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Elina Blank 11-Jan-12 9:36am View
It is Text, not Value. And you can have set, but do not have to.
Elina Blank 10-Jan-12 13:20pm View
thanks :)
Elina Blank 25-Oct-11 9:19am View
You are welcome
Views is a separate question.
Please, post it separately
Elina Blank 21-Oct-11 12:43pm View
Please, provide more details. Where you are thinking you need functions? (Business layer, may be interface).
Are functions operating on the same objects and returning results in the same format?
(May be then they should be used from the same page)
Elina Blank 14-Sep-11 11:01am View
Elaborate your question, please
Elina Blank 12-Sep-11 11:51am View
"myFile.originalName" does not seem to have value. And this is the error you get.
Elina Blank 8-Sep-11 17:17pm View
This may be a caching issue
Elina Blank 8-Sep-11 17:16pm View
To be sure what the id of the control is, do "View Source" and find that element. Then do "document.getElementById()" with passing exactly the id you saw in the View Source
Elina Blank 7-Sep-11 17:37pm View
@Quantity is a varchar. What are you trying to do?
so, count(varchar) will return 1 (1 row)
Elina Blank 30-Aug-11 11:00am View
Elina Blank 29-Aug-11 23:05pm View
Did you set CommandType? I think, default is text, which will explain why select * works. You need to set CommandType to be storedProc
Elina Blank 25-Aug-11 9:48am View
Lets say, you have CustomerId and Ordervalue columns in table. And DateOrder. Then, the query will be:
SELECT CustomerId, SUM(OrderValue) OVER(Partition By CustomerID order by DateOrder) as CustomerTotal FROM CustomerOrder

Elina Blank 7-Apr-11 21:17pm View
Can you make sure, it is under the project itself and under the bin directory?
And, of course, the version is as expected
Elina Blank 7-Apr-11 8:35am View
The thread there suggests, that the dll , (looking for which throws The FileNotFound exception) be put in your project directory (not just in your bin/debug or release directory
Elina Blank 13-Jul-10 17:50pm View
Do you have to use SqlBulkCopyOptins.TableLock? Can you try default option there?
Elina Blank 11-Jun-10 11:49am View
You are right, typo fixed.
(and improved a bit)
Elina Blank 10-Jun-10 23:40pm View
Reason for my vote of 2
An explanation is missing
Elina Blank 4-May-10 16:31pm View
Note: test purposes:
My answer is a best one!