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Corporal Agarn 12-Feb-16 6:30am View
Try rewriting using the suggestions above
Corporal Agarn 12-Feb-16 6:28am View
You need to learn how the code presented by Sascha Lefevre works
Month would be set @m1 = MONTH(DATEADD(DD,-4,@TO_DATE)) do you think you can get year?
Corporal Agarn 20-Jan-16 14:33pm View
The way I read it you are going to be adding a lot more records than you think.
How is inserted related to table2? You also need to list the insert columns (best practice).

I came up with something like this:
INSERT INTO table3 (logid, servicetype, servicename)
SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY t2.servicename ASC) AS rowno,
t2.servicename, t2.servicetime
FROM inserted i
INNER JOIN table2 t2 ON i.??? = t2.???
WHERE t2.servicetime >= DATEADD(mi,-@tolerancetime,GETDATE())
Corporal Agarn 13-Jan-16 11:39am View
1) what is your table structure
2) what is your criteria for duplicate
Corporal Agarn 18-Nov-15 9:13am View
Why use the cursor?
Corporal Agarn 9-Nov-15 10:38am View
For #3 that would be a storage issue not a memory issue.
Corporal Agarn 5-Nov-15 6:54am View
Are these linked the servers? (sp_addlinkedserver)
Corporal Agarn 4-Nov-15 6:45am View
You have made this more complicated than it needs to be. Try it with only one query (no sub queries).
Corporal Agarn 4-Nov-15 6:42am View
This is what replication is used for. Publish the one to the other. If the second is just a backup you could even do log shipping.
That being said if you still do not want to replicate your VS2013 code should replicate the inserts.
Corporal Agarn 3-Nov-15 9:31am View
How is the initial password set?
Corporal Agarn 16-Oct-15 15:15pm View
this is what happens when they do not provide ddl :-)
Corporal Agarn 16-Oct-15 15:12pm View
I just did a MS SQL Server file attached to an Excel spreadsheet today. Did a DuckDuckGo search which indicated using the data tab, the From Other Sources then picked SQL from list.

Not sure how to communicate to the table but can refresh by the Refresh All icon.
Corporal Agarn 6-Oct-15 8:48am View
Only the service needs restarted. However, I see your problem.
There may be a way to clear memory without a restart of the service, but I do not have that knowledge.
Corporal Agarn 20-Aug-15 8:16am View
Just read your post. I was going to suggest checking rights but I had thought it was because the default database was wrong.
Corporal Agarn 18-Aug-15 6:40am View
Where are you having a problem? Look at the CAST/CONVERT function. Note also that VARCHAR is "alphanumeric" and also "string"
Corporal Agarn 30-Apr-15 13:49pm View
You seem to be treating the trigger as if it only worked on one row at a time. Example select @empid =d.empid from deleted d can fail because there are multiple d.empid
Corporal Agarn 7-Apr-15 14:14pm View
The reason for the error is you are trying to put multiple values into one record. See OriginalGriff's solution for a better way to do this. If you must use an inline then there is a lot of work to get only the one value you want.
Corporal Agarn 7-Apr-15 14:11pm View
What is your timeout limit set to? (for the
Corporal Agarn 24-Feb-15 9:17am View
I would suggest breaking this down to the various parts and seeing what you get. RyanDev is correct that you cannot define a single value as a list. You would need to rewrite your query to use a rollup of the value.
Corporal Agarn 11-Feb-15 8:47am View
Thank you for the replay. Unfortunately I do not understand the problems (6).
However with the information that it is a javascript this could be the problem, as java here on the work computer is sometimes locked down. I have various things turned of in FireFox, but I try and keep them on for IE (which my Chrome shares setup with).
Corporal Agarn 9-Feb-15 12:31pm View
Can you give a code example. Which table do you want the log in?
Corporal Agarn 5-Feb-15 9:50am View
Is it possible to run a command line to get a backup?
Corporal Agarn 3-Feb-15 6:51am View
Is there someone connected to the database locking some key part?
Corporal Agarn 3-Feb-15 6:49am View
Do you have any spaces or special characters in your table names? Look at the function QUOTENAME
Corporal Agarn 29-Jan-15 13:18pm View
Do you want the venues that have 360 seats or more?
Corporal Agarn 27-Jan-15 12:54pm View
Please poet error text
Corporal Agarn 27-Jan-15 9:52am View
You need permissions to connect.
Are you using ASP.NET or SSMS?
I do not know the whole story as to why the DBA would say you cannot connect. In general you can connect to a remote server using SSMS, however you need the permissions and infrastructure to connect. It might be that the company has locked down the remote server so you cannot connect.
Corporal Agarn 29-Dec-14 11:01am View
Do you mean you want to backup to the same drive the database is on?
Corporal Agarn 23-Dec-14 13:38pm View
What does this have to do with SQL-Server 2008 R2?
Corporal Agarn 18-Dec-14 9:27am View
Is this a security question or a data questions?
Corporal Agarn 9-Dec-14 13:11pm View
Who is running the procedure? Where is the procedure running? Does the procedure exist where it runs?
Corporal Agarn 1-Dec-14 14:24pm View
By-the-way BOL has for time data type: Range 00:00:00.0000000 through 23:59:59.9999999
Corporal Agarn 14-Nov-14 15:13pm View
Why is this in SQL-server-2008R2?
Corporal Agarn 11-Nov-14 15:01pm View
is FieldID indexed?
Corporal Agarn 12-Aug-14 14:58pm View
What is the schemas of the three tables?
Can table equipment be related to table employee with any other criteria?
Corporal Agarn 29-Jul-14 13:24pm View
Are you sure the stored procedure has permission to the database? Also double check the parenthesis as I think there may be a problem there.
Corporal Agarn 22-Jul-14 9:58am View
Ever think of creating a function that works in the first place? You should not have to re-build it every time the data changes. Or possible have a few functions to handle different data.
Corporal Agarn 2-Jul-14 7:25am View
Stay alert while using Microsoft's assistant. Make sure that any column types the conversion automatically creates are what you expect.
Corporal Agarn 16-May-14 7:52am View
You forgot LEFT(queueno,1) in the group by
Corporal Agarn 15-May-14 7:59am View
Corporal Agarn 14-May-14 10:54am View
Would you please explain the problem you are having in more detail?
Corporal Agarn 5-May-14 8:49am View
We make sure to use BEGIN TRAN then have ROLLBACK TRAN and COMMIT TRAN so we can check. That way you have a buffer.
Corporal Agarn 12-Mar-14 9:50am View
If after examining the output you cannot find a problem, try running the output from the PRINT on a test system.
Corporal Agarn 12-Mar-14 8:38am View
In SQL2008 it is the SQL Editor tool bar.
Corporal Agarn 10-Mar-14 8:26am View
How are your tables related? What does the "Ramit -1" information have to do with the question?
Corporal Agarn 24-Jan-14 13:08pm View
What do you mean at a time?
Corporal Agarn 18-Dec-13 14:22pm View
What is it doing that is not working?
Corporal Agarn 12-Dec-13 13:23pm View
Have you tried DATEADD?
Corporal Agarn 25-Nov-13 15:17pm View
Are you getting an error message? If so please post.
Corporal Agarn 30-Oct-13 15:24pm View
If any variable is null the whole thing is null. Lookup ISNULL
Corporal Agarn 11-Oct-13 11:10am View
The two errors about "NULL" are informational. Without seeing the data it is hard to find the problem.
Corporal Agarn 4-Oct-13 7:59am View
If the database is mirrored it should already update.
Corporal Agarn 4-Oct-13 7:52am View
Are the databases mirrored?
Corporal Agarn 4-Oct-13 7:39am View
Do you mean table or database?
Corporal Agarn 4-Oct-13 7:37am View
@stockremaining will not have a value unless it is in the table 'inserted' or 'deleted'. (or can be calculated from)
Corporal Agarn 24-Sep-13 10:22am View
What is the error? Do you have case sensitive on?
Corporal Agarn 12-Sep-13 10:48am View
Sorry my answer was for SQL Server and I am unfamiler with MYSQL
Corporal Agarn 12-Sep-13 9:56am View
I forgot the group by.
Corporal Agarn 12-Sep-13 9:07am View
You might want to include
SET IDENTITY_INSERT #temp_tutor_details OFF
Corporal Agarn 12-Sep-13 7:23am View
How about a little more information, like table definitions in and what output is expected. Just realized you are talking about the C# datatable, but still need more information.
Corporal Agarn 11-Sep-13 14:51pm View
What is the problem? What is your code?
Corporal Agarn 4-Sep-13 11:54am View
Do you mean for a given value (ID) you wish to see related data?
Corporal Agarn 4-Sep-13 11:52am View
Please show examples.
Corporal Agarn 14-Aug-13 10:13am View
What have you tried so far?
Corporal Agarn 12-Jun-13 8:49am View
Do you have a key and certificate, are you using TDE?
Corporal Agarn 20-May-13 9:05am View
What have you tried so far?
Corporal Agarn 16-May-13 15:29pm View
Well said, a lot better than mine.
Corporal Agarn 10-Apr-13 14:00pm View
This is just an example, not the answer. Which database server and version do you have?
Corporal Agarn 4-Apr-13 10:35am View
What SQL Server version do you have? There are some nice functions in 2005+
Corporal Agarn 14-Feb-13 6:29am View
Would it be possible to port the table to SQL then use it?
Corporal Agarn 18-Jan-13 14:34pm View
In line with sisir patro, what type of replication? What is the server SQL Server or Oracle? If SQL is it Mirror or log shipping or a program?
Corporal Agarn 10-Jan-13 13:36pm View
I think they were trying for the structure not the data thus 1=2
Corporal Agarn 7-Dec-12 15:06pm View
Make sure @message is not NULL or it will NULL @msg, same with @source.
Corporal Agarn 4-Dec-12 14:46pm View
Where is the criteria applied? Is a column in one of the tables updated? Is a third table updated?
Corporal Agarn 28-Nov-12 12:28pm View
What have you tried? Also is for #2 is depid ever null?
So you can have only unique empno numbers AND unique depid numbers?
Corporal Agarn 26-Nov-12 12:11pm View
Have you looked at TRIGGER_NESTLEVEL()?
Corporal Agarn 25-Nov-12 8:53am View
So I assume you have set up mail on the SQL server and have sent using the various mail systems. What is your current setup?
Corporal Agarn 23-Nov-12 13:51pm View
I had the same thought.
Corporal Agarn 20-Nov-12 11:42am View
Not knowing the problem, do you know about JOINs?
Corporal Agarn 14-Nov-12 13:31pm View
Is the file IWT.bak on the server where it is to be restored?
Is the backup password protected?
Does the backup have more than one backup?
Corporal Agarn 8-Nov-12 7:59am View
Do you know what rows are duplicated?
Corporal Agarn 7-Nov-12 15:14pm View
Do you have a problem or should this be an article?
Corporal Agarn 7-Nov-12 11:31am View
Can you use a stored procedure?
Corporal Agarn 2-Nov-12 8:54am View
What do you have so far?
Corporal Agarn 2-Nov-12 6:38am View
What do you have so far? My code would work for MemberID then wherever you are getting your other columns from. Since you said AUTO generate maybe you need to add this code as the default to the table column. See BOL ALTER TABLE
Corporal Agarn 29-Oct-12 12:30pm View
Is this for code on the database or are you talking about the tables or data within a table?
Corporal Agarn 25-Oct-12 14:51pm View
Depends on what you want. You can make CONVERT give the same thing as CAST, but as you know CONVERT has multiple options. For many of the queries we use here I use CAST(mydate AS DATE) for a compare.
Corporal Agarn 25-Oct-12 13:25pm View
Most of the time I use CONVERT when it comes to dates, but I have use CAST when I get lazy.
Corporal Agarn 22-Oct-12 11:40am View
Could you provide your query?
Corporal Agarn 22-Oct-12 11:39am View
Is the data you are looking for always dates? Or of a given size?
Corporal Agarn 22-Oct-12 11:36am View
I might add that one table can hold multiple users/carts depending on how it is designed.
Corporal Agarn 19-Oct-12 11:06am View
Here are a couple of many sites I used:
Corporal Agarn 19-Oct-12 11:05am View
Here are a couple of many sites I used:
Corporal Agarn 18-Oct-12 12:27pm View
Are you backing up and truncating your transaction log?
Corporal Agarn 17-Oct-12 11:56am View
I am not sure. I was hoping to give a couple of pointers that would get you going as I am new to this myself.
Our shop does not use automated fail-over and have not needed fail-over for a couple of years. I guess I will find out on the 22nd as we are conducting a disaster recovery exercise which will be the first since the encryption started last week.
Corporal Agarn 17-Oct-12 11:45am View
Sorry what I meant was a one time execute of the commands by a sysadmin. This sets up the database to use the key. Look at BOL for a complete explanation of the commands
Corporal Agarn 17-Oct-12 11:32am View
Remember they are similar but not the same. We had used SET TRANSACTION but it caused some problems (sorry do not remember - something to do with persistent connections) and now use the NOLOCK hint. I am no expert thus the comment instead of a solution.
Corporal Agarn 10-Oct-12 9:18am View
The join I know can be used but what about the MERGE command?
Corporal Agarn 15-Jun-12 14:46pm View
Do you mean stop people from entering data or stop types of data from being entered?
Corporal Agarn 8-Jun-12 13:18pm View
It sounds like you are not matching correctly. Please show the part of your C# code where you run the SP and then get the data.
Corporal Agarn 7-Jun-12 13:41pm View
Does your table have only two columns? Does the EmpID changing signify that the count is to start again? Can there be missed NumberXX say no Number04 but a Number05?
As Iosmac said please show what you have done.
Corporal Agarn 30-May-12 10:43am View
Why are they at the same moment? It seems that they could access the original database (read-only) and save the trouble.
Anyway, coping 300 MB should not be a big problem. It is like copying any file.
Corporal Agarn 30-May-12 9:16am View
Does tbl_account.ID have any nulls?
Corporal Agarn 22-May-12 13:44pm View
Have you checked the permissions on the folder?
Corporal Agarn 9-May-12 9:57am View
What have you tried so far?
Corporal Agarn 8-May-12 15:02pm View
Does that mean you want the data from both tables to remain? Do you want both table to have all the data?
Corporal Agarn 8-May-12 15:01pm View
GanesanSenthilvel - I think you would want a DELETE FROM B as if you did the DROP the INSERT INTO would not work.
Corporal Agarn 8-May-12 11:07am View
Please give more information. Do you want to override the data in a database? Where is the override data coming from?
Corporal Agarn 4-May-12 15:44pm View
What two records? Could you please give example input and output?
Corporal Agarn 3-May-12 14:32pm View
Are you copying the backup to the server where it is to be restored?
If SQL Server you may be able to restore again and tell it to overwrite. See option page.
Corporal Agarn 1-May-12 10:25am View
Show what you have done so far
Corporal Agarn 23-Apr-12 14:08pm View
Also TRUNCATE resets the Identity value.
Corporal Agarn 23-Apr-12 14:05pm View
What have you tried so far?
Corporal Agarn 13-Apr-12 8:21am View
This is strictly a C# question as there is no order to how rows are stored in SQL tables. When you query the table you and do not use an ORDER then it uses the primary key to order the data.
Corporal Agarn 9-Apr-12 14:05pm View
Thank you, using the "INFORMATION_SCHEMA" will let me do what I need to do. I think.
Corporal Agarn 6-Apr-12 10:58am View
Edit for code formating
Corporal Agarn 5-Apr-12 13:54pm View
Sorry about that. :-)
Corporal Agarn 5-Apr-12 13:23pm View
What are the errors?
Corporal Agarn 28-Mar-12 12:29pm View
I am making this a comment as I have no idea of how to answer.
Could you use an IMAGE data type to store the data? Change the collation of the column?
Corporal Agarn 10-Feb-12 9:16am View
What is the error? Is it permissions? Why SQL2005 and SQL2008?
Corporal Agarn 7-Feb-12 6:47am View
Corporal Agarn 3-Feb-12 12:52pm View
Thank you for the reply. Not quite what I was looking for. But will help with another problem.
Corporal Agarn 4-Jan-12 14:01pm View
where OrderDetails.PurchaseDate BETWEEN CAST(DATETIME,'01-04-2011',105) AND CONVERT(DATETIME,'01-04-2012',105)+ 1

or somehow make the date midnight (see change by USABebopKid)
Corporal Agarn 4-Jan-12 11:25am View
do you see the data it you use '1/5/2012' as the second date? There may be a problem with the default date format mm/dd versus dd/mm.
Corporal Agarn 30-Dec-11 13:34pm View
What version of SQL Server are you on?
Corporal Agarn 1-Nov-11 6:49am View
You might change the title to Updating a temp table SCHEMA is a Stored Proc
Corporal Agarn 28-Oct-11 10:42am View
I second that. Here I want people to use the database also but that is for our situation. Speed should not be an issue.
Corporal Agarn 28-Oct-11 10:38am View
OriginalGriff's answer will work for the problem as stated. However if you want the details active in a month. That is a different problem.
Corporal Agarn 25-Oct-11 15:18pm View
1) What have you done
2) What do you want to achive
Corporal Agarn 18-Oct-11 8:04am View
What is the error? Did the copy fail or the restore? Do you have permissions on the secondary server?
Corporal Agarn 18-Oct-11 8:02am View
1) What version of SQL Server was the database created
2) How did you detatch it
3) How did you attach it
Corporal Agarn 11-Oct-11 11:38am View
What have you tried?
Corporal Agarn 10-Oct-11 14:29pm View
When you changed the collation did you change the table or the database? If database the table will need changed if it was already created.
Corporal Agarn 10-Oct-11 12:52pm View
Are we allowed to vote you up for just liking your answer?
Corporal Agarn 29-Sep-11 12:18pm View
What have you tried?
Corporal Agarn 22-Sep-11 13:05pm View
I believe OriginalGriff has the right idea. If I remember correctly I had to install SQL first then VS.
Corporal Agarn 16-Sep-11 9:21am View
What permissions do you have? Note that at the top of the dialog window there is an icon for Script. Click this and let us know the result. Mehdi Gholam's solution should work though.
Corporal Agarn 9-Sep-11 12:28pm View
Which version of SQL do you have. TIME is a new data type.
Corporal Agarn 9-Sep-11 12:21pm View
What did you try as your join?
Corporal Agarn 8-Sep-11 7:06am View
What have you come up with so far?
Corporal Agarn 6-Sep-11 11:09am View
Watch the dateto as it could return 12 am as a time. Thus if your dateto = '09/06/2011' but your Receive_Time is '09/06/2011 05:00' it will not be returned.
Corporal Agarn 30-Aug-11 8:41am View
1) do not ask question in title
2) show what code is giving the error
Corporal Agarn 29-Aug-11 9:41am View
Do you have to use T-SQL or can you use the wizard to copy tables? If you are doing all why not do a backup and restore?
Corporal Agarn 26-Aug-11 10:15am View
This will show only rows where all three columns have non null values. If you want rows that have one or two non null values use OR instead of AND.
Corporal Agarn 26-Aug-11 10:12am View
I do not know who gave you a 2 but with the information provided I thought your answer seems reasonable.
Corporal Agarn 26-Aug-11 7:03am View
Added C# tag
Corporal Agarn 19-Aug-11 8:00am View
That is because when defining a string line breaks are inserted into the character string.
Corporal Agarn 19-Aug-11 7:56am View
Please post your code.
Corporal Agarn 12-Aug-11 10:27am View
In SQL server some views can also be used to change the underlying table.
Corporal Agarn 10-Aug-11 10:41am View
Do you mean the columns with nulls or as d@nish is showing columns that can be null?
Corporal Agarn 10-Aug-11 10:38am View
By "query" do you mean T-SQL?
Corporal Agarn 9-Aug-11 8:40am View
What have you tried?
Corporal Agarn 3-Aug-11 9:16am View
Are you storing just the last value or a history of values?
Corporal Agarn 28-Jul-11 9:53am View
Also always list columns on an insert
SELECT col1, col2, col3 from modtable
If you add a column to modtable this will break.
Corporal Agarn 28-Jul-11 9:45am View
I was looking for a one function answer, however I had done what you suggested:
REPLACE(LEFT(CONVERT(varchar(50), PhoneNumber01, 2), 11), '.', '')
Corporal Agarn 27-Jul-11 12:53pm View
Forgot about that one.
Corporal Agarn 27-Jul-11 11:34am View
Are you using command line, T-SQL, or something else to do the backup?
Corporal Agarn 27-Jul-11 11:30am View
Removed SQL2008 as the question does not reference SQL.
Corporal Agarn 22-Jul-11 13:21pm View
If you are talking about SQL Authentication then it is the way the front end is calling the SQL Server.
Corporal Agarn 15-Jul-11 9:52am View
This saved me a lot of head aches during the switch. Also a good backup/restore plan, if you blow it then you can go back.
Corporal Agarn 12-Jul-11 11:03am View
Nice of you to tell us it was a character column.
Corporal Agarn 12-Jul-11 8:29am View
What have you tried?
Corporal Agarn 7-Jul-11 14:09pm View
Do you want DATEADD? Say SELECT DATEADD(day, -30, GETDATE())???
Corporal Agarn 7-Jul-11 10:18am View
Wish I could 5 you.
Corporal Agarn 6-Jul-11 13:47pm View
And do not use the sa account.
Corporal Agarn 3-Jun-11 14:54pm View
Please watch using the word database. Although you are adding data to a database you are putting it into a table.
Corporal Agarn 1-Jun-11 14:12pm View
Thanks, I have been to their site but have not called them.
Corporal Agarn 20-May-11 8:59am View
What have you tried so far?
Corporal Agarn 6-May-11 15:09pm View
Updated to add pre tags
Corporal Agarn 5-May-11 8:25am View
Why the SQL-Server tag?
Corporal Agarn 2-May-11 11:49am View
Keep going down the authentication path. That will most likely be the issue.
Corporal Agarn 28-Apr-11 12:29pm View
I suggest you
1) rewrite the title
2) rewrite the question
3) show what you have tried

Corporal Agarn 28-Apr-11 10:01am View
Are you using a stored procedure to gather the data or trying to use ASP.NET?
Corporal Agarn 21-Apr-11 14:53pm View
Edit to remove '
Corporal Agarn 20-Apr-11 12:24pm View
Do you need a single quote before and after the variable? "VALUES('
Please note I am not a .NET expert.
Corporal Agarn 8-Apr-11 14:55pm View
Thanks. I have "removed" the two. So we will see.
Corporal Agarn 8-Apr-11 8:42am View
Corporal Agarn 31-Mar-11 10:49am View
Do not forget to add your code as the error message is a pointer but the code is the problem.
Corporal Agarn 17-Mar-11 11:50am View
Thank you Yusuf. You said it much better.
Corporal Agarn 17-Mar-11 11:00am View
If this is in Access 2007 then why the SQL2005 tag?
Corporal Agarn 11-Mar-11 9:56am View
As already stated. What do you have as a start?
Corporal Agarn 10-Mar-11 11:41am View
Yes, except the city table needs added in.
Corporal Agarn 10-Mar-11 11:28am View
Are you using a front end? You might want to add that to the tags.
Corporal Agarn 4-Mar-11 15:22pm View
TOP 1 gives you only one result. Your sub query returned more that one result thus the error.
Corporal Agarn 17-Feb-11 15:47pm View
Did you want to exclude one record or get a SUM from all but a certain record?
Corporal Agarn 4-Feb-11 13:15pm View
I suggest Google rows to columns
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 9:06am View
Thanks for the suggestion. I will be doing something similar. (See Prerak Patel's answer)
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 9:03am View
Good thought. The data I am working with should not have anything after 10PM but your point is well taken and I think I will try your suggestion.
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 8:45am View
What I had hoped for was a way to do it with a single date instead of two as this will be coded to retrieve data from the previous work day. Thanks though
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 8:44am View
What I had hoped for was a way to do it with a single date instead of two as this will be coded to retrieve data from the previous work day.
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 8:35am View
Use the link, index the column that contains what you want to find.
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 8:31am View
Would this be different from the BETWEEN?
Corporal Agarn 28-Jan-11 8:31am View
This would give me records from today. Thank you for the answer.
Corporal Agarn 25-Jan-11 12:36pm View
Your multi-book suggestion is a good one. I used three books for my 2005 certification.
Corporal Agarn 11-Jan-11 9:57am View
Thanks for the P.S., I have posted a couple of comments on titles but had not thought to comment on PLZZZZZZ HELP!
Corporal Agarn 27-Dec-10 12:06pm View
What do you mean by .exe file?
Do you want to run a procedure from the command line?
Do you want to run a procedure from within a compiled program? (What language?)
Corporal Agarn 22-Dec-10 14:29pm View
I assume you have checked that the security is not the problem.
Corporal Agarn 22-Dec-10 14:27pm View
I too would have suggested this but not so well put.
Corporal Agarn 15-Dec-10 14:17pm View
No problem, but thought I had been doing it wrong. Would not have been the first time.
Corporal Agarn 15-Dec-10 11:45am View
Do you need the space on either side of tax?