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Brady Kelly 24-Mar-20 15:39pm View
Integrated Security=false;
Really? For Windows Auth we really want: Integrated Security=true;
Brady Kelly 22-Nov-19 7:39am View
EPPlus does support *creating* macros. See solution 3.
Brady Kelly 23-May-18 6:26am View
Amazingly enough, this solved my problem too.
Brady Kelly 18-Apr-18 23:43pm View
Elmah will only cause an Access is denied if I try and access the Elmah log with the ../elmah.axd url.
Brady Kelly 11-Dec-17 7:01am View
Concatenating or buiolding strings is a most clumsy way of creating an HTML page. There are HTML and XML specific classes to help us do this properly, like building a house according to plan instead of a plain, round mud hut.
Brady Kelly 4-Dec-17 12:20pm View
Yeah, I got through 3 with downloaded code in the end. Chapter 4 includes instructions for adding a used resource. I guess I just have to improvise at some places.
Brady Kelly 4-Dec-17 9:04am View
I have missed nothing; I have gone through the book's exercise 4 or 5 times, and how will looking at the res folder tell me what's supposed to be there. If I recognise something in res, I don't know if it's right or wrong, and the book gives no values for any resources.
Brady Kelly 4-Dec-17 9:02am View
I have asked about it on the Wrox forums; I have no contact info for the author. I never said the app is void of resources. I said there are missing resources and the book mentions no resources. I'm using Android Studio and will try the clean, thanks. I never knew about that.
Brady Kelly 22-May-17 4:59am View
Ha, well done. This is also for a new job, started beginning May. This spec, due on Friday, is supposed to be my swansong intro as a capable analyst developer, not just a maintenance coder.
Brady Kelly 22-May-17 4:59am View
Ha, well done. This is also for a new job, started beginning May. This spec, due on Friday, is supposed to be my swansong intro as a capable analyst developer, not just a maintenance coder.
Brady Kelly 22-May-17 4:10am View
I've asked it in Design and Architecture if you have any answers not suitable for the "quick" section.
Brady Kelly 18-May-17 10:15am View
That's a good start for me, thanks. That's basically what I am looking for with this question, not a great exegesis on how to write a spec.
Brady Kelly 19-Feb-17 1:07am View
This is my dev machine. It has hundreds of apps and processes that I need, and shutting everything down and restarting as needed is entirely not feasible vs re-installing Windows; it will take days longer to figure out what is not working and why due to obscure error messages.

Like I said, I am looking for a tool to monitor processes' usage of resources over time. It is really simple and I cannot believe there is not already one.

Oh, and my OS is up to date, and I am virus free. Online and offline often shpw the same behaviour.
Brady Kelly 18-Feb-17 10:50am View
Thanks for the link, looks like it has some other useful stuff as well, but as I say in my OP, I can't find a way for WPM to give me per-process data, only per-counter data. I want to single out a few process I can obliterate before having to totally reinstall windows.
Brady Kelly 18-Feb-17 10:11am View
I quote from my OP: "I have tried WPM" (Windows Performance Monitor). It looks like a great tool, but as I explained, I can't figure out how to get it to report per progress, only total per counter for all processes together.
Brady Kelly 18-Feb-17 10:10am View
About 100GB
Brady Kelly 31-Jan-17 6:35am View
Plus one or two dependencies injected by Unity.
Brady Kelly 29-Dec-16 10:23am View
Yes, I did end up doing that quite some time ago, and now all I need do is plug the Pi in and remote to it from my PC. Nothing simpler than a wifi dongle.
Brady Kelly 19-Oct-16 8:17am View
Thanks. It's overwhelming professional opinion that MVC is really only a niche for highly specialised applications, using binary data transfer. SOAP is dead.
Brady Kelly 28-Aug-16 1:22am View
Think of the two devices as Alpha and Beta.

Alpha has:

a) RJ-9 port for the DSL (phone) line.
b) Wifi antennae to provide access to the internet from the DSL, to computers in range.
c) Four LAN RJ-45 ports than also provide access to the internet from the WAN.

Beta has:

a) An RJ-45 WAN port, which is expected to be connected to a WAN, or some sort of modem. It is a *source* of internet.
b) Wifi antennae to provide access to the internet from the WAN to computers in range.
c) Four LAN RJ-45 ports than also provide access to the internet from the WAN.


a) The WAN port on 'Beta' is Ethernet`.
b) I have internet on the wifi of router 'Alpha'.
c) I have internet on the LAN ports on the 'Alpha' router.
d) My 'Beta' router is where I want a cable Ethernet LAN connection, in a separate room from the 'Alpha' router.
e) Normally to get internet on the 'Beta', one must connect it to a WAN, but I want my PC to be the WAN, so it can share the internet from 'Alpha' with 'Beta'.
Brady Kelly 8-Jan-16 9:22am View
Thanks. Peter's, and other, articles look like something I'll be perusing even before I finish this comment.
Brady Kelly 21-Dec-15 10:31am View
I have in fact followed that tutorial quite far, i.e. auto-creating a table, and persisting an object to that table, using a hand-rolled mapping file, but when I tried using the xml configuration, it could not load the named `DefaultProxyFactoryFactory` class. As soon as I switched to fluent config, I was skipping along that tutorial's happy little path again. I also find the reference documentation at the NHibernate site great reading as to what's what and how things work. Thanks.
Brady Kelly 17-Dec-15 23:01pm View
Perfect. Thanks!
Brady Kelly 3-Nov-15 15:00pm View
I'm asking how to group the data, using a LINQ query (to entities or objects) because I have no idea where to start. I'm currently just using a loop over a few selects and manually grouping.
Brady Kelly 25-Sep-15 14:47pm View
Somewhat useful. I might be able to use the BACPAC approach moving to Azure as well as from.
Brady Kelly 7-May-15 15:28pm View
Thanks. I guess what feel like clumsy workarounds to me are in fact really simple compared to what evil is required under the covers to keep this truly generic. It looks like using 'object' for the value, and using the generic type parameter only for type checking and casting.
Brady Kelly 7-May-15 14:57pm View
No, Dave, I don't want to determine if TScalar is nullable or not. I actually want to not care if it is nullable or not, then have an 'inner' _nullableValue field for both nullable and non-nullable types of TScalar. See my update to the question.
Brady Kelly 14-Mar-15 5:56am View
Yes, thank you Sergey. I knew there were complications, just not exactly where; but I did use "that I'm used to in Windows 7", vs. everything possible in Windows 7. Was an attempt to get the OP to give a better explanation of what he wanted overall.
Brady Kelly 14-Mar-15 2:13am View
OK, sorry. We may have a difference in OS/terminology. When I add a new form in VB.NET, it already has the translucent title bar I'm used to in Windows 7. For custom resize operations the normal avenue is to handle the form's Resize events, or one of several properties relating to sizing on the form. These are basically all there are, unless you want to get down and dirty, but maybe if you enhance your question a bit, and state what you mean by "translucent" and how that differs from standard translucent, and what you need with custom resize operations.
Brady Kelly 14-Mar-15 1:38am View
So you seem to have a very rudimentary understanding of how Visual Studio even works. Just right-click your project in Solution Explorer, and choose Add->Windows Form.
Brady Kelly 14-Mar-15 1:32am View
If nothing else helps, you can try adding a post-build event to your project's build settings, that simply deletes the DLL for you after you build. This is quite an ugly solution, but then using InstallShield isn't the prettiest solution either. Do you really need it, or can't you simply copy all your build output to the target machine? Create a self extracting archive so the end user only had to double-click.
Brady Kelly 14-Mar-15 1:17am View
Have you even tried anything at all for yourself? It doesn't look like it, because as soon as you create a new Windows Forms Application in VB.NET, Visual Studio already adds a form for you.
Brady Kelly 8-Mar-15 5:14am View
Except for the Windows Phone .xaml icons, that Modern UI set has ridiculously few useful icons - only 32 .design and .svg icons together, and I can't search that library using Windows Explorer, which is much easier on the VS library, but as I said, I haven't been able to find anything I need quickly enough there.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 13:08pm View
My client will first thank me for it just working, even if it eats all the GHz, but once he's testing, I will have time to review the current modus operandi. And I'll have some pay.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 10:11am View
WebClient, but I really have nothing else to do while waiting for it :-) This is all a permanently running background service, with a tiny little control panel to start and stop it and view its log. When I start integrating with multiple destinations, this POC code will get overhauled.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 9:35am View
Oh, sorry, my mistake. That, the source, is an attempt at a REST service - call a URL and get XML back, and the destination is an old fashioned web service. There is only my WCF. What was I thinking, that either of these two new businesses would dare use WCF. They do both use .NET, so no excuse.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 8:57am View
How? I'm not adding a service reference or anything. I'm just referencing a plain C# library and calling its methods. There is no generator that I can see.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 8:45am View
Cool, thanks again. The service methods I'm calling in ProcessListings are plain old POCO methods, not MVC, so I can't generate async operations for them. Next version maybe, but everything here is so long running, I feel much safer only having one async method doing all the work synchronously.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 8:30am View
Oooh, thanks. Yes, my version just kludges in a delay so I can read the status when it changes in the UI.
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 8:26am View
It actually calls one service to pull data from a WCF web service into the DB, then calls another service to pull data from the DB and push it to a good ol' SOAPy web service. Can you believe people are still using that old tech for brand new systems?
Brady Kelly 4-Mar-15 8:17am View
Thanks Richard. I already figured it out, and feel stupid it's so simple, but I'm up to my ears getting other stuff to work by yesterday, so I never tried anything myself yet. What your answer is short on, and sort of what I was looking for, is how to make ProcessListings async, returning a Task. I'll post my solution just to illustrate my code, but your's is accepted.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 11:55am View
Wow! Thanks - I wish I could upvote and thank you more. That's exactly what I need.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 11:42am View
If I run the 'dets' query on its own, I get 104 rows back.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 11:37am View
Columns have exactly the order they are defined in for the table or query they are part of. Just about nothing but an ALTER TABLE can alter the order of columns in a standard relational table. The relational model only has the feature that rows are never guaranteed to be returned in any order if none is specified. The world is full of SQL with columns referred to by index.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 11:08am View
No diffs.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 10:50am View
It works very well, thank you, after the two small changes I made, but my big problem now is it only returns one row.
Brady Kelly 23-Feb-15 10:02am View
Added one example record.
Brady Kelly 13-Feb-15 22:27pm View
This is very easy homework even for a beginner. If you can't even make a start for yourself, this is not the career for you.
Brady Kelly 28-Jan-15 5:12am View
The XML is directly from a project (.csproj) file.
Brady Kelly 28-Jan-15 5:11am View
The XML is directly from a project (.csproj) file.
Brady Kelly 27-Jan-15 20:34pm View
Thanks John, this is nearly exactly what I need, but it only seems to work using your XML literal. If I try XElement.Load, or File.ReadAllText and XElement.Parse, on the real project file I want to query, I get zero results. I am checking further now.
Brady Kelly 25-Jan-15 8:48am View
And less than a week since I've started studying Chaos Magic again. :-) My original question is, tragically, not about programming. It's the Lounge, you know.
Brady Kelly 25-Jan-15 8:31am View
No. OK, I will be devoting serious time to mastering Android Studio, using my very own darling.
Brady Kelly 14-Dec-14 14:38pm View
Haha. I'm busy using a bloody iFrame for an ajax file upload right now, to pander to the needs of IE - elephanting - 9, so I'm not scared of a little, responsible table type layout. I have often been burnt with table layouts, but only ever when the table isn't the only thing on the page. If the entire page is a table, I see nothing wrong with using table type styling.
Brady Kelly 12-Dec-14 12:41pm View
Meh. I'd rather have only one point of failure. I was supposed to go live today and only saw this this morning. It's an inherited project.
Brady Kelly 12-Dec-14 11:47am View
Thanks @ChubbyNinja. Turns out it wasn't hanging, but just exiting the function, without calling onComplete; it doesn't _wait_ for any return, just checks for it. so the loading animation etc. was still showing after calling the function. Turns out I have to ditch the whole thing anyway because IE9 doesn't support FormData.
Brady Kelly 8-Dec-14 7:17am View
Thanks. I know just how endless google's info on this is, so I thought I'd ask here and get a more informed and opinionated response. :-)
Brady Kelly 28-Nov-14 3:55am View
Thanks. I am aware of the maxRequestLength setting, but the site is hosted on Azure, and I'm uncertain as to whether something like a machine.config there might have precedence.
Brady Kelly 28-Nov-14 3:15am View
I considered a custom exception, but I was wondering where such would fit into the HTTP pipeline and so on.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 9:26am View
Thank you, but unfortunately - in a CP light - I found my answer on StackOverflow, as I mention above in a comment to Kornfeld.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 9:24am View
Thanks. Googling the 'exit code' question led me to this StackOverflow answer, which is what I was actually looking for.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 9:22am View
Thank you. Some googling on how to set the 'exit code', which is the clue I was looking for, led me to this perfect StackOverflow answer;
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 9:10am View
I understand all that. My question was all about how do I exit my service process, upon a failure condition, in order to properly signal the service manager that my process has failed. If I don't have to do anything, and the manager just keeps an eye on al running services, that is sweet.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 8:45am View
Thanks Kornfeld, interesting article, but simply knowing how to manually configure Recovery and Autostart is enough for this iteration. My question is rather motivated by wanting to know how Windows detects a failure, not how to react to the failure.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 8:19am View
Oops, thanks, fixed that. I know how to configure what happens when it fails, just wasn't sure of what the failure entails. If it's just an unhandled exception I can simply remove my outermost handler and let Windows 'catch' the exception.
Brady Kelly 13-Nov-14 8:05am View
Um, a Windows Service.
Brady Kelly 10-Oct-14 5:25am View
JavaScript, but with possible AJAX callbacks to the server, then probably PHP.
Brady Kelly 21-Sep-14 10:26am View
No, my WPF noviseness excludes the Dispatcher. I'm trying to data bind the text box to a model (just a string).
Brady Kelly 21-Sep-14 6:11am View
Seems a sort of workable solution is to just change the FK between Ids to between the Texts. Tidier than a long check constraint.
Brady Kelly 21-Sep-14 5:17am View
I meant the synchronisation between the coded enum and the lookup table. To be reliable, I would have to rewrite the table from the enum every time my application starts. Hell, I'll just do it by hand for now.
Brady Kelly 21-Sep-14 4:30am View
Yes Mom, I know the way it should be done, but that involves keeping my code enum in sync with my DB int values, and I'm not generating the database, it's fixed, so sometimes we overlook unimportant naughtinesses.
Brady Kelly 20-Sep-14 13:09pm View
I'm working with SQLCE in VB.NET. The language you see here is mild.
Brady Kelly 20-Sep-14 13:08pm View
I don't want to merge. I want to make F****UP the master again, and make the current master another branch.
Brady Kelly 19-Sep-14 4:52am View
Sergey, I am not asking how to chart. I have a good chart library, and I have the chart I want, a straight line chart. The points are just not evenly distributed across the Y axis, because I have 1 or 2 zero Y points, all the other hundreds of Y points are all compressed at the top of the chart.
Brady Kelly 2-Mar-14 5:27am View
This isn't my app, it's just an app supplied as part of the materials to test a project for a Coursera course. I haven't changed anything, and I think I can get away with plain landscape everything, despite their advice to go portrait. We are marked on the project by submitting logs of test results, so if those work, I won't worry further about portrait. It's just displaying a chooser, so I think I'll get away.
Brady Kelly 28-Jan-14 4:09am View
Piss off!
Brady Kelly 29-Jul-13 3:20am View
On change of what, Hour?
Brady Kelly 29-May-13 3:56am View
Thanks, this is quite interesting, but it doesn't seem deal with radio buttons with unique index subscripts in their names, as radio buttons in a list editor do.
Brady Kelly 26-May-13 2:30am View
The code would be hard to post, but I can throw a jQuery solution together myself anyway, thanks. I just feel there should be some way to make radio buttons behave like they are supposed to.
Brady Kelly 14-Feb-13 3:04am View
Sandeep, you have some catching up to do. An ASP.NET MVC application doesn't have a startup/default page. It has a default route, which is set in code in the application, not in IIS.
Brady Kelly 6-Dec-12 12:15pm View
I'm busy with your article now. It looks like a fine piece of work. If I were you, I'd include a link wherever I recommend someone reads it.
Brady Kelly 6-Dec-12 12:15pm View
I'm busy with your article now. It looks like a fine piece of work. If I were you, I'd include a link wherever I recommend someone reads it.
Brady Kelly 6-Dec-12 9:19am View
Richard, I'm trying to find out how VS knows what item templates to make available in what project types. I'll check the built-in templates, thanks, in the hope that the project template is some sort of container for a list of available item templates/wizards.
Brady Kelly 27-Aug-12 0:42am View
So I would first attach the vhd in Disk Manager before attempting this, I presume?
Brady Kelly 25-Aug-12 12:32pm View
It is data driven, but I was thinking of using a CE database for this.
Brady Kelly 25-Aug-12 12:14pm View
I'm a freelance dev without hosting that can accommodate ASP.NET/.NET Framework 4. He is a consultant with no web servers. I wont create the install if too much work, but just guide him through setting it up under straight IIS on his machine.
Brady Kelly 25-Aug-12 8:22am View
Quite common in SA, but I'm boarding with my mom until next week, and she doesn't have adsl. Recently most adsl packages have unlimited bandwidth though, so here's hoping for improvement at my new digs.
Brady Kelly 25-Aug-12 8:14am View
RTM is a big fat scary download in addition to the VS RTM download, and I am on expensive 3G bandwidth.
Brady Kelly 26-Jun-12 15:40pm View
These things tend to grow like topsy, and I'm looking for such a tool because I'm battling to manage my already existing work. I'll have a look at Rally, thanks.
Brady Kelly 26-Jun-12 14:25pm View
OnTime fails because even the trial requires credit card details. That is a big minus for me.
Brady Kelly 20-May-12 9:38am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Just what I needed. Just what LINQ needs in fact.
Brady Kelly 10-Jan-12 9:42am View
Nice, thank you. However, my code doesn't have to deal with an extra namespace either; I just create the extension in the same namespace as the data access code. I think I'll leave my tip in place though, for its didactic value w.r.t. extension methods.
Brady Kelly 6-Jan-12 16:44pm View
A performance hit has been been brought to my attention by this blogger:, but that seems like it's only really in that once case. Your "Set" method is a great idea though, but that could be a big performance hit looking up the parameter name, unless SqlParameterCollection uses a nice hash table or something. Shout if you need help with it.
Brady Kelly 6-Jan-12 8:52am View
Thanks, that was really a very quick and dirty piece I used as an example. I have removed the loop so as to prevent noobs using it like that in loops.
Brady Kelly 17-Aug-11 4:48am View
Right now I am using pure HTML divs, with classes such as "report-section", "section-title", "section-desc", but I ask the question to gather suggestions while I work on how to make the reports more templated and suitable for binding to a single DataSet.
Brady Kelly 17-Aug-11 3:21am View
Haha, that was the exact solution I found before you posted this.
Brady Kelly 31-Jul-11 16:36pm View
@Keith, I've had this question languishing on StackOverflow since yesterday with no answers. One downvote and one favourite, but not even a comment in the way of any help. Looks like I'll be doing some reading on these networks' sites, but I'll be sure to share what I find, in a nice article or blog.
Brady Kelly 18-Mar-11 7:58am View
That link points to the same question, asked by me, on a different forum.
Brady Kelly 11-Mar-11 5:41am View
Yes, I'm leaning towards checking the last run time in a frequently called, guaranteed application event.
Brady Kelly 11-Mar-11 3:53am View
@strogg That sounds right then. I was worried that _Start would not be called often enough, but even once a day is probably good.
Brady Kelly 11-Mar-11 3:44am View
@Manfred R. Bihy, How would I go about configuring that?
Brady Kelly 12-Jan-11 7:24am View
All respect to the man's excellent work, but it would be too cool if Sacha's tool could save as something like a Visio diagram.
Brady Kelly 9-Oct-10 8:28am View
It was indeed the router, which wasn't on factory defaults. Once I reset it, all was working again.
Brady Kelly 9-Oct-10 7:38am View
The VPN connection is indeed open when I try the RDP connection, and my client connected just before giving me details, so the end point is accepting inbound connections. I have used this VPN and RDP connection many times before I had Windows 7 with no problems. I'm checking my firewall now.
Brady Kelly 9-Oct-10 7:37am View
It's a Bipac 7300, but the same router worked with factory defaults on my previous laptop.