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Comments by Vladimir Svyatski (Top 14 by date)

Vladimir Svyatski 27-Feb-15 10:04am View    
Have you noticed that I surrounded slashes in the format string with quotes? That's the important difference from your code. It works perfectly fine on my machine with Windows 8.1 and my default locale is not en-US. Another option is to use this overload. Use CultureInfo("en-US") as IFormatProvider.
Vladimir Svyatski 19-Feb-15 5:33am View    
First of all, you haven't specified the technologies you use to send messages. No one will help you until you specify those.
Vladimir Svyatski 18-Feb-15 10:15am View    
This may be a stupid question, but do you have the #pragma once directive in the beginning of your header file?
Vladimir Svyatski 18-Feb-15 5:07am View    
It's a limitation of current implementation of MIDL. See the updated solution.
Vladimir Svyatski 16-Feb-15 16:06pm View    
Try it and see if it does the job.