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Hemant__Sharma 1-Jul-14 4:47am View
Do you have some sample code on what you are trying to achieve? If you are using Internet Explorer you can hit F12 for developer tool and investigate dynamically generated HTML DOM.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 8:13am View
You are welcome :)
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 7:02am View
You should always specify exact location/line of error in your source code and scenario.

For example in above code I assume you are getting error on because con would be undefined because document.getElementById('<%=Confirm.ClientID>'); wont return any element.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 6:57am View
+5 accurate answer.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 3:27am View
+4 proposing accurate property/attribute name which is missing.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 2:55am View
To the point, crisp and clear +4
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 2:51am View
Very Nice explanation +5
Hemant__Sharma 13-May-13 21:19pm View
perfect +5
Hemant__Sharma 13-May-13 21:10pm View
Accurate answer. I like it. a 5
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-12 13:17pm View
Thank you Prasad :) I love +5 ;)
Hemant__Sharma 30-Nov-11 22:55pm View
You are welcome.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Nov-11 5:50am View
You didn't anwer my questions. Which PDF component you are using in our code give us the name?
- Did you try pasting the clipboard data to MS paint? you can debug your code and put a breakpoint somewhere after pdfPage.CopyToClipboard(..) function, run your code when you reach to your debug breakpoint by that time the data must be copied to clip board. Open MS paint program and press Ctrl+V or Edit> paste.

i don't know if you can replace code to copy to file/binary stream with CopyToClipboard function as i don't know which component you are using.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Nov-11 3:46am View
Can you post full exception you are getting?
Hemant__Sharma 23-Nov-11 5:48am View
Please click on "Have a Question or Comment?" link if you want to reply. You didn't understand what i've explained. please see improved solution.
Hemant__Sharma 7-Jun-11 7:49am View
do you have your javascript in the same .aspx page where you have RadioButtonList control?
is ID of RadioButtonList control is "RadioBtn"?
Hemant__Sharma 7-Jun-11 7:02am View
Why did you copy-paste my solution ?
Hemant__Sharma 2-Jun-11 2:35am View
There is no technical problem here it's the logic which is not giving proper result.

when you said incorrect you should have explained what is happening in his case. see my answer.

The only reasonable way... if you are talking about performance, yes please explain "why". And when you give any theory please stick to current question's scenario only.

It may be safe to say string.Format is good to use and has 100s of feature but does it fit in current scenario? I always believe performance improvement solution depends on the scenario so if solution A can improve performance in Scenario 1 it doesn't gurantee it will improve performance in Scenario 2

Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 7:34am View
No this is not right answer not even close. See my answer for the problem what is happening in OP's case. He implemented the same logic in his javascript code i.e. adding new line character before signature.

Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 6:44am View
Add some code
Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 6:13am View
you should add full message and trace of error messages you are getting and also the problem code where it is pointing.

Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 5:48am View
See Edit 1 of my solution, i've improved the solution.
Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 1:30am View
It's not event handler assignment, it's assigning value to a property.

Although the quesiton is not well formed but looking at the code it is confirmed it's in ASP.NET. because he is using i.e. OnClientClick ( button server control's property) and confirm (javascript function for popup)
Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 1:20am View
My 5. it's becaue OnClientClick is a property for ASP.NET Button server control and confirm is a javascript function.
Well caught.
Hemant__Sharma 1-Jun-11 0:06am View
Check my updated solution
Hemant__Sharma 31-May-11 22:50pm View
You are welcome :). and thanks for the vote.
Hemant__Sharma 27-May-11 8:05am View
Thank you very much :)
Hemant__Sharma 27-May-11 6:20am View
1- first you should add sorrunding code.
2- add javascript code of btnDoAjaxCall_onclick();
3- Did you try debugging above javascript function in single click? i.e. setting a break point in the functiona nd checking if the debugger is coming in the function on single click of function
Hemant__Sharma 27-May-11 2:34am View
Thanks @SAKryukov.

About run-time vs Compile-time, i doubt i could have explained it better than you :).
Hemant__Sharma 27-May-11 2:31am View
Right...Right...Right.. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 26-May-11 12:17pm View
Post your code with .aspx markup + javascript
Hemant__Sharma 26-May-11 7:57am View
interesting question let me do some R&D and i'll get back to you.
Hemant__Sharma 25-May-11 11:02am View
you are always welcome :)

Hemant__Sharma 25-May-11 9:06am View
Glad i could help.
But you have not accepted both solution. you can click on "Accept Solution" button and vote for the answer if you like it.

Hemant__Sharma 25-May-11 4:58am View
you are welcome. :)
Hemant__Sharma 25-May-11 4:40am View
What type of application you are making a web applicaiton or windows application?
Hemant__Sharma 25-May-11 4:23am View
i've added a seperate solution because you have a new problem now. see additional solution i've added.
1 more thing always mark a solution as an answer if it solves your problem you have asked.

Hemant__Sharma 24-May-11 1:47am View
Nice link. My 5.
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 9:45am View
try this
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 5:38am View
Glad i could help.
But, you see if the question would have framed clearly you would have got answer in fraction of seconds from the people commented in the beginning. So always keep it simple and put it in steps.

you will learn soon how to put question and asnwer the best way.. right now if you have problem explaning the issue always put them in 123 way.

1- $ this is where i'm
2- $ this is what i have
3- $ this is what i want to do with what i've in step 2

hope this will help.

Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 4:36am View
Thanks @Dalek Dave
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 2:37am View
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 2:05am View
Very good catch... my 5.

Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 1:48am View
Check the updated solution
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 1:48am View
Thanks @Venkatesh.
Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 1:39am View
Can you add the XML you are getting from "ds.GetXml();"? a little sample having couple of enteries from all table will do.

Hemant__Sharma 23-May-11 1:17am View
What does that mean? elaborate your question properly what you want to achieve and what data you have right now.
Hemant__Sharma 18-May-11 1:25am View
Right. My 5.
Hemant__Sharma 18-May-11 1:24am View
Wow.. well said. My 5.
Hemant__Sharma 17-May-11 1:56am View
Thanks a lot @charles.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 8:32am View
aahhh my bad.. Thanks for reminding me.. yes i didn't notice that. I cannot give 5 to your comment :) bcz CP doesn't have such feature yet.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 7:52am View
Thanks @Nithin.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 6:37am View
Where are you trying to access the ViewState object? you cannot access viewstate outside it's page's scope.
It seems you have a .aspx page and a helper class where you have written GetEmployeeList and you are trying to access ViewState object outside the page. if that is the case you can fetch the datatable in your page itself and then send to GetEmployeeList(...) function or some target function as input patameter.

Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 6:12am View
i've improved my solution.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 6:05am View
Well Thanks Kim.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 5:40am View
Add some code here.
Hemant__Sharma 16-May-11 5:06am View
Very good answer, straight to the point. My 5

It would be more better if you would have marked the function as "static". but good solution anyway.

Hemant__Sharma 12-May-11 10:39am View
Add some code. like .aspx markup shoing your drop downlists and radio button grouping
Hemant__Sharma 12-May-11 9:04am View
Certainly its a good link.. who voted down. My 5 too.
Hemant__Sharma 12-May-11 8:56am View
Are you able to build it successfully?
Are you able to run it without debugging?

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 10:39am View
"Any suggestions to free up the memory would be greatly appreciated" how will you answer this?
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 10:33am View
But the singleton pattern uses "static".
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 9:02am View
Check my updated solution.
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 5:47am View
Forgot to vote for right answer :). My 4.

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 4:48am View
@cuteband is asking you to check and update the ValidationRequest attribute in .aspx page's Page directive i.e.
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true".... %>

that means the markup of your .aspx file

hope it's clear now.

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 4:29am View
Welcome. Glad i could help :)

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 3:56am View
Hello Manoj,

A request, whenever you are posting such question add some code to it working/not working condition, for example in current question if you would have pasted .aspx markup containing modalpopup and asp:button declaration it would have helped others to answer it quick.

In absence of code the helper has to write it on his own compile/test it send it to you like @Mahendra.p25 did, and it takes a lot of time. If you would have given some sample lot of people would have tested suggestion on that code only that would have saved lot of time.

People helping here understand your situation that you are going through a problem and try their best to provide a solution and if they do that you should also respect the help they are providing. And there are other ways to tell was the answer helpful and not.

Hope you will take care of this and wish that you will get best answers to your question.

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 3:25am View
hello sunder.
can you send me the fiddler traces of both successful and unsuccessful transaction.
you can save the sessions from Fiddler > File > Save > All Sessions
i'll try to compare what are you getting in both web requests. you can check for the sensitive information like password. you can examine the request with Inspector (right page second tab) in that there are lots of tab you can click on text/xml to see if there is any password parameter being passed if not you can send me the saved session. you can also use a dummy gmail account if you have any.

usually in fiddler, if you receive a failure the web request become RED and if successful you get 200 as success confirm that also.

Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 3:10am View
I've updated my solution. plz check
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 3:02am View
You dont need to set AutoPostBack property that belongs to ASP.NET server controls and you are working with WinForm application.
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 1:43am View
Wow. nice link. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 1:08am View
Nice article and nice answer. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 1:06am View
To the point. simple and clear. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 11-May-11 0:58am View
you are right. i just copied the code he has pasted and did some refactoring and posted the refactored code.

I believe as a beginner he dragged and dropped the combobox on form and double clicked it, it created a default event handler for that control and because the default name was comboBox1 he got the event name appended to that ID only. Later he changed the combobox name to cboReg.

Thanks for the for the vote SA.
Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 14:50pm View
try this suggestion
Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 14:23pm View
I've improved the solution with the links taking about .net possibilities of sending attachments with SOAP.

Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 7:17am View
Your question title and its detail must show what you "want".
Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 6:24am View
You are welcome.
In case you find the proper solution please update your question so that other can have benifit from it.
Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 6:20am View
Hey.. don't be. But when you find the answer please update this question what was the problem and what was the solution. It will help others to understand possible failure and its solution for such a scenario.

Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 5:28am View
which part of the code does "Fill in Background"?
what he wants is:
1- fill first 100 records and show it to user
2- when it is in front of user rest of the data is being filled in background

Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 5:01am View
My bad i didn't pay attention to "i have found the control" thing but to the title "How to Find Control in FormView ItemTemplate". What type of answer do you expect with such a title?

Anyways .. in what event are you fetching the gridview control.. you can do this in Item_created event of formview, just make sure you are not binding formview after binding gridview otherwise it will override gridview.
you can also confirm the datasource is getting attached by "Quick watch" ing gvSizePrice's datasource property after gvSizePrice.DataBind();

Please take care of the title next time and down voting an answer.

Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 4:21am View
Why don't you tell first what is "scope objects"?
Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 1:33am View
Thank you all. when an Expert vote up for an answer that matters a lot.
Thanks a lot once again.

Hemant__Sharma 10-May-11 1:27am View
@SAKryukov - Yes sir :). i never said "convert XML into base64". "inside XML" - here i was referring to the binary data. And i'm here embedding binary into XML not XML into something.

Hemant__Sharma 9-May-11 10:42am View
Right.. i liked the answer too. My 5+
Hemant__Sharma 9-May-11 10:37am View
thanks butchzn. i just kept "value" member for its default usage i.e. some database field relate usage and the calculation values seperatly.
Anyway Thanks again.
Hemant__Sharma 9-May-11 5:41am View
But it is when the Request has control name. What about first request to the page?
Hemant__Sharma 9-May-11 5:12am View
Well I just used an example on How to get "base type". I didn't use the baseClassName further and I believe @King Boy is smart enough to understand what to do once he has .GetType().BaseType otherwise the intellisense will tell me what to do next.
Hemant__Sharma 9-May-11 2:11am View
ohh. i was few seconds late.. :)
Hemant__Sharma 8-May-11 7:45am View
Well there are two methods GetObject and CreateObject used to get and create an object. GetObject gets a reference of an object if it's already created and if it is not CreateObject creates new instance. you just need to make your assembly COM visible.

See the below link:

To better search you can google:
"accessing .net dll from javascript"

Hemant__Sharma 8-May-11 6:12am View
1- The MachinInformation.dll must be installed on every client where you are trying to access its properties. I hope you know that.
2- you must create an object at client end before accessing its properties with new ActiveX or Getobject etc. after that only you can access its properties and methods.

Add some code where you are creating an object of the type from this dll at client end.
Hemant__Sharma 8-May-11 5:03am View
I'm glad i could help.
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 9:07am View
Got it buddy but did you get a chance to try with fiddler? if yes did you see any request being made to fiddler from your application?
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 7:06am View
Got it buddy but did you get a chance to try with fiddler? if yes did you see any request being made to fiddler from your application?
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 6:32am View
you can also analyze the code difference between the old build in which the code is working and the current code its not working.
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 6:30am View
if the sample code is hitting gmail with the same rate.. then yes it should not be supposed to work.
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 6:08am View
ha ha ha :laugh:.
Exact answer my 5.
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 5:43am View
hi Sunder,
i know what you meant and I have faced that too but look at the title of your question "sending mails from windows application" what a viewer will assume? the title will attract anyone. i think if it were "Failure sending email in windows appication with gmail" it would be more specific.

next the description says the current code was working earlier and now its not working but its working in some different application. Well that sure says that the problem is not with your code it is something sorrounding your code or application, like you said antivirus. but you've not checked "blocked program list" of your antivirus. That is why you need to give more details about sorrounding.

Well check my suggestion and feel free to comment/reject it but with proper reason.
Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 5:08am View
1- did you examine the full stack trace you are getting? did you try finding solution based on error number written?
2- you didn't show code what did you use to send email i.e. object/thrid party tool.
3- "Please help if you know what you are answering" well people here answer that question they read so the better you question is framed and information is provided the better answer you'll get.

Hemant__Sharma 6-May-11 4:56am View
well i've impvoed current solution have a look at my answer.
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 9:37am View
Exactly.. my 5
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 8:51am View
yes WCF channel.. right. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 7:23am View
Right... i think this should work.
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 7:11am View
First - i'm glad that the suggestion worked.

Second - i request you to add seperate question in seperate thread, because
1- If i'm not able to solve your problem others may not come to your question because it's answered and the title is misleading for your new problem.
2- when other people are looking for similar solution the Title of the problem gets displayed by search engines and again they wont be hitting it because of title.

finally - is editValue_textChanged event is getting fired in popup window? because if that is getting fired than the session value should get set.

Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 6:47am View
Right. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 0:37am View
your code says 'window.document' but your exception says 'window.opener..'? are you sure?
Hemant__Sharma 5-May-11 0:30am View
Did you get any exception when debugging or your code came succefully to the end of this function?
Can you add code
1- where you are invoking this function inside the same form
2- where you are invoking this function from outside class
the code should include any event name like button click etc in which you are invoking this function.

Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 9:48am View
Thanks Olivier.
Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 8:45am View
I love implicit and explicit casting my 5
Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 4:21am View
Have you written anything in aspx markup for asp:Literal control?
where are you first time adding text to your asp:literal?
is the text appearing in marquee? i assume when you say not scrolling the text is appearing but not scrolling.
Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 2:24am View
you are welcome sir.
Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 0:15am View
@Derek1214 - if the answer has helped you always mark it as answer and vote for it. It helps other to understand similar issues and their solutions.

Hemant__Sharma 4-May-11 0:07am View
@saxenaabhi6 is right.

My 5 to the accurate answer.

When you have a master page or some panel for the child controls, at client side the child ID is appended to Parent IDs

for example parentPanelID_secondParentID_cbAddress. you can confirm it by simply clicking "View source" in your web browser and checking for control's ID.

Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 23:54pm View
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 11:36am View
Please donot add code in seperate solutions every time you can edit your question or "Add comment" to a comment or click on Improve solution link.
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 11:07am View
Thanks Ralf, please add the markup/code where you have added Checkboxes to the treeview
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 10:50am View
@nbgangsta why dont you provide some code to let others see what have you written and what could possibly be wrong.
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 10:35am View
Provide some code to better understand the issue and fast solution. For example how have you added checkboxes to treeview control
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 9:38am View
Can you provide more code you've written in the .aspx /winform ?
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 9:35am View
Can you provide some code with which you are trying this?
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 4:27am View
Please clarify: when you are saying accessing user control are you saying adding it directly to the codebehind and accessing it at runtime?

When you are saying particular column do you mean you want to add it to gridview or some data control?

Set privileges for different user? what does that mean? is it like you want to hide/show based on the user logged in to the page?
Hemant__Sharma 3-May-11 3:17am View
Please check my updated solution
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 9:36am View
Whoever has down-voted can give a proper solution?
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 7:20am View
See the updated answer it has the code.
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 5:41am View
My question remains same have you implemented TemplateField and custom control class with INamingContainer?

you dont have to implement any method of INamingContainer bcz it doesn't contain any.

Now you must be aware of event bubbling your ImageButton should raise the event to gridview so it can understand that something has raised and need to catch up.

Pleae do one thing try adding a grid view to some aspx page and in the code behind of that page add your template field to any column and see if it is raising. don't forget to implement TemplateField class with INamingContainer. put some point in click event of imagebutton.

provide code for templatefield class also
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 4:46am View
I like the answer exact to the point & helpful. My 5
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 0:23am View
Did the above answer helped?
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 0:20am View
I agree.
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 0:20am View
Happy to help :)
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 0:18am View
Happy to help :)
Hemant__Sharma 2-May-11 0:17am View
Thank you.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 7:07am View
Well the question was, will it hit or not. please read/post the question carefully before voting.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 5:42am View
Yes very good article My 5 too
Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 4:52am View
Well this is because filterHistory is a subclass of FilterHistory so if you want to use it you need to use it like that Filterhistory.filterHistory.

DRNimnull showed you a way to accomplish what you want to achieve.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 4:45am View
please provide some code to better understand what you are doing. For example what have you written in button_click and page_load.
Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 4:17am View
Hello Mukesh,
Edraw has provided a helpful documentation, i hope you have covered all the points stated

page No. 37

Hemant__Sharma 30-Apr-11 3:35am View
can you provide some more info like the font name, some code to show how are you passing data to iTextSharp?
Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 18:45pm View
Please do some research and post questions only in case of any issue. you posted similar question few minutes before for itextsharp.dll.

you just need to extract html from gridview and pass it to pdfsharp to convert html to pdf. Remember HTML to PDF
Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 18:23pm View
You need articles before answers. there are lots of articles on the topics. please post specific question.
Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 9:25am View
hi suhail,

are you getting something like below rendered for paging datalist in the webpage generated?:
a id="dlPaging_ctl01_lnkbtnPaging" href="javascript:__doPostBack('dlPaging$ctl01$lnkbtnPaging','')

a id="dlPaging_ctl02_lnkbtnPaging" href="javascript:__doPostBack('dlPaging$ctl02$lnkbtnPaging','')
Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 8:41am View
I tried your code and it worked perfectly fine at my end. i got the validation failure popup when validation fails, no issue otherwise.

when you say it always return false you mean the validation is coming every time right or you are using the checkAgreement function somewhere else to see the returned value bcz the checkagreement function doesn't return any value and default return value will be false.

do you have any additional code in your page?

Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 6:18am View
Well you need to provide full code i.e. how the text box is placed where are you attaching the event handler and so on. The code sample you gave here wont be of any help because if the text chagned event is not getting fired you wont come inside it.

Hemant__Sharma 29-Apr-11 5:38am View
You can pass huge data for binding and see the usage of GPU with a proper tool. try searching some free tool to check GPU usage. i've not tried but found a link