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Comments by Simon P Stevens (Top 7 by date)

Simon P Stevens 10-Jan-11 6:17am View    
I don't really understand your question. Can you explain in a bit more detail what it is you are trying to do.
Simon P Stevens 16-Dec-10 9:28am View    
@Nishant. I agree. I don't see how insults aid anything here.
Simon P Stevens 10-Dec-10 5:37am View    
You need to explain your problem so people understand what it is you need to know.
Simon P Stevens 8-Dec-10 9:03am View    
The windows media player example will work with any file type that windows media player supports. I've also updated the answer to include an XNA media example which will support other formats.
Simon P Stevens 8-Dec-10 8:02am View    
Your first link doesn't have any answers - Experts exchange only displays answers for free when the referrer is google.