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KarstenK 31 mins ago View
You shouldnt develop on the old vb6. Learning and writing code for that legacy system is a waiste of time. Use and Google for some snippets.
KarstenK yesterday View
yes. use google.
KarstenK 3 days ago View
Post it as answer to close the Q&A.
KarstenK 13-Jun-17 3:36am View
I wanted to close the Q&A :-O
KarstenK 6-Jun-17 6:24am View
please write such answer as solution to mark it as answered. ;-)
KarstenK 30-May-17 9:52am View
Did you Google and what have you done?
KarstenK 21-May-17 4:25am View
Read the documentation of these function carefully. Some handles arent only valid for some function. Check all rights and flags.

Good luck.
KarstenK 19-May-17 6:58am View
write it as answer to close the Q&A.
KarstenK 10-May-17 2:33am View
write it as answer, so the Q&A is solved.
KarstenK 4-May-17 11:52am View
What about making the text upper case and then setting it???
KarstenK 3-May-17 12:21pm View
fetch statistic data like amount of data and show them summed up over the time interval.
KarstenK 2-May-17 5:47am View
your buffer with malloc(size*sizeof(char)); is a leak!!!
fix with free(buffer);
KarstenK 25-Apr-17 4:31am View
You havent made clear the issue what you working on. I guess that it are some texts which are constants. Good style is to make constant values as globals.
KarstenK 21-Apr-17 11:17am View
I think fixing that compiler error isnt the last step, but the complete handling of the array need a redesign. It startes with the initialization the array...
KarstenK 9-Mar-17 5:38am View
3. you shouldnt reuse a resource when it isnt done.
KarstenK 28-Feb-17 6:32am View
The imagecell and the row value should get vars at top of the loop to clean the code....
KarstenK 28-Feb-17 5:40am View
You should debug the code yourself by giving more output. I found that you have often some while (FALSE); statement. Which normally means that the loop is run once and than left.
KarstenK 15-Feb-17 12:16pm View
And how? Write it as answer, because we all like to learn from it!
KarstenK 14-Feb-17 5:35am View
Has the process the access rights to these infos? Whats the error message or code?
KarstenK 9-Feb-17 4:20am View
Where and what is the problem?
KarstenK 7-Feb-17 4:03am View
I would create all tasks in waiting mode. And than another task is fetching them and when finished gets the next tasks started.
KarstenK 5-Feb-17 4:56am View
you need to store the position of every horse. I think your draw function has some design flaw in the loop. Use subroutines, like "drawLine"
KarstenK 30-Jan-17 8:42am View
Are you sure that the data format is correct? My first guess is some UNICODE issue with the file.
KarstenK 24-Jan-17 8:54am View
plz show the complete error message which the linker spitted out. I need more details for an answer.
KarstenK 23-Jan-17 5:55am View
If you Google you find that you need to use DeleteObject. For redrawing you must call InvalideRect with the correct values.
KarstenK 17-Jan-17 10:44am View
modf is easy, it gave two results with one function.
KarstenK 15-Jan-17 12:35pm View
This Q & A is for specific questions, so Google and find some better matching forums. Sorry
KarstenK 11-Jan-17 5:04am View
the uninitialized var are a runtime issue which wont bother the compiler.
KarstenK 11-Jan-17 3:45am View
try: struct SerialCfgPacket rpdata_U[100];

Plz the complete error message. Maybe you could google it...
KarstenK 11-Jan-17 3:18am View
the missing error message makes it harder to help you.
KarstenK 10-Jan-17 3:45am View
Tip: use braces and new lines after the while and the if command to make the code clearer.
KarstenK 3-Jan-17 4:54am View
You got to choice between mobile phone and server development. That is your personal choice, but you should also consider job chances, salary and the future. I would choose j2ee if the odds are good for you. (because I dont like to run after a hype)
KarstenK 17-Dec-16 4:54am View
You should provide more details what you have done and what you need.

The heigth should be at least 50% of its width. ;-)
KarstenK 15-Dec-16 8:58am View
These special questions are better asked in a bitorrent forum. And debugging the code is the privileque of its writer ;-)
KarstenK 13-Dec-16 12:00pm View
You had assigned your poplation array. What fitness?
KarstenK 12-Dec-16 12:42pm View
use some more sub routines to clean up the code. And some constants or defines.

It often helps to see clearer what to do in such a mess ;-)
KarstenK 12-Dec-16 12:39pm View
This code wont compile at first. Use better variable names, braces and constants for "clean code". Maybe some more cout is helping...
KarstenK 9-Dec-16 7:41am View
I sounds like you havent set up the project correctly. Some missing macros or standard libs.

Please show from the span.hpp the lines 60 - 80. (A bit more than the error lines for better understanding)
KarstenK 9-Dec-16 5:17am View
Make the receive buffer bigger.
KarstenK 9-Dec-16 2:40am View
You should use the debugger to find that issue. We cant see your code!!!
KarstenK 8-Dec-16 12:16pm View
Homework questions are best helped with a mate in your class - or your teacher.
KarstenK 8-Dec-16 9:17am View
try to debug or make some output on critical code pathes.
KarstenK 7-Dec-16 3:13am View
the solution is correct, but problematic in complex scenarios like some error handling.
KarstenK 7-Dec-16 3:10am View
Nice and funny ;-)
KarstenK 6-Dec-16 11:56am View
The static handle isnt such a good idea.
And what returns GetLastError after the failed call? This often points to the solution...
KarstenK 30-Nov-16 12:26pm View
You should describe your problem more in details. So I would think it is like a chat app.
KarstenK 28-Nov-16 7:07am View
Why such a complex task without any documentation? Havent you found anything with Google?
KarstenK 24-Nov-16 8:56am View
What about showing the concrete and full error message? Maybe it help to think or Google about it :-O
KarstenK 18-Nov-16 6:56am View
is the path to the lib in the release also correctly set?
KarstenK 13-Nov-16 4:33am View
the code: long a[n], time; wont compile. Whats that???

Tip: try to limit all input.
KarstenK 12-Nov-16 4:17am View
Are you sure, that the process has the rights to open the db. Try it in some temp dir.
KarstenK 10-Nov-16 2:09am View
Google for some sample code :-O
KarstenK 8-Nov-16 10:13am View
Modying an input value isnt good style. Example: if he wants to reuse the code with some string class.

Anybody should "learn coding" this style ;-)
KarstenK 2-Nov-16 6:06am View
Because these calls are "expensive" your Test object should be a class member and create some steps before. The JNI has a lazy runtime!!!
KarstenK 1-Nov-16 13:57pm View
you must provide the full error and on which line.
KarstenK 11-Oct-16 2:28am View
Let me guess: There is a bug in the code? :-O
KarstenK 3-Oct-16 4:22am View
your main code is only run once. Use a while loop with some condition.

A diagram is a graphical display of x and y values as coordinates.
KarstenK 17-Sep-16 4:22am View
write it as solution :-)
KarstenK 12-Sep-16 5:44am View
long sleeping is always a bad idea, because the whole thread is in sleep mode.
Better is to poll every 100 ms. It is a long time in processor cycles.
KarstenK 1-Sep-16 9:15am View
Increase the life time of _ALL_ objects. Like make the MLTempl a class member so it can init before the call. Look in the source file or write the author.
KarstenK 30-Aug-16 10:34am View
You need a public IP from your home lan router. Some static IP service like DynDNS. And think about security: login credentials and encryption (maybe https)
KarstenK 17-Aug-16 13:26pm View
Every language has its adavantages, so writing "fast" is relative. I can write C++ "fast" because I have a lot of experience with it. :-O
KarstenK 5-Aug-16 8:40am View
I dont get it!!! Even if the icon is already there?
Sounds like a bug by Microsoft. You should contact them and throw away all hope of a fix. (Sorry for that)
KarstenK 5-Aug-16 8:27am View
There thousands of of com_errors and it told you that VS 6 it too old!!!
KarstenK 4-Aug-16 6:26am View
a tip: create a struct hotel with 3 wings each with 50 rooms.

so access is:
hotel[0/*the wing*/][0/*the first room*/] = ....
KarstenK 2-Aug-16 2:49am View
Use an older version of Visual Studio. Sometimes MS code got broken.
A guess: try also a fresh build from the sources in a directory which has only ASCII a-z/A-Z characters in its path.
KarstenK 29-Jul-16 12:15pm View
Remind that cost effiency is key for the use. So prefer a low cost chain.

One advice: only server side authentification is sure, because client side can be compromised. Never store sensitive data on the client. It is an attack goal at first side.
KarstenK 28-Jul-16 3:37am View
Contact the manufacturer of the hardware for what API is provided. The question isnt answerable.
KarstenK 21-Jul-16 8:16am View
codeproject is a more windows centric website. I know QT as good platform indepedent GUI-framework.
KarstenK 20-Jul-16 12:54pm View
Programming is like a hurdle run. The real problems occur when the hurdle is too high. Learn to fight them down. ;-)
KarstenK 1-Jul-16 3:36am View
Nice, but it makes the code harder to understand because it leads to mixing the string type. And only leads to bugs.
KarstenK 28-Jun-16 9:29am View
You must debug it step by step to find the problems and solve them.

It is no simple question, but a "please write my code". Consult a mate or hire a coder.
KarstenK 27-Jun-16 6:24am View
Has your class A some members which can cause the problem?
KarstenK 26-Jun-16 13:37pm View
The windows media player is crappy. I have a lot of video which cant be played. Try VLC Player.
KarstenK 22-Jun-16 8:30am View
Sounds like the problem is in the WiFi data fetch and it kills the app. I would try a watchdog thread which checks the life your camera thread and restarts it when needed.
KarstenK 16-Jun-16 5:48am View
Check the input data and make some output of the dimensions when you run.
KarstenK 15-Jun-16 12:34pm View
That isnt a good idea. The header data and file extension are used to identify the data type. If your bits are misinterpreted you earn garbage instead of a picture :-(
KarstenK 9-Jun-16 5:38am View
it is obvious that your fmtctx isnt somehow properly initialized. But dont know hot to fix it.
KarstenK 31-May-16 9:56am View
Let me guess: it is your homework? Consider "Learning by doing"...
KarstenK 30-May-16 4:30am View
MS writes that you cant use you BOTH flags at the time.
KarstenK 28-May-16 13:27pm View
Run it as 32-bit process on Windows 10 to check whether it is a 32/64 bit problem or Windows 10 issue. May some of your input data is invalid for 64 bit.

Are you using some lib for OpenGL? Maybe it isnt the 64 bit version linked in...
KarstenK 27-May-16 8:30am View
Check for some mistyping around outportb. Maybe you better use "(" instead of "<".
KarstenK 26-May-16 5:27am View
Sorry I wont, but a tip for the last step: if you have the bits, you can use

KarstenK 13-May-16 13:08pm View
the idl compiler is a lady. If she get such file extension it wont work. Maybe thats the solution :~
KarstenK 10-May-16 10:29am View
Sorry, but try your luck in an ubuntu forum. Here is the Q&A for coding questions ..
KarstenK 9-May-16 3:07am View
The question is weired and makes little sense for.

My advise: You better learn coding instead of waisting time with such nonsense.
KarstenK 2-May-16 12:21pm View
Show the complete code with the construction of the object which crashes. I guess that is somehow invalid for the call...
KarstenK 2-May-16 8:27am View
Looks like these functions arent in your binary. Check the linking procedures your binary.
KarstenK 24-Apr-16 13:10pm View
try an opencv forum or google for it. The chances for getting an answer for that type of question are very, very low.
KarstenK 19-Apr-16 8:20am View
Take a look at the remote control software TeamViewer.
KarstenK 16-Apr-16 3:13am View
Maybe you had some USB stick or portable disk used.
KarstenK 16-Apr-16 3:11am View
Unclear. Do you mean MS Word or drawing a picture as background under some text.
KarstenK 12-Apr-16 8:10am View
The question is unclear, but check: you must recommit the texture to the OpenGL and redraw it.
KarstenK 11-Apr-16 7:48am View
strcmp takes 2 parameter of type char*. Google for the function and some sample code.
KarstenK 7-Apr-16 8:11am View
Changing the image format means that you recode the image. Maybe the OpenCV library may help you. It isnt as simple as copying some code from MSDN and asking for portation to Linux. :-(
KarstenK 5-Apr-16 10:05am View
You must be sure, what data is in your bin-file. If it is bitmap data, than you need a completly other solution.
KarstenK 4-Apr-16 2:26am View
Do you really to code the next years, or do something in managment or sales? You must follows your dreams about your future, because only when you love it, you will work hard and with passion for the details, so you will achieve outstanding results.

What about diving into the mobile apps: whether it is in the Apple universe, Android or Windows Mobile?
KarstenK 3-Apr-16 4:30am View
The only way is to check whether some frames have a significant difference to earlier ans/or later frames.

Anyway your question is too unspecific to give answer.
KarstenK 27-Mar-16 4:48am View
Especailly Microsoft specific is, that every new version of tools has its pitfalls. You better use the right tool, or risking big headaches. Believe an old Microsoftie: it isnt worth the effort...
KarstenK 23-Mar-16 13:57pm View
If you use OpenSSL you can work on other features. Use it as a static library, so the needed code will get linked in your binary.
KarstenK 20-Mar-16 15:10pm View
Sounds like you got little knowledge, but a big project. It is very naive to think that it is easy. Consider some professional advice or learn a lot. You will need some weeks of learning.
KarstenK 13-Mar-16 5:16am View
The write isnt correct implemented. There can be multiple write needed if you have a big input file. I would implement really more error checking ...
KarstenK 10-Mar-16 2:18am View
Tip: For certificate installation the running process must be an administrator.
KarstenK 26-Feb-16 7:04am View
This is what your source code will execute. Use a debugger to visit each step of your code.
KarstenK 25-Feb-16 5:14am View
write a global queue handler which owns the buffers and has info about the type and its usage status.

But that is a task for two weeks and not two days. You have waisted YOUR precious time!!!
KarstenK 24-Feb-16 2:49am View
There are a lot of online tutorials in the web like on youtube or

And my serious advice: coding is learned by engaged coding.
KarstenK 22-Feb-16 11:59am View
Give us more information, if you REALLY want help. (the complete error message)
KarstenK 17-Feb-16 12:28pm View
it is not clear what you want. Sometimes IN is a macro for coding guideline security and means const.
KarstenK 16-Feb-16 6:54am View
Is Parent_hWnd really the handle of the toolbar? Plz use the value from the creation.
KarstenK 14-Feb-16 12:38pm View
You shouldnt save files in a database. It is bad design.

Save the files on some server with some ID-mechanism for read and write operations.
KarstenK 2-Feb-16 3:03am View
Write it as answer ;-)
KarstenK 27-Jan-16 13:59pm View
Start here:

After some month you will understand why...
KarstenK 24-Jan-16 4:37am View
it is so easy:
KarstenK 22-Jan-16 5:38am View
NP-API of Mozilla is deprecated and will soon be out of business. What about HTML5?

Tip: Look what technology Google is prefering.
KarstenK 10-Jan-16 13:21pm View
Please use a debugger and if you find the problematic function - check the return code and google for the function.
KarstenK 3-Jan-16 4:13am View
Check that the libraries are multi-threading safe.
Use some test data to find the bug. And start with a simple one thread case.
KarstenK 1-Jan-16 13:47pm View
You really should start with some thinking and skteching on paper for some hours. It feels like waisting time, but you can clearer understand which solution you want to develop.
KarstenK 30-Dec-15 12:14pm View
the rowsize in the data is WITH padding. Do not subtract it.

Tip: use a simple rectangular test bmp to find your bug. ;-)
KarstenK 21-Dec-15 12:48pm View
You must show the RELEVANT DATA. But what it is, that must you (or your designer, manager) decide.

To be or not to be - that is the question. ;-)
KarstenK 21-Dec-15 12:46pm View
the SysString must be freed. Memory leak!!!
KarstenK 20-Nov-15 3:14am View
He has the freedom to make his own choices - as you. Dont ferget it!!!
KarstenK 10-Nov-15 14:24pm View
it is simple math with sinus and cosinus. Consider that you really are in trouble by not understanding such tasks. Ask some mate or teacher and learn your stuff or you wont make your exams. :-(
KarstenK 28-Oct-15 7:47am View
Maybe a firewall is a solution.
KarstenK 19-Oct-15 6:15am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n please add somedays the PostThreadMessage-API for completness. It is very important for robust multi-thrreading programming.
KarstenK 19-Oct-15 4:57am View
Nice homework. Get busy learning to code. ;-)
KarstenK 9-Oct-15 4:39am View
Consider sending your data in a common file format with modern security and process it later. Like xml pdf or jpg.
KarstenK 7-Oct-15 7:50am View
Why dont you a library, as I (or we) yesterday advised? If you dont wanna learn, you'll never will learn...
KarstenK 3-Oct-15 13:45pm View
And what are the linker errors???
KarstenK 25-Aug-15 6:55am View
I can only guess that you better the result callback for setting the results and call the next method. Show some code!!!
KarstenK 21-Aug-15 6:50am View
Please clearify your question. Use in the text the same variable names as in your code. It is best practice to use long or meaningful names.

I guess you need a two dimensional array. Like results[6][20];
KarstenK 11-Aug-15 8:38am View
The error is correct. You must correct your call of AddNumbers. But I got no clue how :-O
KarstenK 11-Aug-15 8:13am View
Set a debug point at the last clear code point and step through. Watch some Youtube videos. There is a bunch of good tutorials. ;-)
KarstenK 10-Aug-15 3:26am View
Explain what is your programming languag, framework and IDE?
KarstenK 5-Aug-15 13:43pm View
I guess it depends on the compiler and some setting. My tip is 21.
KarstenK 4-Aug-15 6:43am View
Consider only using the KEY_READ flag, so you havent any trouble with access rights.
KarstenK 15-Jul-15 7:30am View
Sometimes are stupid questions used to make somebody unsure, or the questioner dont know what he is talking. Strange things are happening.
KarstenK 14-Jul-15 9:24am View
Can it be that your image grabbing is single threaded? Starting some threads also means overhead. You better make a sound concept which tasks to outsource in threads and which one only gets quequeded. Only one image grabbing and one file processing thread with queues to avoid statup and shutdown of API/dlls ?
KarstenK 10-Jul-15 4:29am View
than you havent written to that memory. I find writing to some fixed address strange. I'd rather would write in a variable, struct or deref a pointer to write on that var. But I got no clue about ARM.
KarstenK 6-Jul-15 10:23am View
Thats not good style. You better open and close the key after every read and write.
Usually it is one handle for every key used, so you need to open one for every value. Except subkeys.

It is really no performance issue, but you need clear code (as little globals as possible and no open handles).
KarstenK 2-Jul-15 5:13am View
Not at all. Not for sharing. You are then sending copies of that data around. Such code is a dead end street if you want to extend the code to more threads or bigger data.
KarstenK 30-Jun-15 10:58am View
Anyone better ideas??? plz write...
KarstenK 30-Jun-15 10:18am View
Silverlight is somehow outdated, so look out for other technologies. Maybe you can use a C# dll in an ASP-Site. But there will be some security issues. A solution could be that some other process is enumerating the devices and stores somewhere the list.
KarstenK 22-Jun-15 12:49pm View
KarstenK 22-Jun-15 2:04am View
Is the path of the gcc set, so it can accessed from the script?
KarstenK 21-Jun-15 14:29pm View
Tip: set a break point in the C# code. It should work to debug it.
KarstenK 19-Jun-15 7:48am View
it is a perfect question for our lounge:
KarstenK 18-Jun-15 13:44pm View
learn systematic programming with clear conceptual code. Writing such messy code leads not only to problems but also nobody likes to help you...
KarstenK 16-Jun-15 6:25am View
it is clearly what code runs behind the StartDoc(). I guess: it can be some missing print driver or malformatted strings.
KarstenK 12-Jun-15 14:08pm View
It sounds like some of your objects/handles go out of scope. Be sure to save all bits befor the DC got invalid/deleted. Sometime it helps to write the Bitmap on disk and check it.
KarstenK 12-Jun-15 4:37am View
review your settings. Somewhere is it set. Delete it!
KarstenK 9-Jun-15 13:50pm View
You should learn to use the debugger and fill your code with some trace output.
KarstenK 7-Jun-15 4:33am View
I cant see the problem in your code. And shouldnt store a DC because it is some handle to graphics memory which isnt fix. Your for-loop is overriding the memory. Do you really want that?
KarstenK 5-Jun-15 13:44pm View
I added the size as second parameter to the function. Didnt you read that? (You must learn to read precisly) ;-)
KarstenK 2-Jun-15 15:38pm View
The regular MFc-dll isnt an app with a message queue and valid windows handles so the assert are yelling. Take it serious: it wont work because of the good reasons.

I got no clue: Consider another solution - at best Delphi based.
KarstenK 1-Jun-15 13:25pm View
My tip is a security issue in the used COM-objects. Check whether the are all registered an working. Test it as admin or with UAC disabled.
KarstenK 27-May-15 13:56pm View
Verify the RSA-code with some sample data. Else it can be a transfer problem. Some buffer issue copying to less or to much data. (nobody will check your code)
KarstenK 27-May-15 13:32pm View
Looks like you need a 32 pixel toolbar for the tablet. => Resolution?
KarstenK 24-May-15 4:56am View
Check if all is in the C# dll is fine. Maybe a bug is already in that code.
KarstenK 21-May-15 12:41pm View
My guess would be a bug. Most likely on the sending machine. Verify that the incoming data contains the zeros.
KarstenK 20-May-15 12:49pm View
This is your homework: learn the basics.
KarstenK 19-May-15 2:24am View
Why dont you "translate" the VB-Code to VC++. The logic should be similar ...
KarstenK 19-May-15 2:22am View
Windows Server 2003 is so old, that I really recommand NOT using it as a target of development.
KarstenK 15-May-15 13:31pm View
I would strongly advise against it. Make a complete data struct with native types and transfer it as a pointer. This works and you can go on and code program instead of memory problems.
KarstenK 15-May-15 3:31am View
Show us the code. My guess is that you mismatch the string type for the input parameters.
KarstenK 13-May-15 12:51pm View
It is obvious that the rData part doesnt work. Use some fixed values instead of the Redim() ones.
KarstenK 12-May-15 13:37pm View
Check that the CompanyInfo.resources gets into the build target. Looks MYPROJECTNAME like is a macro which isnt resolved. Scan your project to find the place and try to fix it.
KarstenK 12-May-15 8:20am View
Creating a thread means overhead in the runtime and the OS, so you better test how many threads are better. If you have disk access than do it in one threads and AFTER that start workers threads.
KarstenK 10-May-15 11:14am View
At first look: I dont wonder by such messy code. Cleanup the code and use constants for sizes and loops, structs for the data and memset functions for initialization and you will find _YOUR_ bugs.
KarstenK 8-May-15 13:11pm View
What a question ...
KarstenK 6-May-15 12:57pm View
It is bad style to hard code pathes.

As Richard says check that the libs are in the path. I bet they arent...
KarstenK 6-May-15 12:54pm View
Try to debug via only executing of parts of the code or an simplifyed sample.
KarstenK 30-Apr-15 8:50am View
We have a saying in Germany: "Selbst ein blindes Huhn findet manchmal ein Korn"...
(I really dont get what you asked)
KarstenK 30-Apr-15 6:47am View
What about converting the value to a string and returning it? Or can you use a stored procedure which does the work?
KarstenK 26-Apr-15 5:10am View
Try to you get the value as string, or multiplied by 1000.
KarstenK 24-Apr-15 15:55pm View
What are the error??? Copy the whole error message. Think about it - maybe it is true what the compiler is yelling!
KarstenK 17-Apr-15 7:20am View
You should debug the code for yourself. Make output for all unclear values. Use some well designed input data.

Most: use the Debugger
KarstenK 15-Apr-15 7:28am View
To use "\0" in a string is wrong. Cant you use any other delimiter as "\n"?
KarstenK 14-Apr-15 5:06am View
So you should find it all in the source code. Havent you read it carefully???
KarstenK 13-Apr-15 12:35pm View
What about the documentation? Or havent you a licence?
KarstenK 2-Apr-15 15:02pm View
you should implement some action is your CRational class to simplify your in coding.

You use C#!!!
KarstenK 24-Mar-15 14:57pm View
KarstenK 23-Mar-15 14:17pm View
If you want to change the baud rate you got to close and open the port. Somehow can the maximal baudrate get fetched.
KarstenK 16-Mar-15 6:50am View
is the path correct? Try a simple CopyFile to test...
KarstenK 14-Mar-15 4:39am View
write some test szenario data which you really understand and verify all parts of your code. Or wait til you time runs out...
KarstenK 4-Mar-15 6:25am View
Please rework your question: paste the error texts as comment one line above the code.
KarstenK 3-Mar-15 2:26am View
how the column width is calculated?
KarstenK 3-Mar-15 2:25am View
Screen output is slow. If that is your key problem you only want the data in the memory you can use a bitmap in a MemoryDC. It wont get drawn on the screen so it runs faster. With a BiBlt you can print the pixels to screen.

If you really want performance, than think about accessing such bitmap bits via pointers. (Not the slow Get/SetPixel-API).
KarstenK 2-Mar-15 5:11am View
Maybe it is a bug. Check the OS and mplement it for both ways. And you're done.
KarstenK 1-Mar-15 13:42pm View
Mein Rat ist: Optimal code is bug free, easy to understand and reuseable. ;-)

The cout costs performance and also the fwrite really slows down. Providing a bigger buffer and write ALL ONCE is faster.
KarstenK 23-Feb-15 10:50am View
Unclear. Different versions of iOS. You must track down, where the problem is. Do some logging.
KarstenK 23-Feb-15 5:56am View
such special questions are better in some opencv forums asked. Try your luck there. ;-)
KarstenK 23-Feb-15 5:12am View
insted of strlen() you better use sizeof() to get the buffer size. Encapsulate the code in some sub functions and check error codes!!!
KarstenK 19-Feb-15 12:49pm View
C++ is also heavily used in electronic devices ie embedded systems, but it goes in the Linux-world. And also in the Apple is objective-C which is somehow C++ with Apple extension.

But you must take opportunities and chances. If you get a great offer than switch to another languages. After some weeks of learning it becomes routine.
KarstenK 19-Feb-15 7:39am View
In your career you will permantly have to learn and switch technologies. VC++ is a fine basic language and C++ will stay around.

But it all depends on what job offers have and what your long term goals are.
KarstenK 18-Feb-15 13:23pm View
You should do your homeworks to learn programming. A tip: strings are arrays of chars. You can access single chars via text[index].
KarstenK 17-Feb-15 6:04am View
at first you must understand what code you can use for your arm mc. May you only need to multiply. Watchout for overflows.
KarstenK 11-Feb-15 2:34am View
Too unspecific. Show some code.
KarstenK 5-Feb-15 10:21am View
you must start the Visual studio as user to avoid that. Maybe you have the build output windows closed.
KarstenK 4-Feb-15 5:42am View
What is your question? If it doesnt work write some tests to verify your code. On Windows is a CryptoAPI avaliable.
KarstenK 3-Feb-15 4:39am View
overwrite the init function or call initWithFrame

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