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Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-14 4:41am View
So, you should have edited your original question.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-14 4:29am View
This is a repeat of your earlier question. Do not repost questions, you have had answers in the first question
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-14 2:37am View
This would suggest you are using some code that is incompatible with newer versions of Excel
Wayne Gaylard 3-Jan-14 5:30am View
You are right of course. Thanks for that !
Wayne Gaylard 3-Jan-14 1:53am View
Can you show us the code ?
Wayne Gaylard 16-Mar-13 1:22am View
How are you accessing the spreadsheet ? If you are using ms interop then you need to have Office installed on the machine using your application. The only way to get aaround this is to use OleDb and ADO.Net
Wayne Gaylard 29-Mar-12 8:09am View
You need to show some code of what you have done
Wayne Gaylard 26-Mar-12 5:18am View
You have to create the ReportDocument first and then call that method
Wayne Gaylard 22-Mar-12 1:29am View
Glad to help.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 9:05am View
Sorry, I made a mistake using the ClientRectangle property. Please see my updated answer.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 6:35am View
Is this Winforms or WPF ?
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 5:04am View
I have just tried it and it works for me. Must be something going wrong before this code I think.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 3:54am View
Have you stepped through the code and found out exactly where this exception is being thrown. A null reference exception generally means that you are trying to access something that has not been instantiated yet.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 3:47am View
Glad to help.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 3:37am View
Thanks Sergey!
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 3:01am View
Right click your project, then select properties. In the Application tab you should see a Target Framework selection box where you can change it to .Net Framework 4 .
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 2:41am View
If your project targets .Net 3.5 or 4.0 client profile, it won't be available under Add Reference. You need to change your target framework to the full version, then you will see it under Add References dialogue - .Net tab.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 2:07am View
Wayne Gaylard 21-Mar-12 2:07am View
Wayne Gaylard 20-Mar-12 10:06am View
Thanks Abhinav!
Wayne Gaylard 20-Mar-12 7:36am View
Could you give a better idea of what sort of input is being received. You say that with method 1 the user can enter all the data in one text box, while with method 2 they can use multiple text boxes. Does this mean that viewModel.Input is a string or array/List of strings, or some other datatype.
Wayne Gaylard 20-Mar-12 7:03am View
Whats sl no ?
Wayne Gaylard 20-Mar-12 2:04am View
There is a forum below the article for questions such as this. I suggest you post this there, as the chances of the author visiting thuis section are very slight, and if you post it there the author will get an email with your question.
Wayne Gaylard 19-Mar-12 10:52am View
Oops - my bad! Don't know what I was thinking of.
Wayne Gaylard 19-Mar-12 10:32am View
That actually creates an array that can store 8 values - should be new double[6].
Wayne Gaylard 19-Mar-12 5:55am View
It's the same thing just use something like this - yourBrush.ImageSource =
new BitmapImage(
new Uri(@"Images\yourImage.jpg", UriKind.Relative)
Wayne Gaylard 19-Mar-12 3:21am View
How is anyone supposed to know what your interviewer is going to ask you, or vice versa ?
Wayne Gaylard 16-Mar-12 1:14am View
I didn't realise VS 2003 was restricted to 1.1, oh well.
Wayne Gaylard 15-Mar-12 4:09am View
PLease can you explain further, as your question does not really make sense. What do you mean by same size screen ? Same as what ?
Wayne Gaylard 15-Mar-12 4:04am View
You can just copy and paste directly into the input box, and a popup will pop up and ask you whether you want to paste as code, html or plain text, so just select code. If you input code with the keyboard, you can just select the code and you will see a code link above the input box which you can use to select the language and it will surround your code with pre tags.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Mar-12 10:59am View
That's what I was trying to tell the OP, by my demo.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Mar-12 8:15am View
This is not the place to put this, that is why your last post was removed. Try the forum at the bottom of your member profile and then just notify members in the c# forum where to go.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Mar-12 8:13am View
I tried a test and it would only let me access that const with a type name and not an instance of the class.
public class Class1
public const string IsDate = "";
public Form1()
Class1 class1 = new Class1();
string isDate = class1.IsDate;//Throws error - need to use type name not instance
string isDate = Class1.IsDate;//No error

Hope this helps

Wayne Gaylard 14-Mar-12 7:45am View
Are the variables static or are they non-static ? If they are static you cannot access them using an instance of the class, you need to just preface the variable with the class name i.e YourClass.YourVariable as a pose to classObj.YourVariable.
Wayne Gaylard 11-Mar-12 6:47am View
You are going to have to strike a balance between time and memory cost. What is more important ? A users time or memory use ? The benefit of using a query as the source is that you will be filtering the results right from the get go, and each resultset would get less and less, so you could try only querying for results after the user has typed a specific number of letters. Say you only query the database after the user has typed 3 letters in, then your resultset would be much fewer items.
Wayne Gaylard 11-Mar-12 4:52am View
I syggest you study up on database design a bit.
Wayne Gaylard 11-Mar-12 4:33am View
Sorry, your question does not make sense, but I assume you mean you want a report from both tables. You will have to create an SQL Join query like "SELECT s.studentid, p.amountpaid, p.nextpaymentdue FROM students s INNER JOIN payments p ON s.studentid = p.studentid" or similar.
Wayne Gaylard 10-Mar-12 4:49am View
Wayne Gaylard 10-Mar-12 4:18am View
Then you need to find out which resolution the user is using and then adjust the application's main window accordingly. You can use PrimaryScreen.Bounds property like this

Dim intX As Integer = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width
Dim intY As Integer = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height

This will get the width and height of the resolution, but for your form to look good you are still going to have to use Dock and Anchor properties to reset your buttons, textboxes etc.
Wayne Gaylard 10-Mar-12 3:26am View
Just read my first two sentences.
Wayne Gaylard 10-Mar-12 3:16am View
Yes, the properties are on the controls themselves. You need to read the article I linked to about these properties.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Mar-12 9:51am View
If you really want help I suggest in future you dont put everything in bold, as this is deemed rude in public forums. Edited it for you this time. A little politeness also goes a long way to getting the right help here.
Wayne Gaylard 5-Mar-12 7:36am View
Glad to help!
Wayne Gaylard 5-Mar-12 3:23am View
I think he posted the link to show people the star rating control used, which is able to show half a point.
Wayne Gaylard 13-Feb-12 3:51am View
Thanks for this!
Wayne Gaylard 3-Feb-12 4:42am View
My 5. For answering the original question.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Jan-12 1:22am View
You should update your question and put sample code to explain exactly what you are trying to do.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Jan-12 1:17am View
It is generally shipped with the application and included in the deployment / build application. This is meant to solve version issues with different dll versions. The only other option is if the dll is installed in the global assembly cache.
Wayne Gaylard 13-Jan-12 5:26am View
Reason for my vote of 1. Please do not post a question just to link to your first question - very rude.
Wayne Gaylard 13-Jan-12 3:25am View
Thanks SA!
Wayne Gaylard 12-Jan-12 6:18am View
Why is that, the while idea of writing a class library is so that you can reuse the functions in other projects?
Wayne Gaylard 12-Jan-12 6:12am View
My pleasure - glad to help.
Wayne Gaylard 12-Jan-12 6:11am View
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-12 9:37am View
How are you updating it?
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-12 7:21am View
Yes, that is what I have used for the sample.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-12 3:17am View
Many Thanks
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-12 3:17am View
Wayne Gaylard 9-Jan-12 1:56am View
You should tag your question with the GUI library you are using i.e WinForms of WPF.
Wayne Gaylard 6-Jan-12 4:27am View
Is it not just a type - you have name the menu CMenu but are trying to access it using cMenu (with small c)
Wayne Gaylard 6-Jan-12 3:54am View
Wayne Gaylard 4-Jan-12 6:16am View
No one is going to write the code for you. You should do the research yourself and then you will be able to write the code yourself.
Wayne Gaylard 4-Jan-12 5:47am View
The code I posted was straight from Visual Studio and it worked as is. Don't forget to register the button click event as well which I did in the designer.
Wayne Gaylard 28-Nov-11 7:27am View
How do you get the data into the datagrid. Do you use a dataset, a datatable, are you using a bindingsource ?
Wayne Gaylard 28-Nov-11 4:49am View
You will need to show us the original command text, as well as the structure of the database table for us to answer.
Wayne Gaylard 28-Nov-11 2:24am View
Glad to help.
Wayne Gaylard 28-Nov-11 2:15am View
You won't get a compiler error because UserControl is derived from control, and so it is correct to pass an instance of ServerControl. What exactly were you expecting ?
Wayne Gaylard 28-Nov-11 1:35am View
Wayne Gaylard 26-Nov-11 1:16am View
Wayne Gaylard 25-Nov-11 7:36am View
Put a breakpoint in the code where you check if the row is visible and check if it return true always.
Wayne Gaylard 25-Nov-11 7:11am View
Did you get an exception or what?
Wayne Gaylard 25-Nov-11 4:26am View
Would you use a broadcast system, or would you get the clients to poll the server for updates ?
Wayne Gaylard 25-Nov-11 2:28am View
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 9:07am View
What if the class is a converter, or a collection that can be used for binding. Of course you can add a class as a resource in a XAML file.
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 8:31am View
What do you want it to do?
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 2:40am View
I have deleted your response that you posted as an answer, and added it to your original post. Please see my edited answer.
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 2:11am View
I am afraid your question is not very clear. I understand English is not your First language, but you need to explain yourself more clearly, and give alittle more detail.
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 2:03am View
You need to post a code snippet - add it to your osiginal question using the Improve Question link.
Wayne Gaylard 24-Nov-11 0:52am View
Thanks, your link below is also a good one.
Wayne Gaylard 23-Nov-11 1:47am View
Wayne Gaylard 22-Nov-11 2:59am View
You will have to post your original query for anyone to help you. We cannot tell from your snippet what was orginally queried.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Nov-11 9:05am View
Yes. That is what is is for. In the foreach loop you can have as many queries as you like.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Nov-11 8:10am View
Edited question - it might be Argent to you but no one else.
Wayne Gaylard 21-Nov-11 3:44am View
I would have thought so :)
Wayne Gaylard 21-Nov-11 2:13am View
Wayne Gaylard 21-Nov-11 1:28am View
You need to explain what you are binding the listview to, and what exactly it is that you are executing the second time. Are you clicking a button or something else?
Wayne Gaylard 18-Nov-11 23:05pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great work!
Wayne Gaylard 18-Nov-11 9:44am View
That's great. I think I prefer your implemetation. Mine was just done on the spur of the moment. +5
Wayne Gaylard 18-Nov-11 2:18am View
Of course!
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 23:07pm View
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 11:45am View
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 10:38am View
Pleasure - hope you get it sorted.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 10:03am View
Please see my updated answer.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 8:35am View
Then you should create a public property on your main form, that gets passed to the user controls through their constructor, as and when they get created.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 8:30am View
What do you mean ? What result are you aiming at ?
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 8:13am View
See my updated answer
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 6:35am View
No problem.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 5:06am View
No worries - glad I could help :)
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 4:58am View
There is a good tutorial for using SQLite with .Net here
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 3:35am View
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 3:15am View
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 2:08am View
That is not standard behaviour and will confuse your users. You should stick to Windows standard implementations so that users can easily use your application. The standard behaviour for this is when they have entered the username they press tab to take them to the password box, when they have entered their password they press enter to continue.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 1:51am View
Can you post the exact error you recieve. Please modify your original question using Improve question and don't post it as an answer.
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 1:49am View
from OP - yes select command is working properly but at the time insert command only error comes,.... and i have checked the database path physically its perfectly correct
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 1:47am View
How are you populating the combos ?
Wayne Gaylard 17-Nov-11 0:52am View
+5 for your patience. Excellent!
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 8:48am View
Well, try putting the null check in and see if it works. Once your listener class has initiated and registered with the eventhandler, it should no longer be null, and will fire as requested.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 8:20am View
What exactly do you want to do when the event fires ? If this class initiates before the class that will listen to the event, then you neeed to check if there are no listeners, and only fire when the listener is initiated. Maybe an event is not what you are looking for.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 8:02am View
It is no use firing events if there is no one listening for them.
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 8:00am View
Why do you want to join them?
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 5:47am View
No problem. Glad to help:)
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 5:45am View
Can you give us an example of some code that is causing this ?
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 0:58am View
Nice tutoring +5!
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 0:56am View
Thank you
Wayne Gaylard 14-Nov-11 0:36am View
Thanks man!
Wayne Gaylard 13-Nov-11 2:45am View
What have you tried?
Wayne Gaylard 12-Nov-11 1:20am View
Put code in code blocks and removed bold (this is considered shouting on internet forums and is rude).
Wayne Gaylard 12-Nov-11 1:17am View
That's it +5 (just put code in code blocks)
Wayne Gaylard 11-Nov-11 9:21am View
Please reword your question, as it doess not make sense as to what you are tryin to do
Wayne Gaylard 11-Nov-11 8:29am View
What exactly are you trying to do?
Wayne Gaylard 11-Nov-11 3:33am View
Not as far as I know. Maybe someone else has a better solution. Sorry.
Wayne Gaylard 11-Nov-11 3:18am View
You will need to have your own computer runnning this service. You will need to have a computer that can connect to the internet, and that is on all the time.
Wayne Gaylard 10-Nov-11 7:45am View
What do you mean by encode?
Wayne Gaylard 10-Nov-11 7:31am View
Wayne Gaylard 10-Nov-11 5:37am View
Did you try the HitTest method and what did you get?
Wayne Gaylard 9-Nov-11 6:54am View
Please see my comments below. I deleted your 'answer' and set it as a commetn to my answer.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Nov-11 6:53am View
You should really make your collections ObservableCollections rather than Lists, as they Implement INotifycCollectionChanged automatically. I suggest you post your viewmodel code so I can have a look - edit your original question and post it there. Please do not post questions as answers - use the comments rather.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Nov-11 6:50am View
removed reply from answer to comments and deleted answer
Thanks for your answer. I have change the code but it not works. Then i make a new string property "test" in the DocAccessType class. I add a column to the Datagrid that response to the new property "test". So i can check if the problem is the combobox or not.
So i test it:
when i select a group in the combo and save: don't work
when i select a group and then change the second column "test": work, i have the group and the test...?

Must i have a trigger for refresh or what's the problem?
Wayne Gaylard 9-Nov-11 5:53am View
Just create a Product class say with properties ID, Description, Price and StockLevel. Then create another class that derives from List<product> and populate it from the database. Then you can set the COmboBox's DataSource property to that class, and set DisplayMember to Description, and ValueMember to ID. Then the combo will be filled with your products, and when your user selects one, you can access it through the SelectedItem property. Hope this helps
Wayne Gaylard 9-Nov-11 5:43am View
DataGridView is better - more configurable.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Nov-11 7:06am View
I have just tested your code and it works exactly like it should. I get no exception.
Wayne Gaylard 3-Nov-11 11:11am View
What do you mean?
Wayne Gaylard 3-Nov-11 10:26am View
Good Advice
Wayne Gaylard 2-Nov-11 6:23am View
What format is the image in. i.e is it png, jpg or something else ?
Wayne Gaylard 1-Nov-11 10:05am View
No problem
Wayne Gaylard 28-Oct-11 7:59am View
Sorry, I don't get what you are trying to say.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Oct-11 4:18am View
Nice. Out of the Box thinking - I like it!
Wayne Gaylard 20-Oct-11 12:34pm View
Are you using WPF or WinForms ?
Wayne Gaylard 20-Oct-11 8:31am View
Have you installed the MySql Connector for .Net ? If you have, then you just have to remove the reference to MySql.Data in my project and then add a reference to your installed version. Then you will have to compile the project again, and it should all work. Sorry that I cannot remember the version I used for that project, and it is not on the machine I am using at the moment.
Wayne Gaylard 19-Oct-11 3:17am View
Thanks Toniyo
Wayne Gaylard 18-Oct-11 10:09am View
Your code works for me. What is it exactly you are trying to achieve?
Wayne Gaylard 18-Oct-11 9:19am View
I think your application is not running. Try running this with explorer as the application(.Equals("explorer", StringComparison..etc) and see what you get.
Wayne Gaylard 18-Oct-11 8:38am View
Have you checked in task manager that the process is running ? and how it is spelt ? Did you substitute myProgramme for your process name ? I have checked the code I posted and it works properly, so I think the issue is with one of those I mentioned.
Wayne Gaylard 18-Oct-11 7:40am View
I made an error in the if shorthand ( ? : ). I have updated my answer including a way to ensure there are no case errors.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Oct-11 5:34am View
Well you code works fine, so I would investigate whether the image resources are correct.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Oct-11 4:47am View
You should make sure you are getting results from your query, as there is no other errors in the code.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Oct-11 4:11am View
You will need to unsubscibe to the Tick event and dispose of the timer in your form closing event.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Oct-11 4:06am View
Yeah, that was just used as an example. These days I use WPF and so use ObservableCollection for storing collections. I still think generating classes by hand, while tedious, is still better in the end. Especially when you need to start doing things that start getting complicated.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Oct-11 3:56am View
You just add a TimeSpan to the Interval property of the DispatcherTimer

dt.Interval = new TimeSpan(0,0,10);
Wayne Gaylard 15-Sep-11 8:09am View
You could just call the LoadDirectoriesInListView function from your timer tick event.
Wayne Gaylard 15-Sep-11 7:20am View
GetFolderSize is the function you defined in your question above, that returns the size of the folder/directory.
Wayne Gaylard 15-Sep-11 3:56am View
I don't understand the question. Do you mean that you don't want drag and drop enabled if you have a dialogue open?
Wayne Gaylard 13-Sep-11 9:36am View
Wayne Gaylard 13-Sep-11 5:11am View
Ah, my mistake. Then you are going to have to check whether the viewmodel passed to the constructor is initialised properly. Put a breakpoint in the code at the beginning of the constructor after InitializeComponent(), and check whether the properties in the model all have valid values.
Wayne Gaylard 13-Sep-11 5:02am View
.Net 2.0 does not have Lambda expressions, and so you are going to have to use regular syntax. VB.Net lambdas have to return a value(They do not support Anonymous Delegates, which is a Lambda which does not return a value, which you are trying to do), and so cannot be used in event handling signatures. Therefore, you are going to have to create your method with the same signature as the event. It is as simple as that. There is no other way. To be honest I don't think you can do this even with Lambdas and .Net 4.0. The method has to have the same signature period.
Wayne Gaylard 13-Sep-11 4:23am View
Well the problem is not there, as the declaration of the property and the xaml are correct. Have you checked to see that the form's DataContext is set properly? That is all I can see that might be the issue. Are the other bindings working correctly ?
Wayne Gaylard 13-Sep-11 4:00am View
Whats the problem ? I assume EnableA is a bool Property, which implements INotifyPropertyChanged. Then the binding should work as is.
Wayne Gaylard 12-Sep-11 9:43am View
Using string.Format is the recommended solution rather than concatenating strings like you suggested. That is what string.Format is there for.
Wayne Gaylard 12-Sep-11 8:48am View
No problem.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Sep-11 9:48am View
I think he needs a very basic book on WPF. You can only help as much as you can. Thanks for the vote.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Sep-11 9:47am View
To make use of the mouse functions of you control, go to the forms designer, select your button, then under properties you will see a tab called events. You scroll down to the M section and you will see all the events related to Mouse such as MouseDown, MouseLeave, MouseDoubleClick etc. You can just double click whichever event you need to handle and it will create a handler in your code behind file, where you can enter your code. Hope this helps
Wayne Gaylard 9-Sep-11 9:43am View
Please post comments if you need to ask more questions. don't press add a solution.
Wayne Gaylard 9-Sep-11 9:42am View
OP asked:

Why use :
and how can make othe mouse event such as doubleclick; ,....
Wayne Gaylard 8-Sep-11 10:15am View
Thanks Simon
Wayne Gaylard 8-Sep-11 2:59am View
You need to explain your goals more clearly. Are the TextBlocks you mentioned the same TextBlock ? What does the method that you mentioned return, and what is your intention binding the method to the Text ? If you just want to bind the TextBlock to the Property MyString, you just need to do <textblock text="{Binding" path="MyString}">, although I am probably missing your point here.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Sep-11 9:18am View
To be honest, I find that very strange as you are able to access DataGridTextColumn et al in your xaml, and they are all part of the same control. I am at a loss, sorry mate.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Sep-11 8:17am View
Instead of trying TargetType="{x:Type my:DataGridColumnHeader}" just type TargetType="my:DataGridColumnHeader" without the curly brackets. Unfortunately, I have VS 2010 installed which comes standard with the DataGrid, and so cannot test using a namespace declaration.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Sep-11 4:37am View
My pleasure. The English is not a problem, I'm sure you speak better English than I speak your language.
Wayne Gaylard 7-Sep-11 3:17am View
Please take a look at how I rephrased your question and title. In future please try and give as much info as possible.
Wayne Gaylard 31-Aug-11 2:11am View
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 8:36am View
Why are you reposting this all over the place. Just edit your original question.
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 8:26am View
Your keyboard got stuck on the s. Fixed it for you :)
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 8:22am View
Please see my updated answer
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 7:42am View
Is it?
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 7:32am View
You beat me to it.:) Have 5.
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 7:22am View
My Pleasure. Glad you got it sorted.
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 6:50am View
Sorry, got stuck in a meeting. You need to check at the top of your xaml file, and you will see something to the effect of x:Class="something or other". Just type xmlns:local= and a popup should display showing various namespaces to choose from. Choose the one that corresponds to the Class declaration at the top.
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 5:19am View
Did you declare the namespace of your class in your USerControl declaration

xmlns:local="your namespace which contains GroupingName" ?
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 5:13am View
No, when you enter the mileage of a vehicle, you tend to enter the total mileage of the vehicle. So, say you fill up with 20 L fuel and the vehicle has done 20000 miles, you enter 20000. Then you travel a week and refill with 20 L fuel, the vehicles mileage may now be 21000, and so in total you traveled 1000(21000 - 20000) miles with the initial 20 L. In your case you are getting the SUM of the mileage which would give you 41000 miles for 20 L.
Wayne Gaylard 30-Aug-11 5:10am View
Access also accepts named parameters, which I find much more readable.
Wayne Gaylard 29-Aug-11 5:35am View
If you use SUM(Mileage) you will get all the mileages added up. I think the OP wanted the total mileage used in the period.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 7:42am View
Hey, managers can codez!
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 7:38am View
See my updated answer.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 7:02am View
Sorry, I do not get what you mean.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 6:45am View
If the service is located on a server far from the user, then WCF is the best way to do it.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 2:05am View
Yes, you can you just have to bind to the specific property of the class. Something like SelectedCustomer.Name etc.
Wayne Gaylard 26-Aug-11 2:03am View
My apologies. I read that as MySQL. Sorry!
Wayne Gaylard 25-Aug-11 9:34am View
I use VS 2010 and I can create a Web Application(ASP.Net) that has all the tools such as textbox, dropdownlist button etc. What project are you trying to start?
Wayne Gaylard 25-Aug-11 8:04am View
You are binding to the SelectedItem, but what sort of collection does the ComboBox contain? Is it a collection of strings, or a collection of a class?
Wayne Gaylard 25-Aug-11 4:01am View
Please see my updated answer.
Wayne Gaylard 24-Aug-11 9:26am View
Added code blocks. I am afraid your question is not really clear. Could you try and rephrase it a little. If you have problems then I suggest you try and get someone from General Indian Forum to translate for you.
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There should be a section at the bottom of the prerequisites dialogue which says Specify the install location for prerequisites, and gives you three choices. Just select the choice that says Download prerequisites from the same location as my application. Then when you compile it will put the .Net framework in your Release folder.
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Well, I suggest you go through the example provided on the page I showed you. There is another link on that page that shows how to print multi page documents. Unfortunately, it would require a full on article to cover all of this, which is not appropriate in a Quick Answers forum, not forgetting the fact that I have a job to do as well. I recommend you take a day or so to familiarise yourself with this as you will likely use this class in almost all apps you write that require printing done.

Good Luck and remember that learning something new is really the fun part of this job.
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Ah. Thanks for that - me and HTML are not good friends.
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You are so kind!
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Makes my life easier. Maybe not others?
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Glad you got it sorted.
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What does that mean exactly?
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It is not possible to store 25-Jul-2011 as a DateTime object, as a DateTime holds just a Date and Time, it has no knowledge of how it is being displayed. That is where ToString() comes in. Put it this way, you would only ever need to represent the Date in such a manner when displaying the Date to a user. This would be in a TextBox, Label DataGrid etc, and you would then only need the string version. Hope this helps.
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You can just use SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(sid) FROM table WHERE admno IN (1,2,3); and that should work fine, with the result you wanted (doesn't make any sense to me, however). Hope that helps