change


Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 7:18am View
Strange.. Have you tried the other versions of binding-values? - Hmm. I think it has something to do with ODBC driver ( and the ODBC driver v 3.51 for MySql is really old one, you can download a version 5.1.8 now ).

Try "version 2".

"VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)" and

Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 7:10am View
Change "VALUES (ip_address, date_time, service_status, logged_user)" to:

"VALUES (:ip_address, :date_time, :service_status, :logged_user)" and


Look, I have added a : tag as described in the link to approaches-to-binding-values.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 6:52am View
See approaches-to-binding-values

There is some good examples on how to :-)
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 3:39am View
You can do a:

QSqlQuery query = db.exec("create table person (id int primary key, firstname varchar(20), lastname varchar(20))");
query.exec("insert into person values(101, 'Danny', 'Young')");


QSqlQuery query(db);

query.exec("create table person (id int primary key, firstname varchar(20), lastname varchar(20))");
query.exec("insert into person values(101, 'Danny', 'Young')");
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 3:00am View
See updated answer. "How to:..."
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:32am View
Any where you like. XML files are just text files.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:31am View
Please post your connection string.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:29am View
Good links.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:29am View
Good link.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:28am View
Good answer. My 5.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:24am View
Please use "Add Comment" and not "Add a Solution" when replying to a Solution.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:23am View
From OP

thank you for the reference! :)
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:23am View
From OP

thank you for the reference! :)
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:21am View
Thanks SA
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:13am View
Right on. 5.
Kim Togo 28-Jul-11 2:12am View
And 5 to you :-)
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 8:10am View
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 8:03am View
Reboot your computer and enter BIOS (press DEL or F12) and look and search for something that has to do with CPU/Cores/Hyper-threading etc.

But it ALL depends on what type of computer/manufacturer you have.
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 7:08am View
Perhaps you have to "enable" all cores or "Hyper-threading/cores" in the BIOS ?
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 3:18am View
I do not think that WP7 is a fail. When Nokia starts to sell WP7 handsets, I think the marked share will change.
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:37am View
From OP:

Thank you for your response. Actually, I do want the application to show data by itself without any user interaction.

Having it as a tooltip or double clicking the system tray icon requires user interaction. For example, when the user is watching a movie, he would still like to get a notification when his favorite map is currently active on the server. Of course, there will be options to enable/disable these notifications so that it won't be a "shove a notification in your face" kind of application. :)
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:28am View
What does not work? It cannot compile, it has runtime error ?
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:21am View
Then check is username and password is correct at the SQL Server.
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:19am View
What string are you trying to and to what.
A date/time string to database?
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:08am View
Good catch SA :-)
Kim Togo 27-Jul-11 2:03am View
You do not need to check if row exists before deleting.
If ExecuteNonQuery returns more then 0 ( deleteCmd.ExecuteNonQuery() > 0 ), then the record was deleted.
Kim Togo 26-Jul-11 9:37am View
You are welcome.

Yes, I find this CP article very useful.
C# Event Implementation Fundamentals, Best Practices and Conventions.
Kim Togo 26-Jul-11 8:57am View
Good advice.
Kim Togo 26-Jul-11 8:22am View
Code dump. Where to look?
Kim Togo 26-Jul-11 8:18am View
Is this not a JavaScript question ?
Kim Togo 26-Jul-11 1:52am View
What value has obj.connection().ToString() ?

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